Star Light... Star Bright

Star Light... Star Bright

I remember as a child that when evening would come and I would see the first star, I would happily intone the little rhyme:

"Star Light, Star Bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight."

And then the child that I was would always make the same wish, night after night: "I wish for peace and happiness for everyone on earth." To my child's heart, this did not seem like an unrealistic or impossible dream. This was the desire that was the most precious to me. (This was before my wishes turned to more mundane things, like wishing that the cute boy in class would talk to me...)

Then twenty-some years later, I read some channeled material as well as a children's book entitled "A Gift of Love" by Liliane and Joshua Ritchie, M.D. published by Coleman Publishing. These readings both brought to my awareness the existence of Beings of Light in other realms. I was reminded of my younger wishes upon stars... Now that I see life through a metaphysical perspective, I see that I was really asking these Star Beings, these Beings of Light, for their assistance in bringing about peace and happiness for all.

When I think of these Light Beings from other realms than the physical earthly one, my logical mind tends to search for rational proof. It tends to scoff at information about beings living on Venus. Why I can see Venus in the sky at night. I'm sure the astronomers would have told us if such beings existed. And yet, UFO's have been seen, some earthlings have even gone up for a "tour", so my mind has to turn 180 degrees and admit the possibility of such an existence.

My inner child is jubilant. "Hurray, we do have help out there. Someone does care and is making sure we don't blow ourselves sky high." Yet, again the mind wonders and ponders. Is this all children's tales, illusion, an impossible dream?

The message that is coming through loud and clear from a variety of sources concerns letting our light, our love, and our inner radiance shine. To quote from A Gift of Love,

"Listen...listen to your heart's call
Behold...behold Life's sacred laws
Follow...follow the ways of loving kindness
Wondrous ways of happiness and Peace...

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"Remember that Light, that Presence. Remember that Force, it is always there, wherever you go. It is speaking in the quietness of your heart, it is flashing through your mind in new thoughts and ideas, giving you strength and courage, good feelings and peace. ...the great shining ones, the messengers of the Most High are sent to us. Swiftly they come on invisible waves of Light, inspire us, to heal us, and to intervene for us in countless mysterious ways. We often can feel their influence on Earth when we are willing to love, to trust, to give and receive."

We Are All Beings of Light

Taking this a step further, I acknowledge that we are all Beings of Light. To discover this for yourself, simply go into meditation and see the inner light. The higher (or some would say deeper) you get into your meditation, the brighter and clearer your Light will shine. We all have that connection to the inner light, and when "trained" in meditation, or when one's third eye has been opened either by a teacher or master, or through meditation or other processes, we all can see and connect with our inner light. 

Star Light... Star BrightWe are all "Stars" in our own right. Some might say we are "fallen stars", yet I feel that we are simply shining Light encased in physical bodies. Some bodies are letting the light shine through more readily, while other bodies have become dense, either physically or energetically, and the light is not getting through as often or as clearly as it could.

We sometimes let our light be dulled by events in our lives, by the attitudes of others, by what people say or do, and by the many details of daily living. We get so enmeshed in our daily "melodramas" that we may forget that we are a Star Being with many powers and tools at our beck and call.

If Ye Have Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed...

We may  have forgotten the many teachings: Ask and ye shall receive... If ye have faith the size of a mustard seed... All these are signposts for us along the way... in case we have lost our way... These teachings, whether from Jesus or other enlightened Masters, all encourage us to look within and to reclaim our own divinity and power. Jesus did say, after all, that these things we could do as well... That all these "miracles" that he performed, were also in our repertoire.

So who are we? Are we "sinners" or "light beings"? How are we to know the truth?

Look within. The message comes again and again. Trust your intuition. Listen to your heart. Follow your inner guidance. Follow your inner light. Let go... and let it be, and let it shine!

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