Getting to Know Marianne and Her Vision for America

Getting to Know Marianne and Her Vision for America
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As I've read articles and watched videos by and about Marianne Williamson, I've become more and more impressed by the depth of her understanding of the issues facing the USA, the broad spectrum of her knowledge of history and of the causes of the situations in which we now find ourselves, and her vision of the way to rise out of the dire situations we find ourselves in... whether environmentally, socially, economically, educationally, etc..

When I first heard she was running for President, I admit, I did not think she stood a chance at winning the candidacy, let alone the Presidency. So why run? But the more I read and the more I hear her speak, the more I am convinced that what she is proposing is what we need... a complete departure from same old, same old... putting in place policies based on caring for our children, our environment, and each other... policies based on what's right for the people and the planet, not what's right for a few. She is raising the bar for what a Democratic candidate, and a President, must stand for.

I have chosen to share with you some of the videos I've watched that have greatly impressed me and ask to you watch them and hear the call for a different way of thinking, of being, and of living together on this Planet we call home. Watch and decide is you want to participate in the uprising and the awakening taking place in people of all races, ages, and belief systems... I am reminded of the line in the movie Network where people shout out of their windows " 'I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!' And if that's not yet where you are, I suggest that's where you need to be.

For too long we have stood by and let politicians and corporate interests destroy our environment not only in this country but across the world... destroy the future of our children by withholding quality education (except for affluent neighborhoods), saddling university students with debt, and luring us all into credit card debt with promises of happiness provided by more stuff. We have sat calmly in our living rooms and blocked out reality by watching TV, eating, drinking, smoking, or meditating. While there is nothing wrong with any of those things (in moderation), we have allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep because of our belief that "we couldn't do anything anyway".

And now, Marianne Williamson is challenging us to wake up and take back our country and our future, and our children's future, take it back from the people who've stolen it from us... albeit without our sometimes even objecting.

The time has come for us to reclaim our power, the power to create our future and choose our destiny. This is why I encourage you to watch the following videos. Whether you choose to vote or not is not an issue (yet). For now, just listen, consider, reflect... and decide where you stand on these issues and proposed solutions.

I will be adding videos to this article, throughout the upcoming months, as I come across some that I feel are important to share. This is not about politics-as-usual... this is about our future, our world, the world of our children...  an America (and a world) where children are not locked in cages, teenagers don't go on killing sprees, and adults are not left to live out their lives on the street, in tents, or in constant fear of losing their job or home.

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What we are living now is not the "American Dream"... it is only The Dream for less than 10% of the population... for the rest, it is out of reach... 80 hour work weeks, no health security, no extra cash to afford a vacation, always worried about how the next bills or the rent or the mortgage will get paid... The American Dream is not supposed to be for a select few... and it is time we stop "taking it" and start standing up for our rights and the rights of our children and our planet. 

So here's a few of the videos that have truly impressed and inspired me:

A Politics Beyond Right or Left

We Have it in Our Power

To Transform This Country

What We Need To Talk About...

Marianne Williamson Speaking on the Spirit of America

Marianne Williamson at Washington National Cathedral

Marianne Williamson: 4th of July address

Marianne Williamson: Stand For Love with Lewis Howes

Marianne WIlliamson | Poor People's Campaign

Bloomberg | Capitalism with a Conscience:

For more recent videos, go to and search for: Marianne 2020.

Recommended Books

A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution
by Marianne Williamson

A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution by Marianne Williamson In this stirring call to arms, the activist, spiritual leader, and New York Times bestselling author of the classic A Return to Love confronts the cancerous politics of fear and divisiveness threatening the United States today, urging all spiritually aware Americans to return to—and act out of—our deepest value: love. (Also available as a Kindle edition, Audiobook, and Audio CD.)

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Healing the Soul of America - 20th anniversary edition
by Marianne Williamson

Healing the Soul of America - 20th anniversary edition by Marianne WilliamsonIn the twentieth anniversary edition of Healing the Soul of America, Marianne Williamson reclaims her powerful voice for social conscience in American society. This is a time, according to Williamson, for Americans to return once again to our first principles, both politically and spiritually. Here, Williamson draws plans to transform the American political consciousness and encourage powerful citizen involvement to heal our society. (Also available as an e-Textbook, Audiobook, and Audio CD.)

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About Marianne Williamson

williamson marianneMarianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and activist. Six of her published books have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books include A Return to Love, A Year of Miracles, The Law of Divine Compensation, The Gift of Change, The Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, and Illuminata. She has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America, and Charlie Rose. She is a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. (Books by Marianne Williamson.)

About the Author

About The Author

Marie T. Russell is the founder of InnerSelf Magazine (founded 1985). She also produced and hosted a weekly South Florida radio broadcast, Inner Power, from 1992-1995 which focused on themes such as self-esteem, personal growth, and well-being. Her articles focus on transformation and reconnecting with our own inner source of joy and creativity.

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