How The Fearful, Judgmental Voice In Your Head Can Hijack Your Spiritual Journey

How The Ego Can Hijack The Spiritual Journey

Our ego, which is that fearful, judgmental voice in our head, that never feels satisfied, that constantly feels inferior or superior to others, that always wants more, more, more in order to feel ‘happy’, well that ego can often try to hijack our spiritual journey. We know that this has happened when our goals and dreams are about fame, glory, status – or something else we think will give us ‘more’, so we somehow can get to be appreciated, loved and respected by others.

This ego can also try to make our spiritual journey into a me, me, me journey, and when we then start to use the Law of Attraction, it will do so in order to get ‘more’, instead of using the Law of Attraction in order to give more.

Knock, Knock, Who's There? Ego or Soul Energy?

Please be aware of the ego, as we all have one, and it talks to us constantly. It is really important we learn how to tame it, and understand the energy it carries. We can distinguish the energy of the Soul from the energy of the ego by looking at the energy behind every choice we make.

If the energy behind our choice was fear, judgment, criticism, arrogance, anxiety or helplessness, then we can be certain that we have listened to the ego. If the energy behind our choice instead was love, inspiration, gratitude, happiness and feeling of being of service, then we know it was our Soul that was speaking to us. When you listen to the ego, you will feel tense, empty, frustrated or negative, and when you listen to your Soul you will feel uplifted, happy, loving and peaceful.

Allowing Your Soul to Guide You

When you listen to your Soul, and allow it to guide you, it will show you how you can create a happy life, filled with love, magic and miracles. Because that is who you are: you are a divine being of love, and you being here is a miracle, filling the world we live in with the most exquisite magical light. When you choose to listen to your Soul, you are giving to others the most amazing gift, because you are allowing your Soul to share its divine uniqueness with the world, giving others permission to do the same.

This does not mean we will not experience hardship, but what it does mean is that we will have the light-fueled energy from our Soul to guide us through these times of hardship. Our dreams are our Soul’s gifts to the world. We were born to bring these dreams to fruition.

How The Ego Can Hijack The Energy of Money

How The Ego Can Hijack The Spiritual JourneyThere is a reason why, in the past, people on a spiritual path surrendered all their worldly trappings and lived in poverty. Because by surrendering this, they were able to let go of their attachments to money, success and worldly comforts. It was then easier for them to focus on being of service to God.

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So how can we then be of service to the Divine, have inner peace and yet at the same time be financially abundant? By surrendering our lives to the Divine Intelligence, by surrendering our personal will to that which our Soul wills for us, by surrendering our money to the Goddess, by surrendering everything we do, everything we think and everything we feel to God.

Money is just an energy, a vehicle to be used here in the physical realm. Financial energy is just meant to be a tool for your growth in wisdom – as a soul. You are, however, meant to be a wise caretaker of it and use this tool with wisdom, clarity and detachment. Then the money in your life will be used in service to your Soul – and not in service to your ego. And when it is being used in service to your Soul, the miraculous transformative spiritual manifestation energy of money can be used to its fullest.

Ego As A Tool for Connecting More Fully with Our Soul

It is also important to remember that the ego too is a tool, enabling us to connect more fully with our Soul by helping us awaken to the truth within us; that we are divine Souls and that the ego is not part of who we are.

The ego just forms part of the separation we experience here, in our physical existence, and this separation is a vehicle for our growth, as it causes a pressure on us. And this pressure has the ability of allowing us to grow quicker, because experiencing what we are NOT helps us to instead choose that which we are; and by choosing that which we are, we are developing our connection with our Soul even more – and this truly helps us grow strong, beautiful, divine wings of light.

Playful Take on the Ego: Which Dog Is It?

I love Sonia Choquette’s playful take on the ego. She says it is a constant companion, a bit like a dog, and you need to tame it! During one of the I Can Do It Conferences, she asked us in the audience: If your ego was a dog, what kind of dog would it be? And what is its name?

When I closed my eyes I could see my ego was a Cocker Spaniel/Labrador mix, with a very happy-go-lucky attitude, just running around playing, not listening to anybody, and strangely very similar to my own dog Co-Co (albeit she is a Bernese Mountain Dog). My ego’s name was Maddie! I can safely say my relationship with my ego changed from that moment, and I signed her up for some obedience classes where she could learn to listen to me, instead of running around like a lunatic...

The more you choose to be the source of love and happiness for others
no matter what your outside circumstances –
the stronger your Divine Wings of Light will be,
and the easier you can bring your Soul’s dreams into being.

                                                             -- Cissi Williams

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