The Great Experiment of Life: Ask, Create, Imagine, and Receive

The Great Experiment of Life: Ask, Create, Imagine, and Receive

Many of you imagine that you are here in order to prove yourself worthy of some or other higher authority, or perhaps that you have been placed here by a god of some description until this god sees that you are worthy of living in a more pleasurable place. Many have told you that you are bound by karma, destined to return lifetime after life time until you are pure and good enough to live in eternal bliss, as if that eternal bliss was some sort of ending place, a place of completion or of perfection.

I offer to you that none of this is, unless of course you believe it, because as you believe in something, it becomes part of your reality. Therefore, if you believe that you are here to prove yourself worthy, then your thoughts and subsequent actions will convey that belief and will indeed keep you where you are and keep you away from the imagined prize of perfection.

We Are Here By Choice

It is our knowing that you are here because you chose to be, just as I come forth through another because I am choosing to be. The only difference between those of us in another reality and you, the reader, is our focus. It has nothing to do with your deserving or worthiness. So why are you where you are? Why was the Earth plane of existence created? 

The essence of God (All That Is) is to know itself and therefore that is the essence of the soul, your greater self. Your greater self seeks to know itself as a creator in many dimensions of reality, and the Earth is but one of them. You are a multi-dimensional being, and whether you are conscious of it or not, the greater part of yourself that is eternal, that knows no death, that is the sum of all your experiences, is consciously present in other realities in addition to what you have identified to be your reality, the Earth. 

Your greater self chose to come forth into this particular reality, knowing full well that it would not have the full memory of who it truly is, because it wants to know itself as a creator in this reality too. You see, when one knows that one is connected to all life and that there is only love for one, then all creation is based on that love. However, through descending into the not-knowing, through descending into the forgetting, then creation is left to the unconscious mind until it becomes conscious.

The Great Experiment

Your planet Earth is a group experiment. It has been created by you so that you may know yourselves as creators in the physical. You are already creators in the non-physical, and at one level or another, you are all known as Masters of Creation. However, your soul sought the experience of creation, it sought to create out of not knowing. Many, many eons ago, a question of free will was asked. The question was asked concerning the creation of things through love and harmony. Would beings that did not know that they were part of the All That Is still create a world of love? Every question has many probable answers, and your Earth is the living probability to an answer to that question.

Your soul is here to improve its  skill at creating, although it may seem that the odds are against it.  When one talks of a young soul or of a mature soul or of an old soul, one is really indicating the skill that soul has in being present on planet earth, conscious of its mission, conscious of its desire to create harmony. The term younger or older soul has nothing to do with the amount of lifetimes a soul has, although in many cases there seems to be a correlation between the two statements.

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You are here to create, to create experience, and to enhance your beingness through that which you create. You are not subject to astrological movements or to a higher authority. There is guidance, yes, but there is no judge or authority that can tell you what you can or cannot have, do, say, or become. You have the freedom to create as you wish to. Your inner guidance, your greater self, your soul guides you on a minute by minute basis. It does this with feelings and through intuitional inspiration.

You were created in the likeness of God, and therefore each of you is imbued with the four principles of creation. These principles are Love, Health & Well-Being, Abundance, and Creativity. It is the nature of each of you to want these things for they are an integral part of who you are, of your greater self, of God. Therefore, you will always be driven towards the fuller expression of these qualities in your life. Many of you may not have seen much manifestation of these qualities in your life, but the desire for them is there, within each of you. The other great gift you have been given is the power of thought, for thoughts both create and destroy Universes. Imagination is the stage upon which you can begin to form your dreams into reality. That which is imagined, felt, and expected, appears.

You Think Therefore You Are

Thought is the basis of all creation. One has to imagine something, or think of it before it comes into existence. All inventions were first imagined before they became real ? that is the underlying principle of all creation. Thought that is coupled with emotion has even more power, therefore it is desire that is the motor behind the creation process.

Some have told you that you need to rid yourself of desire. I offer to you that nothing in the Universe would exist unless it were for the existence of desire. What you desire will manifest, and it is true to say that if there is something that you are wanting that is not in your reality, then you have not wanted it enough. It is not another way than this.

What you need to understand is that ALL thought is creative, even that which seems destructive. And all thought that is coupled with emotion is even stronger, and will bring to you even quicker the thing that you are thinking of, including the negative.  Therefore, when you feel poor you cannot create wealth; when you feel sick, you cannot create health; when you feel fear, you cannot create security. The reason why most of you do not have the life that you desire to have is because you have been paying your attention to things that you do not want to have in your life. It is, beloved ones, as simple as that.

Because so many do not have the things that they are wanting, they have invented many reasons as to why they do not have it. They tell you that it is their karma; they tell you that it is because of their astrology and will try to convince you that they are "ruled"  by one planet or constellation or another, so convinced they are they may not, or cannot, have what it is that they are desiring to have. Others will tell you that it is Higher Will or simply "not meant to be" as a justification for not having what they were wanting to have.

I offer to you that none of these reasons are the reasons why you do not have what you want. The only reason why you do not have what you want is because of your thinking and because of your beliefs about having, deserving, and worthiness.  Your astrology is simply a template of energy with which your greater self has chosen to work with in this life time, nothing more. Your karma are past thoughts and beliefs that are still active, nothing more, nothing less. Change your beliefs and your thinking, change your karma ? it is law, nothing is simpler than this.

The Intention and Desire of Higher Will

What about Higher Will? You imagine higher will to be the wishes and desires of a superior being that chooses your destiny for you. No! Higher Will is the intention, the desire, of your greater self, your soul self, and this self is at one with All That Is.

The intention and desire of Higher Will is that all beings in this reality live a life of joy, nothing more, nothing less. It is the desire of the All That Is that each of you know yourself as a Master in this realty, nothing more, nothing less. Your Soul, the greater part of yourself, has so much love for you and wants to give you everything your heart desires.

Yet, I hear a voice call "How can we tell the difference between a soul desire and an ego desire." This question comes because you have been taught that the ego is the cause of all your problems, that it in some way falls short of glory, is in some way faulted. If the ego was that bad, why would the soul in all its wisdom have created it in the first place?

Fear is the Source of Problems

Fear is the source of your problems, not the ego. There are but two emotions, they are love and fear, or put more simply, there are good feelings and there are feelings that make you feel bad. If you have a good feeling, it is supporting who you are and enhancing your experience of self. If you experience bad feelings surrounding something you are thinking of, then it is not in harmony with who you are and will not bring you the expansion and the joyful experience of yourself as the creator.

Negative emotions are the way in which your soul communicates that you are not in harmony with your greater purpose or that which you are thinking or believing is out of harmony with your greater purpose. Your higher purpose is to live a life of joy, to know yourself as god in this reality as you do in many other dimensions of existence.

It is our intention and desire to impart to you the knowledge that you are creators, and that you may create all that your heart desires. It is our intention to remind you that you have a greater self, your soul, and that this self contains all the experience and knowledge that you could ever need and that you can call upon this part of you to assist you with all that you are creating, or rather, that you become more aware of the way in which it is helping you so that you may note when it suggesting a different direction.

The Four Principles of Creation

The four principles of creation are love, health and well-being, abundance, and creativity - they are the divine qualities with which you have been imbued. It is your birthright to fully experience all these qualities to the fullest. Above all, you are the creator of your experience. Do not wait for another to tell you what you may have, but open your arms, put out your intention, and know that you are the creator and that you are worthy just as you are.

You are perfect in every moment. You are not complete, for learning continues forever and ever and ever, but perfection is in every moment. So cease being serious about your spiritual path, be only serious in your intention, not in your demeanor. There is no other that needs pleasing other than you! Be selfish and think of yourself and what you want. For as you move towards joy, your heart will be so wide open that to assist another will become second nature and not a labor. When you give to yourself, it is easy to give to others, when you're mean with yourself, it is a very difficult thing to give to others. You can only give to others what you have!

Go forth and create beloved ones, whatever it is. If it is more love, ask for it, create it, imagine it, and receive it. If it is more money, do the same; if it is health, do the same. Think of what you want and cease thinking of what you do not want.

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