Why Ocean Pollution Is A Clear Danger To Human Health

Why Ocean Pollution Is A Clear Danger To Human Health

Ocean pollution is widespread and poses a clear and present danger to human health and wellbeing. But the extent of this danger has not been widely comprehended – until now.

What Would 4°C of Global Warming Feel Like?

What Would 4°c Of Global Warming Feel Like?

Another year, another climate record broken. Globally, 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year ever recorded. This was all the more remarkable given that cool conditions in the Pacific Ocean – known as La Niña – began to emerge in the second half of the year.


Woman Who Invented Method To Turn Plastic Into Construction Bricks

rsmcb1ozNzambi Matee of Kenya is one of the 2020 “Young Champions of the Earth” winners selected by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Matee’s young company, Gjenge Makers, takes plastic waste and turns it into building materials.

The Shift: Are These the Worst of Times or the Enlightenment of Mankind

staring out into cosmic space

Zoologist & paleo-anthropologist Hank Wesselman is a scientist with a foot in two worlds. He spent 30 years researching evolution in the Great Rift Valley in Africa and has also trained in shamanism for more than twenty years. He sees evidence that widespread and transformational spiritual awakening is...

Thank You For Coming, My Immigrant Sisters and Brothers!

Stick figures of people in different colors and hues, with a puzzle oieces in the background.

Without the welcome arrival of immigrants, our countries would slowly empty themselves of their population. In Germany, thanks to the massive and very recent increased influx of immigrants and refugees, the birth rate shot up from a low of 1.39 in 2010 (at the time one of the lowest if not the lowest in the world) to 1.5 in 2016.

Caring is a Natural Reflex

stick figures standing on joined puzzle pieces holding hands and reaching out to another figure on a separate puzzle piece

In the U.S., we are conditioned to believe we are separate and fully independent from one another. Many of us do not experience ourselves embedded in a larger community -- instead, we feel we have to fend for ourselves. When we have problems we take the dualistic point of view and affix blame...

How Do You Put A Price On Something That Has Infinite Worth?

How Do You Put A Price On Something That Has Infinite Worth?

Proponents of the economic approach argue that if we don’t give nature a price then we essentially treat it as having zero value. In contrast, if we articulate value in monetary terms then this can be factored into government and business decisions. 

Future Floods Will Come, But How We Can Do Better

Future Floods Will Come, But How We Can Do Better

As the climate changes, floods and extreme rainfall events will become more intense. In many cases, the most disadvantaged people are at highest risk from floods and least able to bounce back when their homes and businesses are inundated.

How Jeff Bezos and Amazon Changed The World

How Jeff Bezos And Amazon Changed The World

Shopping used to be hard work – wandering down multiple aisles in search of a desired item, dealing with crying and nagging kids, and waiting in long checkout lines.

Beautify the World: What We Focus On Expands

Beautify the World: What We Focus On Expands

We all have various and sometimes numerous reasons to complain. We complain about our job, our health, the weather, our neighbors, our kids, our families, our government, the environment, the state of the world… As you can see, if you want to complain there is no lack of things to complain about.

Profit, Power, and Progress? or Cooperation, Collaboration, and Community

Profit, Power, and Progress? or Cooperation, Collaboration, and Community

Responsible profit taking is honorable. Those who are legitimate producers deserve to be rewarded for their earnest contributions. It is when profit taking replaces concern for others or for ecosystems that a perversity occurs whereby everyone and everything suffers. At that point, we are not evolving but devolving...



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