Unlock the Doorway to Your Heart: It’s Time For True Self-Empowerment

Unlock the Doorway to Your Heart: It’s Time For True Self-Empowerment

The truth of love can only be found by looking within the heart. The heart holds the timeless secrets of love for it is through the heart that we connect to all that is. Love enters and exits our physical body through the sacred coordinate within our heart. It permeates every organ, cell, and atom but it does not call any one of these its home within the body. Not even the heart can contain the enormity of love: It merely translates the language of love.

We are born with everything we need to love and be loved. Our sacred coordinate comes with its own USB connection: We are hardwired to com­municate with the Universe. How we are raised, what we are taught, the friends we keep, our parents’ beliefs, and how we are loved and cared for when we are young – all affect how open our heart becomes. A closed heart is worse than a closed mind because it hinders the flow of the highest form of intelligence in the Universe, love.

Only An Open Heart Can Allow Love To En­ter or Exit

The heart is love’s gateway. Only an open heart can allow love to en­ter or exit. The degree to which this divine doorway is open regulates the amount of love that can flow. A fully open heart allows an unencumbered and unlimited flow of love. It allows love to permeate every aspect of our being and our life. An open heart is full of love but it is not a vessel for love. The unlimited flow of love continuously keeps the heart full, yet the heart cannot contain love. Love is unending flow, perpetual motion. It cannot be contained. Love exists within everything yet resides nowhere.

A closed heart restricts the flow of love. It closes one off from others and the rest of the world. It isolates, constricts, and represses its owner. The heart’s light becomes dim. Information carried by the light is limited, which curtails increasing consciousness, leading to further closing of the heart. The thought of loving oneself rarely comes up. A self-defeating cycle is created.

Loving Yourself Is The Key To Unlocking The Doorway To Your Heart

At the heart of the human heart is self-love. The most important person to love or receive love is you. Self-realization is an inside job that cannot succeed without self-love. When we listen to what others tell us about ourselves, whether the source is television, radio, internet, friends, family, church, co­workers, government, etc., we neglect to listen to the most important voice of all: the one that comes from our own hearts.

Self-love means honoring and respecting ourselves enough to put our thoughts and feelings first. It also requires us to fully embrace our human flaws while celebrating our divine perfection.

Each of us is a valuable part of creation, with our own set of gifts waiting to be shared with the world. All “gifts from God” come through the heart. Love is the giver and only the heart can accept such a gift. We use our gift every time we follow the promptings of our heart. When we follow our heart, we live our truth and express our divine unique­ness in the world.

True self-love may look something like this:

“Here I am world, in my unique splendor, doing what my heart calls me to do, regardless of what anyone else may think. This is why I came, to share my unique gift with the world and to live in joy, because doing what I love brings me joy and I know I am meant to live joyfully.”

Our hearts open wide when we unconditionally love, accept, and celebrate who we truly are.

Our Love for Life and Everything In It is Contagious

The strength of the heart’s electromagnetic field of an open-hearted person is so strong that there is a glow about them. As our heart allows more light to enter, the influx of information allows our consciousness to expand. Our love for life and everything in it is contagious. We become magnetic and attract what we need to carry out our heart’s bidding. A cycle of increasing joy, abundance, gratitude, and love is created. We become “shining examples” of fully open-hearted people.

When we live in joy, our hearts are naturally open. We remember our natural state and allow love to guide us. We “beam with joy” because our heart-light is shining through. We glow. We become super-radiant, the true sign of an open heart.

If God creates through love, then living as the god that we are requires us to create through love. It also requires us to have an open heart. The Universe has a series of checks and balances to ensure that only those with open hearts wield the most creative power. Self-love is the key to success­fully maneuvering through these checks and balances.

Self-Love Is Necessary For Us To Download Our Divinity

Unlocking the Doorway to Your HeartUntil we love who we are, we cannot access the true power of our heart’s electromagnetic field. When we love ourselves, our hearts are open, allowing more light to enter. As more light enters our heart, the strength of its electromagnetic field increases, which increases the likelihood of manifesting our dreams. Self-love is the foundation for creating our desires.

Self-love is necessary for us to download our divinity. This includes lov­ing our divine self as well as our human self. We must love all of who we are in order to become the true co-creators that we are.

You must fall in love with your divine essence. To love yourself as the god that you are is to love the god within with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your spirit. As I wrote in In the Key of Life,

“Opening to oneness is about opening your heart to your true self. It’s about falling in love with you. It is the experience of love made manifest in the most intimate way possible” (Cerio 2007, 1).

When you fall in love with the god that you are, you fall in love with all creation.

It’s Time For True Self-Empowerment

To live as the god that you are is a totally new paradigm. When you live as the god that you are, you live in harmony with God. You are a part of God, the One Source of All. You are God’s hands, eyes, and heart. You are entrained to the coherent motion of the particles of creation. All of creation awaits your command.

Living as the god that I AM is living in the perfection of now. All that “matters” is now, for creation of matter happens in the moment of now. You know and accept that each moment is perfect. You have the power to manifest what you desire from your heart in each moment, ensuring that your best interest, and the best interest of all, is served.

If it is true that we create our reality, then it’s time to take responsibility for it. I AM response-able. I AM in-powered. I AM god incarnate. I love who I AM! It’s time for true self-empowerment.

Finding Within Your Heart The Ultimate Wisdom: You Are Divine

Raising our consciousness and frequency fills our hearts with the truth of who we are. The heart is said to be full because once we acknowledge our real identity, we realize that everything lies within us. God, the zero-point energy field, cosmic consciousness – it is all within. We are part of the field that flows through us. This is why the mystics have told us that we are not separate from each other. This web of energy connects all of us through multitudes of swirling vortexes. As I wrote in In the Key of Life,

“The void you think you created is an illusion, for what could you be void of? The entire Universe rests within you and you in the Universe. What could you want” ? (Cerio 2007, 63)

Each of us holds a key to creating our heart’s desire. First, we must unlock the door using this key. Our heart field is the doorway that needs unlocking; it is not the key. The key lies in living as the god that we are.

The key to the heart of creation is nothing more than finding within your heart the ultimate wisdom: You are divine. You are God in form. Words like trust and hope no longer have meaning, for you know you are never separate from Source. When you know and live as the god that you are, your heart is always full of potential, full of possibilities, full of joy, full of wonder, full of gratitude, and full of love.

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