Your Sacred Vow: To Be A Clear Instrument of Light

Your Sacred Vow: To Be A Clear Instrument of Light

We are powerful beyond our wildest imaginations, and our ability to make a profoundly significant difference in what is happening on Earth at this time is staggering. All we have to do is remember who we are and where we have come from. I am not referring to the specifics of particular lifetimes; I am talking about who we are at the very core of our Beings, within the deepest recesses of our Divine Blueprints.

WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD, empowered with the full potential of our Beloved God Parents. ALL that our Father-Mother God has is ours.

Never in the history of time has it been more important for us to KNOW and LIVE that Truth. Never, since we were first breathed forth from the Heart of God, have we had a greater or more urgent opportunity to be of service to all life evolving on this sweet Earth. This information is not intended to sound ominous. The Divine Intent of this Clarion Call to Service is to trigger within you the remembrance of what you vowed to do during this critical moment on Earth.

The Sacred Vow

We, meaning you and I, as Awakening Light Beings, have taken vows within the Heart of our Father-Mother God. We made a commitment to be the Heart, Head, and Hands of God on Earth. We promised to be the clearest instruments of God's Light we are capable of being, and we vowed to be "the Open Door that no one can shut."

As we witness the challenging things appearing on the Screen of Life, it is easy to see that the time has come for us to fulfill our vows. It is time for us to walk our talk. It is time for us to be examples of how glorious this Ascension process can be. We have the free-will choice to renege on our vows and to stay in the illusion and struggle of our lower human egos, but if we do, it will be a tragedy of unfathomable proportions.

Earth's Rebirth

Millions and millions of people are caught in the agony of the labor pains of Earth's rebirth. They have no conscious knowledge of what is going on or how they can ease their pain. They are experiencing the grief, hopelessness, terror, and rage of their fear-based human egos. Unfortunately, they are acting out of that space and greatly exacerbating the problems occurring on Earth. The media is bombarding us daily with reports of human tragedy and suffering.

You and I are aware of what is happening, and we have knowledge of the wonderful tools God has given to us to help shift our realities from pain and limitation to Heaven on Earth. Yet, we still often struggle with life's challenges. Imagine what it would be like to go through our experiences without knowing about God's Divine Plan and the assistance we are receiving from On High?

Holding the Light for Others

In our vows, we volunteered to be our brother's and sister's keeper. We promised to hold the Light for them until they could lift up in consciousness and perceive the Light for themselves. This is an awesome responsibility, but it is the easiest and most rewarding thing we will ever do. It just takes the full power of our focused attention and the full magnitude of Divine Love blazing in our hearts.

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We have been preparing for this Divine Service for literally thousands of lifetimes. At last our moment is at hand, and our Light is urgently needed.

Oh, Father-Mother God, I invoke the full momentum of Your Divine Light and the Light of the entire Company of Heaven.

Powers of Light... Powers of Light... Powers of Light... Come forth NOW!!!

In deep humility and profound gratitude, I Consecrate every facet of my Being to be the Open Door that no one can shut.

In Divine Truth, I accept my reality as a Beloved Child of God. I Am a Cup, a Holy Grail, through which the Light of God will pour to lift ALL Life on Earth into the blissful Octaves of Heaven on Earth.

Through the Presence of God, I Am, blazing in my Heart:

* I Am One with the Divine Heart and Mind of God.

* I Am One with the God Presences of all Humanity.

* I Am One with the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

* I Am One with the Angelic Kingdom.

* I Am One with all Beings of Light throughout Infinity.

Now, as one Heartbeat, one Breath, one voice and one Consciousness of pure Divine Love, ALL Life on Earth is lifted up into the embrace of Limitless Physical Perfection and the Supreme Harmony of the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light... Heaven On Earth!

Every man, woman and child is awakening to the Truth that they are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. Each person now clearly remembers that all Life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. A renewed sense of Reverence for All Life stirs in each Heart Flame, and the Stargate of every Heart opens to full breadth.

As the Divine Love of God flows through each person's Heart Center, his/her lives are transformed.

* Humanity, en masse, begins to create a New Heaven and a New Earth.

* All traces of pain and suffering are transmuted into Light.

* Every aspect of lack and limitation ceases to exist.

* People everywhere truly perceive and acknowledge the Divinity blazing in the Heart of every single person on Earth.

* Humanity, at last, realizes that all Life is Divine.

This new perception inspires Humanity to feel and express only Love and mutual respect for every part of Life.

As the collective thoughts and feelings of all Humanity express only the perfection of Heaven on Earth, the physical plane is transfigured and transformed.

The body of Mother Earth is restored to a verdant Paradise of Splendor and Light.

The personal life of every living Being is filled with Love, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Fulfillment, Enlightenment, Eternal Peace, Harmony, Balance, Spiritual Wisdom, and every other Divine Aspect that our Father-Mother God has to offer.

Mother Earth dons Her garment of Pure Light and Ascends into the full expression of Her new Solar Reality.

The Heavens Rejoice, and our Father-Mother God enfolds us in the Heart Flame of Perfection.

It is done. And so it is.

I Am, I Am, I Am.

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About The Author

Patricia Diane Cota-RoblesPatricia Diane Cota-Robles is the founder of the New Age Study of Humanities Purpose and of the newsletter "Take Charge of Your Life", PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717. 520-885-7909. She can be reached at the organization's website

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