Twin Flames Explained

Twin Flames Explained

Dear Ones, once you were together as one whole force, male and female but as you descended to more earthly existences, became separated and agreed with the Elders to do so. You went on a journey of your own, separate from your Beloved, and only maybe once or twice, came across your Beloved or even married your Beloved in a lifetime or two. But the plan was to lead lives separately; to bring Light separately to the World.

Each of you have a certain mission and as the lives progressed incarnation after incarnation, you found yourselves wavering, almost forgetting each other. Thus the darkness fell and it took some lifetimes to clamber out of what you may term Hell to reach Heaven once more. And many of you are in your last incarnation and are about to or have met your Beloveds.

Meeting With Your Beloved

Your Beloveds may even be on the earth plane yet when two personalities come together there can be still some friction even though you know you are true Twin Flames at Soul. So one and the other have to be at the same level of evolvement to truly resonate, thus otherwise causing havoc in your emotional bodies.

In some ways it is much purer and finer if one is on earth and the other in Soul. For the one in Soul already knows who she or he is in all their Aspects, for all their Aspects make up the One and mirror each of the Beloveds aspects who remain on the earth. Thus the Beloved in Soul draws them forward to remembrance. So eventually you regain your sight, your bearings, and you regain your continued centredness and feel more and more complete as your Twin beckons you forward.

Thus, being seen by thy side; thus you envisaging their presence daily. Having more and more intimate conversations; having more and more laughter, having more and more Light pouring through your entire being. Thus as the Light draws through you, it effects your physical body and yes, it changes the structure; the infra-structure, the DNA of your physical body. Thus your body can learn to be in the Light and as your body becomes more and more of the Light thus you learn to disappear and reappear in an instant with thy Twins guidance. You are allowing thyself to travel the spiral of your being, of your souls essence to reach the Godhead.

Reaching the Godhead

Twin Flames ExplainedIn the process of reaching the Godhead your inner souls' flame re-ignites. Your flame is activated above your crown reaching up to the top five at least chakras, above the crown reaching up to the Christed level and higher. And so you will regain clarity, you will regain divine purpose, joy and balance through your flame being re-ignited through your Crown upwards. For it is so used to being in the body, traveling the earth doing mundane activities that are necessary while you are on the earth, that it is forgetting during these mundane activities how to re-activate.

Take time to learn and feel your inner flame. Dear Ones, you are on the verge of a GREAT discovery. You are on the verge of discovering who you are.

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Remember The Angel Part of Your Being

As you work with us in soul, you will remember that Angel part of thee, you will remember that Holy part of thee, you will remember the knowledge in one of your aspects perhaps of Medicine, perhaps of Philosophy, perhaps of Science. I will not linger too much to explain the complexities of your Soul but I will linger on sharing the Love of your Soul. For the Love of your Soul especially blended with your Beloved is beyond human dreams, is beyond human language.

As Twins we are made from the essence of God. You will be learning new and great wisdom eternally. For Love is infinite, Love is beauty, Love is precious, Love is All.

For when Love truly ignites its inner flame to its highest point, and Love penetrates your subconscious mind into the body's awareness, into the lower chakras of the physical, you are ignited for this lifetime to travel in Light, in Love and in Service to the Supreme. When you feel this Love, you will know and you will know the Presence of your Beloved through this Love.

Call Your Beloved

Call your Beloved daily, every hour if you wish, for this gives Him/Her permission to step through - for they do not want to come if you do not want their presence. It is all finely monitored so that you are not pushed forward in a hurry and you take each step very slowly, subtly and gradually.

Dear Ones, you are totally protected in this procedure for at this level there is nothing more than Love, Light and Support from the Elders, from the Masters, from God, from the Solar Logos, from all that have lived forever at this level and have watched over thee. You are protected and you are deeply loved and you are being drawn to where you belong and that is Home with a capital H!

I thee Love with all my Heart and all my being and I greet thee in. Thank you for listening to my words.

* The above was channeled from the author's higher angel self named Azraella.

This article was excerpted with permission from the book.

This article was excerpted from the book: Twelve Steps to Heaven by Jayne Chilkes.Twelve Steps to Heaven - Introduction to Twin Flames, Angels, and Soul Wisdom
by Jayne Chilkes.

Reprinted with permission. Published by: iUniverse. ©2001.

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Jayne Chilkes, author of the article: Twin Flames ExplainedAbout the Author

Jayne Chilkes has had 30 years experience as a Healer, Channel, Therapist and Teacher. She has written three books The Call of an Angel, Twelve Steps to Heaven and The New DNA. Her expertise lies in Soul Channeling and Healing, Twin Flame Reunion and Unique Channeling of your DNA Information utilising Sound Healing. Visit her website at

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