Off To See The NRA Wizard

Off To See The NRA Wizard

If the NRA were to have its dreams come true, surely every single person in the US would own a gun! Nay! What am I saying? Not just one, as apparently the NRA wants everyone to have an arsenal in their own house, school, and public place. The more the merrier seems to be their motto when it comes to guns. Could this be because they are funded by the gun manufacturers and dealers?

However "the more the merrier" doesn't seem to count when it comes to the number of people the NRA is speaking for. Only a small percentage of the US population agrees with them on most issues, and an even smaller fraction of those are actually members. Yet the NRA and gun manufacturers have a huge mouthpiece in the gun lobby and they sure make a lot of noise... They make it sound like there's a stampede out there, when actually there are only one or two cattle involved. Or as the saying goes, big hat, no cattle.

Cowardly Congress, Ruthless NRA, and an Impotent Obama Conspire Against Assault-Weapons Ban

NATIONAL JOURNAL - In fairness, the gun lobby deserves most of the blame for creating a political climate in which any regulation of firearms is viewed as an attack on the constitutional right to bear arms. This as much a financial issue to the NRA and its industry allies as it is a constitutional one.

But Obama and fellow Democrats shoulder a responsibility to re-frame the debate around unassailable facts: The Second Amendment is not at risk; modest regulations would improve gun safety and strengthen the nation's noble gun culture; and nobody outside the U.S. military needs an assault weapon. Instead, the White House and Democratic lawmakers signaled retreat on the assault-weapons ban almost immediately after Obama proposed it. He didn't fight.

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NRA Has Replblicans In Line

The NRA is hiding behind the curtain and even though exposed, Republicans follow along.

NRA -- The Paper Tiger

POLYCONUNDRUM - Much has been made in recent weeks about the NRA's political strength, but PPP's newest national poll finds more voters consider their endorsement to be a negative than a positive. 39% say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who had the NRA's support to just 26% who say they'd be more likely to, with 32% saying it wouldn't influence them one way or the other. Among independents 41% consider an NRA endorsement to be a turn off to 27% who say it's a plus.

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