Visualization to Connect with Spirit Guides

Visualization to Connect with Spirit Guides

A guide seeks to help you fulfill your life’s purpose, thus allowing you to make a real and positive contribution to the quality of life of the people you meet, and to our planet’s evolution as well. Whoever the guide is, and from whatever background they come, they will have some form of natural affinity with you. It is this affinity and sympathetic energy that bonds you with your guide and allows you to work closely together.

You will find that in your work together, a guide will not communicate with you in a lofty and ponderous style — information and ideas will be given to you with compassion and sometimes with humor. So don’t be shocked when some of the help and information you receive is given to you with warmth and wit.

Our Grandiose Expectations from Hollywood

Initially our expectations of how we communicate with spirit guides can be confusing. Many times our expectations are based on what we think we know from movies or television shows, all of which tend to present the events in the program very dramatically in order to provide an entertaining story. In most cases, spirit guide communication is much less dramatic than how it is depicted in movies. It tends to be a subtle contact that, in most cases, you will need to be quiet and centered within yourself to fully recognize and experience.

Spirit guides, regardless of which type they may be and what form they may take, are composed of energy that is less dense than physical form and is moving at a higher, faster vibratory rate than that of physical human form. Their style of communication can be very subtle — through dreams, omens, or a sudden thought or vision which just seems to pop into our heads.

Ask Direct Questions, Receive Direct Answers

Once we are skilled at spirit guide communication and have conscious awareness and contact, we are able to ask direct questions and receive direct answers. These answers are experienced most often as a sudden thought, image, or answer within our mind or in our general awareness. When we experience thought energy from a spirit guide, it can sometimes leave us wondering if the thought was ours alone, or if it was true communication from a guide.

How do you tell the difference? When you are receiving information and advice from a spirit guide, the thoughts will sound like your own, but they will tend to be of better clarity, have more structure, and be more eloquent in style than your usual way of thinking or speaking.

Recognizing Your Guide by their Voice, Energy, etc.

Visualization to Connect with Spirit GuidesOnce you have experienced dialogue with a specific guide, you will recognize their voice, the feeling of their energetic presence, and the way they present information to you as being uniquely the communication style of that particular guide. Sometimes, before directly communicating with you, a guide will announce their presence by a particular pleasant scent — a scent of a pine forest, the perfume of a rose. Or you may hear a bell gently tinkle, or a musical note sound. You may feel an energy buzzing by your body or head. These are signals to you to stop and pay attention.

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When you still and center your mind — through meditation, the grounding of your energy, and focused breathwork — you will be able to detect, experience, and understand the thoughts and information being shared with you by your guide clearly. When you receive guidance from your guide, you are always free to ask questions for clarification and see what additional thoughts, feelings, or signs come to you.

You also need to be patient as you receive information and guidance. Your spirit guide will be working with you, but in their own way and with their own understanding, not yours. They will sometimes wait for you to remove doubts, fears, blockages, and distractions that might undermine the use of the information they are working to give you. If you try to rush to develop the relationship with your guide, you will find that you are getting in your own way. Relax . . .

Different Ways of Connecting with a Guide

You may have heard or read about guides, but were not aware of the various differences in the types of guides (or the way that we humans perceive and interact with them) and the way they may contact you. There are many ways that a connection with a guide can be experienced.

You may already have a guide who has contacted you and with whom you have an active relationship. Listen to their guidance and know that you have been blessed to have this contact. If you would like to have this help in your life, you can initiate contact by being open and actively seeking the connection. Always do this type of work in a psychically and physically clean space (see Chapter 2 of my book for how to create a clear energy space).

Regardless of the type of guide with whom you would like to create a link and a relationship, the beginning steps will be the same. [Types of guides: Ancestral Guides, Ascended Masters, Teacher or Mentor Guides, Angelic Guides.]

EXERCISE: Grounding & Light Visualization

Regardless of the type of guide you intend to work with, you will always start with this exercise.

Begin your work to make the psychic connection by starting at a time when you know you will not be interrupted. Unplug the phone, contain the household animals, go to the bathroom. Eat only lightly before your opening meditation and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Have a blanket or sweater on hand, as you might get slightly chilly when doing this type of psychic work.

If you have noisy neighbors or barking dogs near your meditation space, you may want to have some gentle, quiet instrumental music on in the background as a barrier against distracting noise. If you would like to burn incense or scented candles to add to your meditative state, the scent of jasmine, frankincense, or sandalwood would be appropriate.

Begin with a prayer or invocation asking for protection and guidance. Ground your energies and center your mind. Take some slow, deep breaths, calming your whole body, until you feel your heartbeat begin to slow and become synchronized (in rhythm) with your breath.

Next imagine a brilliant white light in your mind’s eye. Gaze at this light as it gets larger and brighter; feel how comforting and pure it is. Begin drawing the light towards you as if you were a magnet for this light. Bring the light into your breath and allow it to warm and comfort your heart. Allow it to enter your body with your inhaling breath and feel it expanding throughout your body and your mind. Feel the light becoming one with you as it fills your entire being, touching you, merging with you, and becoming a part of each of your individual cells from head to toe.

This exercise will open your senses and prepare you for contact with a guide. You will be relaxed and alert and your auric energies will be working at a higher, more subtle energy frequency, allowing the contact to be clear and easily maintained.

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The Everyday Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic Gifts by Karen Harrison.The Everyday Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic Gifts
by Karen Harrison.

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