Why Does The Right Show Disrespect Towards President Obama?

Why Does The Right Show Disrespect Towards President Obama?

Many of us can hardly believe the disrespect that is sometimes shown to President Obama. Not only has he been portrayed as un-American, but even as "not-an-American".. I understand how the right could be passionate enough to show disrespect to the man holding the office.

Key Issues in the Republican debates?

With all the Republican-candidate nomination hoopla and numerous debates, there needs to be some levity in the process. You might feel that the candidates have already provided a lot of entertainment on and off stage (not usually intentionally), but here is another humorous take on political candidates.

NAACP Appeals to the UN For Protection of Voting Rights

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The report, Defending Democracy: Confronting Modern Barriers to Voting Rights in America, details a plethora of voter suppression initiatives, most of them pushed in states with large African-American populations and where voting turnout has surged.

A Passionless Presidential Race

Barack Obama On The Stump

Polls show Americans angrier and more polarized than at any time since the Vietnam War. Yet paradoxically the presidential race that officially begins a few months from now is likely to be as passionless as they come.

Handlers Wish For Perry Moment

In a recent interview Herman Cain advisers must have wished for a Rick Perry moment. For those that missed that performance, what is a Rick Perry Moment? John Stewart adds to the moment of course.

Gingrich Takes Lead In Anybody But Romney Race

Newt Gingrich has taken the lead in PPP's national polling.  He's at 28% to 25% for Herman Cain and 18% for Mitt Romney.  The rest of the Republican field is increasingly looking like a bunch of also rans: Rick Perry is at 6%, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul at 5%, Jon Huntsman at 3%, and Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum each at 1%.

GOP CNBC Debate 11-9-2001

Romney wins again by default in the "Anybody but Romney" GOP nomination process. This debate will undoubtedly be remembered as Rick Perry's last hurrah as a contender.

Koch-Backed Anti-Worker Policy Soundly Rejected

From the historic uprising in Madison, Wisconsin, to the Occupy movement that has swept the country, people power is becoming the coin of the realm. And Tuesday night in Ohio, that coin proved more valuable than the checkbooks of moneyed interests on either side of the divide.

Gingrich Up Again in the Anybody But Romney Race?

Gingrich moving up in polls. In John King's interview with Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker says his campaign offers substance and bold ideas that are attracting new support.

Romney Only 2nd Choice As Rest Implode

Last Updated 11/3/2011 - It appears that Ron Paul may be the only reasonable (?) one standing in Romney's path to the GOP nomination as the once more-reasonable Perry and the once likeable upstart Cain implode. At best what has happened these last few days is painful to watch.

Rift plays out between Carl Rove and Koch Brothers

Rift Between Rove And Koch Brothers? Lawrence O'Donnell explains the growing rift between Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers. It may not matter as they will both have  over $200 Million to spend. And it's not as if they will spend it on reelecting Democrats.

New Hampshire Debate

The Republican New Hampshire debate held October 11, 2011 included the top eight contenders vying for the right to represent the Republican party to Challenge President Obama for a second term in November 2012.

Attempting To Suppress The Vote

Last Update 11/2/2011 - After a century of protests, marches, walk-outs and sit-ins, some of which were peaceful and some were violent, the expansion of voting rights in America have begun to recede...

Sen Dick Durbin and Dylan Ratigan Discuss Money In Politics

Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois discusses the corrosive influence of money in politics on the Dylan Ratigan Show. In the discussion Durbin endorses Ratigan's campaign for a constitutional amendment to get the money out of politics.

Hey, Somebody Has Got To Do It

by bobby jennings.

This coming week is election week. I almost always vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. But now, I admit, I am unhappy with the road down which...

Bush & Gore & Ralph

A Letter from Michael Moore to the Non-Voters of America: I address this letter to the largest political party in the United States -- the 55% of you in the voting public who are so disillusioned with politics and politicians, so sick and tired of all the broken promises, so disgusted with all the b.s. that you have absolutely no intention of voting in November.

InnerSelf Horoscope - Election 2000 prediction

Horoscope just prior to the US 2000 election : Free horoscope for each astrological sign, including lunar cycles prepared by Eliza Bassett, professional astrologer living on Maui, Hawaii..

Yogis: The Swing Vote in 2004

My 20 million brothers and sisters who meditate and practice yoga! You are the swing vote of 2004! I'm going to ask you to take your practice to the voting booth. Actually, my appeal is to all people of faith, conscience, and goodwill, to people of all religions and spiritual traditions.

Election 2000: What's to learn?

In this election, fairness slipped from our grasp and in its place we were bombarded by partisan dribble served up to us predictably by politicians, but more disturbingly by newscasters, clearly cheering for one side or the other.

Heart-Based Decisions

Each and every moment we are given the wonderful gift of free will to make choices. These choices can be as simple as choosing what to wear or what to eat. Personal choices rarely affect another person. Then there are choices that affect our planet. Choices like...

Stand Up and Be Counted

Many of us want to make a difference in our lives, and in the lives of the people we love. We were born with a seed in our being desiring a better world, knowing that peace and love are a much better choice than anger and fear. Yet, we also are living in the 'dense reality' of Planet Earth, where greed, fear, and anger, have run rampant. We have had to make choices many times between these energies


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