Meeting Your Higher Self or The Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel


Meeting Your Higher Self or The Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel

My close observation of the small things in life, especially concerning spiritual and metaphysical matters, has borne much fruit over the years. This culminated in the thirty-eighth year of my life when my higher self spoke to me.

I call this my higher self for want of a more accurate term. The higher self does not care what you call it.

This has to date only happened to me once — but I live in hope that it will happen again. This event is called The Conversation With The Holy Guardian Angel, by some traditions.

It's Time We Had A Long Talk...

Here's what happened: I was about to have my evening meditation at about nine o'clock. My family put to bed, I went into the front room where a cheerful glow greeted me from the tile fire. I reached to turn out the light when a voice spoke to me, as if a real person were standing close to me. The voice was masculine, rich, and elegant — the most beautiful voice I had ever heard.

As the voice spoke, I felt my ear buzzing. I observed that my carotid gland vibrated, modulating with the words I was hearing. I pressed a fingernail into my mastoid bone (the curved bone behind your ear) and felt the same vibrations. If I had had a microphone, I could have easily recorded this voice.

The voice said, "Robert, it is time we had a long talk. Sit down and I will explain everything."

Dismantle Your Belief System

I can only reveal a small part of this conversation. It was mainly me listening, so discourse is probably a better description.

I was told to dismantle my belief system, and to only keep beliefs which were supported by personal experience. The rest were to be either discarded as junk, or shelved as being possibly true.

I was told to proceed from this point onwards solely on personal experience. I was also told to always stay in the question. This means to never consider that I fully knew what something was, or that I knew all about something.

Belief Filters in the Mind and Its Perceptions

Meeting Your Higher Self or The Conversation with the Holy Guardian AngelCleansing my belief system was crucial for my path in life beyond that moment. Beliefs create filters in the mind and its perceptions. If my beliefs were true, then my ideas and perceptions would be true. This particularly concerns inspirational ideas, what I call higher self downloads.

An analogy: imagine that your belief system filters are squares and angular shapes, and that inspirational ideas and truths have circular and oval shapes. For new ideas and truths to spring to life in your mind, to be realized, they have to be forced through your belief system filters. This process blocks or damages what is forced through them.

Maintain an Unbiased Openness of Mind

The last part I can share mostly concerns staying in the question. To stay in the question is to maintain an unbiased openness of mind. It means to never consider that you know everything about anything, to never completely shut off the question.

This keeps the inspirational conduits open, so more information and truth can flow. This avoids the problem of developing false beliefs and biases, blinding yourself to the truth and inspirational ideas, and creating dogma. This relates to how creative people like artists and poets, writers and musicians, try to stay open and available to the magical muse for inspirational downloads.

The Most Direct Path to the Divine

We can only glimpse the workings of the subconscious mind, and of the divine. This is so close to us; it is like how a fish cannot see water, or how we cannot see air.

We cannot see Source because Source is both within us and everywhere around us. The truth is that you are Source, you just cannot see it. So obviously the most direct and approachable path to the divine is within your self, within your own body and mind and life.

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