Breaking the Chain of Normality & Living in a Transcendental Reality

Breaking the Chain of Normality & Living in a Transcendental Reality

The majority of people have very average ambitions and dreams in life and they achieve nothing in their lifetime. But then you hear about those amazing people who began with twenty cents in their pockets and thirty years later were multi-millionaires. What is the difference between those people and the average person who is born in poverty, lives in poverty and dies in poverty?

The difference is that average people move along the average wave. There is no extra impulse or dream in their lives, no extra effort, intelligence, energy or power behind them, so they move through the average cycle: they have an average life, an average after-death condition, and they return into an average life.

Breaking the Chain of Normality: Becoming Exceptional

But what about those exceptional people? Just as there are exceptional people who make themselves successful in this realm, you can be an exceptional person who succeeds in the other realm, so that you don’t just circulate in the normal reality but live in a Transcendental Reality.

You can be one of those exceptional people who break this chain of normality and become supernormal, who attain a completely different level of intelligence and consciousness. That is also possible. In fact, that is what the Spiritual Path is all about, and that is what we are trying to teach you: it is possible to break the chain of normality, become supernormal and enter a Supernatural Evolution.

Deciding That You Don't Want To Follow An Average Destiny

Suppose you are one of those unusual people who decides that in this incarnation you don’t want to be just an average person following an average destiny, that there may be another destiny for you, a much higher purpose in Eternity. Nature’s laws set out what you ought to do.

You learn something about the functioning of the Universe, and you learn something about the after-death conditions, and you realize that playing harps with the angels becomes very boring after a while. You begin to think that maybe there are other conditions which are infinitely higher in evolutionary development and infinitely more enjoyable. And there are.

Worlds of Light Within Our Solar System

Breaking the Chain of Normality & Living in a Transcendental RealityThere are seventy-two planets in our Solar System; twelve have physical bodies and sixty have no physical bodies. This means there are sixty planets within our Solar Logoic system that you cannot see unless you are clairvoyant. The planets within our Solar System exist in different grades of matter: some have physical embodiments, some have only astral, some have only mental or causal, and some are purely spiritual planets. If you have astral vision, you will see a few more planets orbiting the Sun; if you have mental vision, you will see a few more; and if you have causal vision, you will see even more.

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This is important to understand, because it forms part of the mystery of the after-death condition, and part of the mystery of the various states of consciousness which we attain during our Spiritual Evolution. Within our own Solar System there are dynamically supernatural Worlds of Light, and there are Light Worlds in the Sun itself, regions of Absolute Light within our Solar Logos.

This is what all the great Teachers have tried to tell Humanity—Jesus with His idea of the Kingdom of God, for instance, and Buddha with His idea of Nirvåna. All the great Sages talked about this possibility of entrance into glorious, bright Realities. They were not talking about some mystical idea or philosophy, or just wishful thinking; they taught this because they knew it was possible for human beings to attain to it!

These Light Worlds exist within our Solar System and you can be transferred to them in the after-death condition, or even before death. This is where the Path becomes mysterious: if you practice the right processes you can be transferred to higher planets, even while in the physical body, and especially in the after-death conditions.

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This article is excerpted with permission from the book:

The Sedona Talks: Creation, Evolution & Planetary Awakening
by Imre Vallyon.

The Sedona Talks: Creation, Evolution & Planetary AwakeningReaders will find what it would be like if one day they were to wake up and suddenly sense the amazing reality that the Kingdom of God is all around them, that there is a beautiful world of light, peace, and tranquility; a world of absolute love, bliss, joy; and a world of meaning, where everything is crystal clear and no more questions need to be asked.

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About the Author

Imre Vallyon is the author of the article: The Real Spiritual PathImre Vallyon was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1940. At the age of fifteen, he emigrated first to Austria and then to New Zealand. From an early age, Imre immersed himself in many spiritual streams of the Western and Eastern teachings. In the early 1980s, he began writing and lecturing full-time. He continues to teach at spiritual retreats and workshops around the world. Imre’s teaching is ancient yet immediate, intricate yet accessible. It encompasses the great religious and mystery traditions of history, yet is a response to the urgent spiritual thirst of Humanity today. The Foundation for Higher Learning was formed to help provide people with the opportunity to practise their spiritual work within the support of a group environment. There are centres in several countries around the world and retreat facilities in New Zealand. For more info, visit


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