Here We Are! Together We Can Do Anything!

Here We Are! Together We Can Do Anything!

Hello Love activism

Well, here we are.

We are alive and we are breathing.

We are here.

This is the moment we are living in. 

So Much To Learn... So Much To Give

I'm rapidly realizing I have SO much to learn while I also have so much to give. That's the dance, isn't it?

The question is, what now?

How do we move forward together to create a world where we can live with hope in our hearts and respect for all beings?

How do we listen and learn from each other, with our very different experiences and beliefs about life, yet find a way through it to a place of love and healing?

We may be here for a while... 

But it's up to you and me and the time is now to put our hearts into it.

Getting the Wheels Turning

Here's what I'm doing to get the wheels turning... (aka... less talk and more action for this little love warrior.)

This Saturday, January 21st 2017, I'm joining the women's march in downtown Portland.

I'm marching with sisters and brothers, dressing up in hearts and love, because I feel in my bones that things have gone too far.

I'll bring my love and wear my sturdy boots and I will show up to be in community.

I will stand with and for those being oppressed.

I'll pass out smiles, chant and sing empowering words, make eye contact and exchange hugs.

I'll probably pick up some litter and I'll definitely snap a few photos.

It's Time To Show Up

I will show up.

And I will listen and learn and make peace and take up space.

Because I was born in this awesome country where that is still OK.

Because it's time.

In all my years identifying as a hippy, a revolutionary, a free spirit with a deeply caring heart, I'm hearing this call to action like never before.

Because now more than ever I believe this:

We're More Powerful Together Than We Are Separate

When we are separate we are isolated and humans are not really wired to survive (let alone thrive) in isolation.

We need each other. We need to listen and learn from each other. That's how we can move forward with respect and love.

We need connection and action and people showing up.

So I want to thank you for witnessing and being alive, right here, in this moment of now. Together we can do anything!

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Sarah Love McCoySarah Love McCoy is the visionary artist behind the I Stand For Love movement and the creator of the "Life Is Beautiful and So Are YOU!" calendar. Art and magic intertwine in all of her creations. Besides firing up the Love Revolution, her most favorite things to do are finger paint, hike through lush landscapes, sip jasmine tea and ponder the mystery of it all. Say hello to Sarah (and find out how to become a Love Warrior) at www.istandforlove.


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