Connection and Cooperation: The Hundredth Monkey Resonance Field

Connection and Cooperation: The Hundredth Monkey Resonance Field

When any of us assents to ride into the mythic life, to do so effectively we need to join with others. As the community strength of the church has diminished, other kinds of supportive communities have arisen to meet the need, sometimes called teaching-learning communities. A large group is not necessarily required for this.

As Margaret Mead is famous for noting, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Weekend workshops and periodic teleconferencing abound for joining with like-minded others. In many communities there are numerous writers' groups, book groups, therapy groups, dream groups, and men's or women's groups for individuals to support one another's efforts to make changes in their lives and in the world.

The Millionth Circle Initiative: Gathering for Connection & Cooperation

The Millionth Circle Initiative, founded by Jean Shinoda Bolen, encourages people to gather for any of a multitude of purposes to "encourage connection and cooperation among their members and inspire compassionate solutions to individual, community, and world problems."

Connection and Cooperation: The Hundredth Monkey Resonance FieldThe millionth circle refers to the circle whose formation tips the scales, shifting planetary consciousness for the better. The phrase was inspired by the Hundredth Monkey Effect, a parable that has sustained social activists to continue their efforts when conventional wisdom has said that nothing (certainly not ordinary people) could deter negative forces such as the nuclear arms race between the superpowers or war efforts in other countries. In this phenomenon, once a critical number is reached, a particular learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of animals to all related animals in the region or the world.

The Hundredth Monkey Phenomena: Morphic Fields of Resonance

In India I heard the story that a few monkeys in southern India began to learn to pry the foil tops from milk bottles that sat on doorsteps after morning deliveries. Within a few weeks, monkeys in the entire region had learned this behavior, and once it reached a critical mass, monkeys in other parts of the continent, and even in other countries, suddenly had learned to pry the foil tops from milk bottles.

As Rupert Sheldrake posited, this phenomenon points to morphic fields of resonance strengthened by behavior until they reach a critical mass.

The Morphic Fields of Social Groups Connect & Interconnect Telepathically

The morphic fields of social groups connect together members of the group even when they are many miles apart, and provide channels of communication through which organisms can stay in touch at a distance. They help provide an explanation for telepathy.

There is now good evidence that many species of animals are telepathic, and telepathy seems to be a normal means of animal communication....Telepathy is normal not paranormal, natural not supernatural, and is also common between people, especially people who know each other well.

Thus, when we join together with others for a common purpose, our actions and intentions have a reach far beyond the immediate circle of our company.

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Riding into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse 
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Riding Into Your Mythic LifeRiding into Your Mythic Life teaches skills for developing intuition, compassion, and leadership, and ultimately for stepping into one’s greater life. The book encourages an awareness of subtle cues in oneself and others — both horses and people — and ways to orchestrate this awareness to overcome painful life events and lead a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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Patricia BroersmaA certified therapeutic riding instructor, Patricia Broersma has founded and directed therapeutic riding programs in San Antonio, Texas, and Ashland, Oregon. She has been a certified instructor with North American Riding for the Handicapped (NAHRA) since 1977. She is currently president of the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association. She lives in Ashland, Oregon. Her website is

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