How To Lift The Seven Veils of Illusion on the Path to Enlightenment

How To Lift The Seven Veils of Illusion on the Path to Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a state of being in which the consciousness expands to include all that is, so you become all-seeing and all-knowing. When someone is fully enlightened they transcend the lower limitations so, for example they can heal themselves if they desire to do so at a soul level. They can control their body functions and master their environment and circumstances. Most important, they live in the moment, without anger about the past or fear about their future. There is no blame, just a knowing that all is well in the divine plan.

In contrast, ascension is a state of doing, of actively drawing down more of the light of the soul and Monad into the physical body. This raises the consciousness, expands spiritual awareness and can enable physical changes to take place. Enlightenment and ascension can take place at the same time though very often enlightenment comes first.

Expanding Your Level of Enlightenment

If you suddenly receive a flash of illumination about something, you move forward in your understanding. At that moment you have a spurt of spiritual growth and expand your level of enlightenment.

The journey to enlightenment is the removal of the seven veils of illusion. They can more easily be removed during moments of cosmic light or in special meditations. Alternatively you may wake up one morning feeling that things are different. You are seeing the world with new eyes. In that case a veil may have been released during your spiritual journey of the night. Although enlightenment is a function of the third eye, you may have a blockage in another chakra which affects your third eye, for everything is connected.

The Seven Veils of Illusion:

~ The Seventh Veil ~

This is the veil furthest from the third eye and the first to dissolve. When you awaken to your soul and recognize that you are responsible for your own individual journey, the seventh veil, which is red, dissolves. This happens when you finally let go of all victim consciousness and stop blaming or projecting onto others.

This is the stage at which you take mastery of your life and, instead of saying, ‘Poor me. I am so unlucky,’ you ask yourself why you drew the circumstance or event into your life and you start to work on yourself to change your inner. As soon as you transform yourself, your outer conditions must reflect this and your life becomes more satisfactory.

~ The Sixth Veil ~

Lifting the Seven Veils of Illusion on the Path to EnlightenmentMany people in the world do not realize that there are other dimensions interwoven with ours. They only accept what they can see, hear and feel. The sixth veil, which is yellow, dissolves when you accept that there is a world beyond the physical. You realize that there are amongst us spirits of those who have passed, as well as angels, fairies and other beings.

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In order to remove this veil you must also believe in the spirit world and trust it. You must know deep within you that the other realms are able and willing to help you.

~ The Fifth Veil ~

This veil, which is pink, only dissolves when you hold unconditional love in your heart center for everyone. There are often initiations involved with the removal of this veil for deep forgiveness of all those who have ever hurt you is necessary. Furthermore you must see the entire world and all the perpetrators of iniquity with eyes of love.

You must be prepared to offer prayers for those who have been harmed as well as those who have inflicted harm on them, for you recognize that all is in agreement at a higher level. It involves seeing with divine eyes.

~ The Fourth Veil ~

This blue veil is released when you honor, respect and work with animals, nature and the elemental kingdom. This does not mean that you physically have to look after domestic or other animals but it does involve truly understanding that each animal is here on Earth to experience and learn just as we are.

Every animal has a soul, while some are part of a group soul and they are all on their own journey of enlightenment and ascension. Some, such as dogs, have incarnated to be companions and friends to humans. Our part of the agreement is to look after, honor and care for them. Other animals, such as domestic cats and the big cats, have incarnated to protect humans and the planet psychically from entities and negative energies that can harm us. Those creatures that we eat or hunt came in to experience life in the third dimension, not to be eaten or hunted by humans.

We are asked to talk to the spirits of the animals in meditation and honor them. You can also tell your spirit to go at night and talk to people about animals, for example your spirit can talk to the spirits of farmers who intensively farm chickens or any other animals about their higher purpose. This will eventually filter into their consciousness.

For the release of this veil, we must also recognize that nature is incredibly powerful, loving and responsive. We say that those to whom plants respond have green thumbs. In fact they empathize with nature, which rewards them with abundance.

Flowers radiate high frequency light. When someone has died we send flowers to the funeral as the angels can take their essence to help the spirit of the person who has died. The angels can also use their essence to help those who are mourning. The light carried by the flowers can heal those who are sick or unhappy if properly directed.

It is most important that we work with nature. There are many elementals and nature spirits, who have a role in the workings of nature, for example fairies look after flowers, elves help trees and pixies work with the soil. Many but not all of these spirits are made up of only one element, earth, air, fire or water. For the dissolving of the fourth veil of illusion we need to understand the benefits of working with the elementals, we can for example ask the elementals to help plants grow.

When slugs and snails were eating my newly planted peas I wanted to put slug pellets down. Kumeka was not impressed. He asked me to talk to the creatures but I said I had already done that and they did not listen. So he suggested I asked the elementals to work with the slug kingdom by talking to them about eating other things, for example to offer an area of plants to the slugs and snails. He said that some plants offer themselves as a sacrifice and through this they grow. He told me to plant the seedling, bless it and care for it and ask the elementals to look after it for the highest good. I did this and my vegetable garden flourished.

We can also ask the elementals to talk to those who are mistreating animals about their higher purpose.

~ The Third Veil ~

This veil, which is deep blue, automatically dissolves when you link with the angelic kingdom and similar beings from other planets. Walk amongst them and live your life with them, so that they are an integral part of your life.

~ The Second Veil ~

This violet-coloured veil dissolves when you achieve universal consciousness. This happens when you are able to see into the cosmos and understand that all is connected, trees, stars, animals, rocks – everything. You must be able to see this with your mind’s eye.

This is the last veil to be removed while you are in a physical body and when it has dissolved you are fully enlightened.

~ The First Veil ~

This is the closest veil to the third eye and is crystal clear. It is the last one to be removed, and this takes place after you have passed over, if you are ready. When this one is cleared you are in heaven or in the seventh dimension. When you live your life as an enlightened being this veil will dissolve when you die. Even then you may be tested. You might be asked to undertake another incarnation! If you resist, your first veil does not dissolve.

While still in a body you can experience moments of being in this heavenly dimension, when this veil becomes thin.

How to Attain Enlightenment

It is expected that over 70% of the people on the planet will be enlight­ened by 2032. The most important thing is to live your life with pure intent, fully engaging in every moment. You cannot be enlightened if you are ungrounded and not actually here. Watch your thoughts and words and see the divine in everyone.

All spiritual disciplines will assist your journey if performed with intention and focus. These may be prayer, meditation, invocations, affirmations, decrees, chanting mantras, yoga, silent contemplation or others of your choice.

Certain energies like the Gold and Silver Violet Flame, the Gold Ray of Christ or the Mahatma, if used regularly can accelerate your journey. Visualizations are one of the big keys to transformation. Visualize your heart opening, your path being golden or whatever you need for your aspiration.

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