Ten economic protests that changed history

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and tea party rallies are the latest of more than 200 years of economic protest that have brought down governments and changed the course of nations.

Gingrich Up Again in the Anybody But Romney Race?

Gingrich moving up in polls. In John King's interview with Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker says his campaign offers substance and bold ideas that are attracting new support.

Bill Moyers on US Politics: Tony Soprano Style

Public Citizen, a non-profit consumer rights group, celebrated 40 years of progress with a festive gala on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Nearly 600 friends and supporters shared the night as PC reflected on decades of amazing accomplishments and looked to the future.

Jesse Jackson lends support to Occupy Atlanta

The Occupy Atlanta movement got a boost Thursday from the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who told protesters at a homeless shelter that their efforts are an extension of the struggle he helped lead for civil rights in America.

Romney Only 2nd Choice As Rest Implode

Last Updated 11/3/2011 - It appears that Ron Paul may be the only reasonable (?) one standing in Romney's path to the GOP nomination as the once more-reasonable Perry and the once likeable upstart Cain implode. At best what has happened these last few days is painful to watch.

Bonus Army Fiasco Like Occupy Oakland

The Bonus Army consisted of 17,000 World War I veterans and their families who occupied Washington, D.C. in 1932. They requested early payment of their bonuses because of the dire straights of many due to the depression. Congress had originally promised the bonus be paid in 1945.

Becoming A Participant: Realizing Our Higher Purpose

Becoming A ParticipantAs the Hopis say: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” The next few years represent the greatest call to humanity in the history of the Earth. This is a global Clarion Call to take positive, peaceful action and become a beacon of light for the world.

Republic: Once Was Lost, Now is Found? Occuping Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street movement needs to find an outlet. The energy that has been regrouped in this growing movement needs to find a constructive and active outlet. In Cairo, the Arab Spring movement resorted to throwing rocks at the police. What will the Occupy Wall Street movement do?

Rift plays out between Carl Rove and Koch Brothers

Rift Between Rove And Koch Brothers? Lawrence O'Donnell explains the growing rift between Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers. It may not matter as they will both have  over $200 Million to spend. And it's not as if they will spend it on reelecting Democrats.

New Hampshire Debate

The Republican New Hampshire debate held October 11, 2011 included the top eight contenders vying for the right to represent the Republican party to Challenge President Obama for a second term in November 2012.

Attempting To Suppress The Vote

Last Update 11/2/2011 - After a century of protests, marches, walk-outs and sit-ins, some of which were peaceful and some were violent, the expansion of voting rights in America have begun to recede...

Occupy Wall Street Spreading Across The Earth

Being disappointed in the results of the 2008 election victory, the Occupy Wall Street movement is the disappointed taking matters in their own hands. Acknowledging that this protest is spreading across the earth, Naomi Klein, Dylan Ratigan, and panel discuss what is different...

Wall Street Occupiers and the Democratic Party

If Occupy Wall Street coalesces into something like a real movement, the Democratic Party may have more difficulty digesting it than the GOP has had with the Tea Party. After all, a big share of both parties’ campaign funds comes from the Street and corporate board rooms, the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey’s and Karl Rove’s SuperPACs.

Sen Dick Durbin and Dylan Ratigan Discuss Money In Politics

Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois discusses the corrosive influence of money in politics on the Dylan Ratigan Show. In the discussion Durbin endorses Ratigan's campaign for a constitutional amendment to get the money out of politics.

Occupying Wall Street, Peacefully

October 2nd was Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. As we write this, on October 2nd, it is the "International Day of Non-Violence ". And it is also the beginning of the third week of Occupy Wall Street whose first official release states: "We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right..."

Death by Medicine

It’s official. The leading cause of death in America is not heart disease, not cancer -- but medicine itself! A new book co-authored by nutritionist Gary Null called -- appropriately enough -- Death by Medicine claims that over 700,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical treatment.

Fighting the Madness...

by Beth V. Hate and ignorance will never be solved by more hate and ignorance. Tolerance and respect need to be taught early in life and incorporated into home life, as well as part of school training. Actions speak louder than words, and if our children hear us say one thing, but we do otherwise...

Come One, Come All!

Buses organize to go to Washington for peace rally.

Life, Liberty, & Happiness

by Michael Toms. The Declaration of Independence is a spiritual document meant for all people everywhere, not just for Americans. The United States of America, as I as well as many others perceive it, is out of touch with its original vision. But I also know that out of death, resurrection is possible -- it is my hope and prayer, that this nation be reborn with its 'first principles' once again the guiding force.

Becoming A Spiritual Activist

In 1970, my mother took my sister, my brothers and me out of school to attend a peace rally in Pittsburgh. She told us that we should never be afraid to stand up for what was right. One year later, a few months after I turned 11, my father and I marched on Washington, DC for peace in Vietnam. He told me to always question authority. Thanks to my parents' example, my unconventional thinking and my speaking out when I disagreed with the ideology of the moment continued past elementary school. Working for a traditional Wall Street law firm, I consistently questioned the status quo. Rather than getting fired, I was promoted over and over again because thinking outside the box led to creative solutions.

Profit, Power, and Progress?

Responsible profit taking is honorable. Those who are legitimate producers deserve to be rewarded for their earnest contributions. It is when profit taking replaces concern for others or for ecosystems that a perversity occurs whereby everyone and everything suffers. At that point, we are not evolving but devolving...

Ancient Times--New Times

Many people like to look back on history, glean from it what they can, and apply it to their everyday lives. This is done to avoid repeating past mistakes. There has been much benefit from this approach.

Emancipatory Spirituality

We are in the midst of an extraordinary upsurge of interest in the realm of the Spirit. Tens of millions of people in advanced industrial societies live at a level of material well-being that far surpasses the luxuries and comforts available to kings, queens, and nobles just a few hundred years ago. But many of these are in the vanguard of those who seek a new spiritual reality.

Open Letter of Conscience and Choice

by Robert Rabbin, John Robbins, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Dan Millman, Tom Hayden, et al. There are times in life when we must act. And when those moments come, we must act with our truest heart, our clearest mind, and our noblest intentions. November 2 is such a time. On that day, we will take in hand one of the tools for social transformation. We will exercise our right to vote and our responsibility to voice our values and conscience. We will choose a new president and vice president. We, the signers of this letter, after full consideration, careful study, and deep reflection, endorse and recommend John Kerry and John Edwards for these offices. We urge all of you to vote for them. This is a matter of great importance and urgency.

Bush & Gore & Ralph

A Letter from Michael Moore to the Non-Voters of America: I address this letter to the largest political party in the United States -- the 55% of you in the voting public who are so disillusioned with politics and politicians, so sick and tired of all the broken promises, so disgusted with all the b.s. that you have absolutely no intention of voting in November.

InnerSelf Horoscope - Election 2000 prediction

Horoscope just prior to the US 2000 election : Free horoscope for each astrological sign, including lunar cycles prepared by Eliza Bassett, professional astrologer living on Maui, Hawaii..

Yogis: The Swing Vote in 2004

My 20 million brothers and sisters who meditate and practice yoga! You are the swing vote of 2004! I'm going to ask you to take your practice to the voting booth. Actually, my appeal is to all people of faith, conscience, and goodwill, to people of all religions and spiritual traditions.

Let Me Sing You A Song, And Then

In 1962, when I was seventeen, I did not feel that it was a good year. In October of 1962, the joy of my seniorhood was broken by the rumble of military machines making their way through my hometown to South Florida during the Cuban missile crisis. We were at the height of the Cold War.

Activism Begins at Home

"The way I'm an activist, if I'm an activist at all, is try to be a good person, do what I believe in, in every way. Activism can start very small -- helping our neighbor, being less materialistic, not being mass consumers. All these things are active. If I can just be a good citizen and a good example that will radiate to other people."

Teens To Change the World

Teens To Change the WorldThe events that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001, have made it desperately obvious that our world must be changed, or soon there may be no world to change at all. I am reminded here of the wonderful soul-searching inquiry of the Jewish tradition: If not now, when? If not me, who?

A Time for Choices

The United States of America is based upon a spiritual vision of the highest order. It is this original vision of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," the Bill of Rights, freedom and justice for all, education for every citizen and so much more that is our salvation.

Act Now to Stop the War

Act Now to Stop the War. Voice Your Opinion. It is time for all of us to take action in order to create peace.

Children for a Safe Enviro. (2)

by Kory Johnson. Many children in our small community died from birth defects, thirty-one altogether. But, as our local paper, the New Times, said, "Although the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) was aware that children were dying with abnormal rates of leukemia on the west side, the state agency had refused to investigate and had, in fact, labored to suppress information on the [cancer] cluster."

World Peace Experiment

Become a Catalyst for Peace -- Join the World Peace Experiment -- We are seeking 80,000 people who are willing to be part of an experiment to see if we can shift the world's perception of "good and evil" to a perception of love. It won't cost you any money and will take only seconds a day...

Politics As Usual?

by bobby jennings. The 2000 Republican Presidential primary was like a return of a nightmare for me. My personal conflict with the "Religious Right" came at the height of their power in 1985 when I finally decided to move my membership to the largest Baptist Church in Orlando.

Freedom of Speech

The point of freedom of speech was to allow varying political and social views to be aired so that people's desires and opinions could effect social change - it all sounded marvelous. Nowadays, we still have freedom of speech, providing you don't disagree with or touch upon any one of a hundred or so subjects that are considered taboo.

Failure of Brand USA

When the White House decided it was time to address the rising tides of anti-Americanism around the world, it didn't look to a career diplomat for help. Instead, in keeping with the Bush administration's philosophy that anything the public sector can do the private sector can do better, it hired one of Madison Avenue's top brand managers.

Hey, Somebody Has Got To Do It

by bobby jennings.

This coming week is election week. I almost always vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. But now, I admit, I am unhappy with the road down which...

Election 2000: What's to learn?

In this election, fairness slipped from our grasp and in its place we were bombarded by partisan dribble served up to us predictably by politicians, but more disturbingly by newscasters, clearly cheering for one side or the other.

Heart-Based Decisions

Each and every moment we are given the wonderful gift of free will to make choices. These choices can be as simple as choosing what to wear or what to eat. Personal choices rarely affect another person. Then there are choices that affect our planet. Choices like...

Stand Up and Be Counted

Many of us want to make a difference in our lives, and in the lives of the people we love. We were born with a seed in our being desiring a better world, knowing that peace and love are a much better choice than anger and fear. Yet, we also are living in the 'dense reality' of Planet Earth, where greed, fear, and anger, have run rampant. We have had to make choices many times between these energies


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