Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

by Stuart Wilde

Freedom Of SpeechTo get to "truth" we first have to look at freedom of speech. In the freedom of speech is taken for granted. In the United States, this right forms a part of the Constitution. The original idea was that anyone could get up on a soap box and spout their views, or write a pamphlet criticizing the government and not get chucked into the jail for their efforts. The point of freedom of speech was to allow varying political and social views to be aired so that people's desires and opinions could effect social change?it all sounded marvelous.

Nowadays, we still have freedom of speech, providing you don't disagree with or touch upon any one of a hundred or so subjects that are considered taboo. Yes, you can still get up on your soap box, but you can't effect any real social change without communicating through the national media?which is vital if you want to change people's minds en masse. At this point your freedom of speech goes out of the window.

In most countries, TV and radio stations are licensed by governments; in some countries the stations are actually owned by the government. The station's conduct is watched, and what they put on the air is controlled not only by legislation, but by the station's fear of alienating the authorities and big business. Sure, they can criticize the government, but they are frightened to disagree with the main tenants of the status quo. That's why TV and radio stations in America often air that bit at the front of "talk shows" which says, "The views of our contributors are not necessarily the views of this station." Stations who rely on the goodwill of the masses are terrified of creating real controversy, for fear of alienating the manufactured mind set of the viewers.

America has Public Access television which anyone can go on, but it broadcasts to such a limited cable audience (often numbering only a few hundred households) that it doesn't really mold opinion or have much impact. Regardless of whether a newspaper or station is right wing or left wing, they gradually come to express a common elitist view. After all, the status quo supports the media through advertising; how can a paper write things that criticizes its customers?

The major networks have simply become mouthpieces for the government. I saw a survey some time ago about the types of people that appear on Ted Koppel's Nightline. Over ninety percent are white, over eighty percent are male and over seventy percent are government officials. Watch the nightly news and you will see the same thing. Government officials, selling government policy, all wrapped in a logical, cozy reasonableness that no one is allowed to disagree with. When a new law is proposed does the news broadcaster come out and say "This is a bunch of bullshit, the people don't need it?" Or does he or she go along offering rational reasons why everyone is going to love the law? Sometimes a member of the opposition party is on the show for balance, but they only offer a variation on the same theme. One part of the status quo disagreeing with the other part. It's all tied up. You never ever see dissidents on TV. You are offered the impression that no one really disagrees, that the government line?or a slight variation of it?are the only possible alternatives. You are offered the wolf and the fox, but no one ever speaks for the chickens.

The brainwashing that goes on is so perverse and all encompassing that people don't even realize they're being brainwashed. They genuinely believe the opinions they hold are original and personal to them. It's very hard to see outside the quantum created by the mass programming of opinion. You are inside the train with the curtains closed.

The control over the minds of the people is effected by bombarding them with only one side of the argument. But the Planetary Group Soul has to hear the voice of all our people, not just the ego's view. There is a spiritual correctness to things. You can't eliminate it by denying people a voice because of the political or social implications of what might be said.

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Over the years the media and the government have shaped certain ideas in the minds of the people so that now those principles are inalienable and unquestioned. If you repeat a few basic ideas often enough, eventually everyone is indoctrinated into agreeing. Criticism and dissent are immobilized. The Great Lie becomes "religion. " The minds of the people, in essence, are under license from the Government?together with their possessions. There is almost no alternative voice.

The presumption is that the authorities knows best, and with the main principles accepted as sacrosanct, holy, and beneficial to us, why would any one in their right mind disagree? The wave-motion of the national mind set requires an absolute compliance to the tribal religion. In fact, if you look at what these old ideas are doing to us, you can see that some of them have brought the Western democracies to their knees. Someday, the freedom of speech rules will have to include hearing stuff we don't like. Otherwise, the spirit of the people will never have a voice and we'll never be able to fix the mess.

We could look at a hundred principles that have now become "religion," but there are vast areas of public affairs that no one is allowed to mention or disagree with. For example: government financing, the banking industry, computer surveillance, foreign policy, the Internal Revenue Service, the DEA, PAC money to politicians, executive power, covert actions, military spending, the rights of the police, and so on, and so forth. In the United States, if you are a member of Congress and you criticize the Internal Revenue Service, you are automatically subjected to investigation and audit. America has a system whereby the IRS is more or less outside any legislative control and happily uses terror and harassment to cream the people for as much as possible. No one says anything. It has been irrefutably proven over the years that political activists in America automatically fall prey to IRS investigations. It's all very subtly done, and the IRS's activities are couched in plenty of legal BS. On the surface the IRS claims to be impartial but, in fact, they target anyone threatening their power or anybody the government dislikes for political reasons.

The control of opinion and the molding of public consent are intrinsic to the American system and that of most Western countries. I find it fascinating to watch how control of public opinion through propaganda pervades almost all aspects of life. Of course, there are major economic issues manipulated and bent to good advantage, like the unemployment figures already discussed, and then there are more general socioeconomic issues such as the Welfare State. All political parties around the Western world support the Welfare State spending ever increasing billions that they don't have on sustaining the idea. A politically sound way of using other people's money to keep yourself in power! But is it a good thing for the nation to borrow money to give to people for not working? Is it right that a man or woman should be supported indefinitely by diligent people who work hard? Where does charity end and political bribes begin? It is hard to say. Certainly, to borrow money to sustain the idea is absolutely crazy.

The government maneuvers the media to suggest that people who have money because they work should pay for others so they don't have to work. I have never seen anyone allowed to challenge the concept. The idea is always sold as soaking the rich and is therefore fair. But is it morally correct to soak anyone? How do you justify making people pay for things they are not getting? Most of our society is not rich, but everyone gets soaked under the same principle. Under the guise of sustaining the Welfare State, governments manipulate opinion to raise billions to sustain themselves, their bureaucracies and their military machines all of which helps keep the governments in power. It seems to me that there is tremendous effort made to legitimize daylight robbery as charity. No one has ever been allowed to argue that the workers and small business people? and even the rich?should be able to keep their money, or most of it anyway. There is an implied discrimination that labels anyone who objects as nasty and greedy, as someone who doesn't want to help their fellow men and women. There is a further implied discrimination that suggests that all business people are feeding off the common folk. In fact, it's the government who is feeding off the common folk.

I think that some big business and monopolies do take advantage of their power, but most business people run very small concerns and work hard just to get screwed for their efforts. But is it true that all these people are scum bags that prey on little people, and therefore should be taxed, legislated, and harassed as much as possible? Or is that an old-fashioned idea which causes inventors and creators to pick up their marbles and head off elsewhere?

The state religion and the tribal mind set is everywhere. Look at the position of Christianity in our Western societies. You see endless hours of Christian TV, but what alternative ideas are ever offered? Almost none. The Christian church has a monopoly over the mass media and therefore molds opinion in favor of itself. The implication is that Christianity and its principles are good, and everything else is less good or downright evil. So why would anyone need to listen to a different opinion? Our lack of freedom in the media doesn't allow for any new ideas to be discussed?ideas that are perhaps based on energy and reality, rather than religion and emotion. Ideas that might be more appropriate under the current circumstances. You must question down to the very core of what people believe in order to find a new order and new way. Tinkering with the old systems has not got us the results we need. But can people open themselves to accepting a new idea, or is that too threatening? Denial is society's condom that protects it from being impregnated with alien ideas.

Denial is collective in the tribal mind, but it operates to a greater or lesser extent in each one of us. Right now there are messengers coming from your inner mind telling you things, but because of your habitual denial, you?as king or queen of your consciousness?you may forbid the messengers to speak.

What to do? First, you have to grant freedom of speech to that internal process that drives and guides your evolution and understanding through this life. Let your inner mind speak and be ready for some bizarre or even scary ideas. And get used to at least looking at those ideas. If you refuse to penetrate the emotional comfort zone of your beliefs you'll find it difficult to progress. Second, you can greatly assist the world by allowing other people the rare opportunity of hearing things they don't like. You won't get on TV, and you may have to sacrifice your popularity for the long term good of humanity, but new ideas are gifts you can offer mankind. Bit by bit, if people are prepared to contradict the status quo, new ideas will permeate society.

Next time someone says, "Life's hard," say, "No it isn't?it's a piece of cake." When they say, "Isn't it terrible that we have all these poor people in the town," say, "No it's not?it's fine; it's a part of their evolution to be poor. It's the way our brothers and sisters learn to raise their energy."

Then button down the hatches while everyone goes potty. It doesn't really matter if you believe or don't believe what you are saying. You are not expressing your opinion necessarily, rather, you are offering a subtle teaching. Through it, you provide a great service to listeners by contradicting their "religion." It's good for them, even if it makes them angry. It shows people that there is a world of consciousness outside their wave, even if they don't agree with it. That's the first step toward a global truth and freedom of speech. You have to get people to see that there are possibilities beyond the calcified attitudes of the world ego with its manipulation of the common mind set.

You might consider yourself an open, liberated individual, but if you wrote down all the things you believed about life, death, money, security, sex, love, friendship, society, the planet, the nation, and so on, you'll probably find that what you believe mostly comes from the tribal wave. Most likely you'll parrot what everyone else believes. On close inspection you may discover that you don't have many original thoughts in your head at all. Just thoughts that have been passed to you from the "collective insistence" of the tribal mind.

That's why most people are crushingly dull?everyone's the same. Sure, there will be shades of opinion?Republican or Democrat, Protestant or Catholic, and so on?but in the end, everyone rests within the religion of their people and the status quo. It's the only thing they have been taught. There is no dissent. The mass brainwashing of our people ensures it. When these old ideas?often stemming from sexual stereotypes and hierarchical dominance?run out of steam and the world falls apart, how will anyone come up with solutions? If we don't allow freedom of speech, they won't.

Right now it's tough for the world to come to new ideas; the old system has not run its full course as yet. There is a very definite correlation between the established boundary of human opinion and the attempted expansion of your spirit. When people's spiritual ideas were still in their infancy, the boundaries of public opinion were reasonable as people did not need much space. But as we grew, our spiritual needs began to press up against society's attitudes. It's hard to grow if public opinion forbids it.

The idea that people might grow beyond the need for membership in a society is frowned upon. Yet there are millions of people who have done just that, going beyond the need to belong anywhere in particular. They have dropped out; some into small groups or communes, some have wandered off on their own to an independent existence. Yet the status quo discriminates against them for being independent; considering them weirdoes for not wishing to play the game.

Our spirit seeking freedom of expression and our desire for a stress free existence is jammed up against a social order that requires a drone- like compliance, enforced by legislation and the control of opinion. Things won't change just yet. Pressure has to be increased against the system, and there are still a lot of people who made a big success out of the old system. They have money, power, plus most of the control. They are reluctant to change. On the other side of the power equation there are millions of Westerners still unable to sustain balance even at the lowest level of activity and consciousness. To suggest they should quit the system, trust their own capabilities, and drop out is very frightening to them.

Further hindering the overall process are those who have moved out of the mass mind of tick-tock?but not very far. In effect, they have dumped one religion for another. If you look at New Age people, who consider themselves more conscious and liberated than the main stream, you'll still see conformity. They defend their position vigorously, repeating the same stuff over and over.

If you don't agree try this: Next time you are at your crystal meditation group, start the discussion with, "Screw the dolphins! I'm going back to eating tuna. What do you guys think?" Watch people react. Then tell me that the New Age is not a religion, even if the consciousness is more liberated than tick-tock.

Now here is the tofu and potatoes of this freedom of speech issue. First of all, don't drive yourself crazy if the world won't listen. Accept it. Be loving and patient. There is an inner dialogue chattering away within the collective unconscious of the people. New ideas take a while to drift into the conscious mind, which tends to move at a snail's pace. All you can do is inject it from time to time with a few alien ideas, then sit back and wait. You can rest in the assurance that once new ideas take critical mass everyone will wake at the same moment. So while it may seem a long way off, it isn't as far away as you think.

Spiritual energy is the only truth. Intellectual ideals and emotions are not usually as close to truth, so energy will win in the end. For example, you can legislate that everyone in the nation is equal, and you can spend billions trying to sustain the idea, but in the end you can see that on an energy level everyone is not equal. Some people try hard and put out?others do little or nothing. Eventually, the reality of energy flows over legislation and whatever is true on an energy level comes to pass. Again, look at Russia; they happily told themselves massive lies for seventy years. But in the end the lies fell apart, and the county returned to what was real?which in their case isn't much because the visionaries and creators were denied a voice for so long. Russia now desperately needs them, but there are few to be found.

How does the need for freedom of speech translate personally? As you evolve through your inner journey, your consciousness will climb to new levels of understanding. Eventually you'll move into dimensions of consciousness far from the tick-tock mind in which the symbols and images of mankind no longer have much relevance. At that higher point, the only currency is energy and perception?emotions, logic, religion, and even morality as we know it all score zip. Out there, at those higher levels of spirit, nothing sustains you other than your belief in self and your ability to imagine and perceive in an expansive way. If you are still influenced by the crimped style of the world mind set, you'll find that your spiritual evolution will slow to a crawl, even if back on the physical plane you are making a fantastic success of your life. Eventually, that success will dwindle, because there's nothing empowering from within. You'll become listless and bored, and you'll put out less until gradually you'll get less, and so on.

Over the years those who have come through the various self-disciplines have empowered their inner journey so greatly that they have carried themselves out and beyond the tick-tock mind. However, many then find themselves in a very blank space where nothing much replaced what was lost. Those people exist in an inner twilight zone, suspended between their physical connection and an as yet unreachable high spiritual plane.

You will know when you are approaching that space because everything in the world will seem very bland. You will have done everything. Nothing will hold any real excitement for you. Why does this phenomena affect so many inner travelers? Because at a higher level, thinking is not logical nor linear nor structured. Perception and thoughts are dynamic and unusual?they have a life of their own, independent of the thinker.

We are used to our thoughts and ideas being silent and dead, but higher up the consciousness scale, in the inner worlds, they suddenly come to life and momentarily coexist inside and outside of their creator. On that plane you'll create a thought and see it materialized in front of you, rather than it existing solely within you as it does in our three dimensional world. The thought-form will have life and a personality of its own, and it will seek to develop and expand independently from the consciousness that originated the thought. Sometimes the thought-form will attempt to show you parts of itself moving forwards or even backwards in time; reviewing and observing itself before it came into being. It will simultaneously be past and future, inner and outer. It will turn outward from within itself and be an effect before there was a cause. It has a volition of its own, and it will seek to influence its own direction and destiny to the extent its power allows. Suddenly, you're looking at a strange, new world that is multidimensional, spread across vast stretches of consciousness, far beyond what the human mind can fathom.

As you move up the scale of consciousness to higher and higher plateaus your regular attitude to life will change or disappear completely. With it will go many of the opinions you hold about yourself. Soon you will have nothing cozy or comforting to hang on to, other than your belief in self and the spirituality within you?that inner light of the Higher Self that links you to all things. The denouement of the ego personality is part of the process as you travel towards God. So by crumbling the sugar cube to stimulate imagination, and by stretching mentally, you'll finally cross that plane of desolation that hovers between the dimension of man's consciousness and the dimensions of pure spirit.

Freedom of speech?offer it to people even if it drives them crazy. We will all have to come to it in the end. By stretching our minds, we create a variable and exciting reality full of understanding and harmony in stark contrast to the controlled mind set of tick-tock, with all its imposed judgments and obligations. How can you establish the premise of non infringement if you infringe upon yourself and others by denying free speech? We have to allow freedom of speech so that we can eventually move to more freedom of action. Offer freedom of speech to your inner dialogue; you need it?we all need it?if we want to progress, that is.

Freedom Of Speech
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Freedom Of SpeechThis article is excerpted with permission from "Whispering Winds of Change" by Stuart Wilde. Author and lecturer Stuart Wilde is one of the real characters of the self-help, human potential movement. His style is humorous, controversial, poignant, and transformational. He has written 11 books, including those that make up the very successful Taos Quintet, which are considered classics in their genre. They are: Affirmations, The Force, Miracles, The Quickening, and The Trick to Money Is Having Some. Stuart's books have been translated into 12 languages.


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