Do You Believe You Can Receive Messages From Heaven?

Do you believe you can receive messages from heaven?

We all have different beliefs in terms of the life beyond this one, beliefs cultivated over the years by who raised us and how we were raised, what we were taught, which part of the world we live in, which schools we attended, what we watch, what we read, and whom we listen to.

Who or what you say is “God” or the “universe” may be completely different from my view. Even two people who sit next to each other in church week after week aren’t necessarily going to have identical beliefs. But those differences are not important when it comes to recognizing signs from the other side. Anyone can do it. The only belief we have to share is that it’s possible to receive those signs.

Many people, out of curiosity, ask me about my beliefs. You may find my faith a bit complicated, but I can tell you that it is based on the Christian upbringing my grandma provided. No matter your denomination, you will likely find some commonal­ities between what I believe and what you believe.

In order to understand my belief system, first you need to understand my grandma. Although I know she loves me — the boy she raised and the man I’ve become — she does not love the part of me that you know, the medium. I honestly think it scares her. It flies in the face of her own belief system.

Devil- or God-given Gift?

As a devout Christian, she always keeps a Bible nearby. She prays daily and isn’t afraid to preach the word of God publicly. And it is her cour­age to speak her beliefs that I so deeply admire and respect about her and cherish so dearly. When I was young, she would put on Bible-based cartoons for me to watch, and I enjoyed them. She is very “old-school” when it comes to her religion. She has lived her life with integrity and honesty, and she no doubt has earned her ticket to heaven.

She has never felt comfortable with my work as a medium because the Bible says to steer clear of communicating with the dead. She believes that the devil is somehow behind what I believe is my God-given gift. She doesn’t believe I am the devil, as my dad once suggested long ago. She believes that the devil is tricking me and using me by posing as good spirits to try to infiltrate the lives of others.

For example, if I tell you that your mom is coming through to me, my grandma would say it’s really the devil pretending to be your mom in order to gain clearer access to you. This is completely false, and it comes from a place of fear. People often ask me if I am ever contacted by dark forces. The answer is no, because I protect myself with the white light of God before channeling.

While I completely understand my grandma’s perspective, I obviously don’t agree with it in light of my personal everyday experiences, all of them positive. I am convinced that God — a very loving God — gave me this ability and that I am doing what the Bible says with respect to using my God-given gift to serve others.

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In fact, this gift has not only helped those I share it with grow in their faith; it has helped me grow stronger in mine. My relationship with God has become more personal, I have learned how to pray, and I have realized that I am under an obligation to share this beautiful gift with the world.

Who or What Is God?

I do not believe that God is an individual man or being above all in heaven (that is, God the Father) but more of a universal power that is limitless. We all make up the web of this greater power in both the physical and nonphysical forms, but in the physical form, our egos make us feel separate from one another. However, we truly are connected and always have been since the beginning of time. So you and I; your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and friend; your friend’s aunt; and everyone else make up God.

We are all one. But it is when we cross over to the other side and enter our nonphysical forms that we recognize that unity. We all are born from the same spiritual fabric — love — and we all return to that same spiritual fabric in heaven.

So, in a word, God is love.

I understand that if you are Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, or any other religion, you are not going to agree with every­thing I’ve just stated. Hopefully, though, you can see some beliefs we all share, the primary one being that the foundation for our existence is love.

Having An Open Mind and Heart

No matter what your beliefs, all you need to be able to recognize signs from heaven are an open mind and heart.

Opening your mind to receiving signs simply means believing it can happen. If you have faith in God or in the next life, you are already ahead of the game. If you don’t have a deep-rooted faith in God or in anything else, don’t fret; you can still do this. How? By detaching yourself from your ego and rational mind for a period of time.

When it comes to receiving signs, our egos and rational minds do us a disservice by trying to find logic in the most incredible messages from the other side rather than accepting those validations for what they are. Set aside any cynicism, any doubts, any preconceived notions, and be open to the possibility that there is something larger than yourself, a kind of energy that is simply above and beyond the human or material.

We all have intuition. That feeling is guidance from God and the spirit world. It’s that part of your soul that is con­nected to divine knowledge and wisdom, which can be attained by disengaging yourself from your ego and fear-based thinking. Even if you don’t think of spirits as being the source, you can still understand this feeling to be an energy inside you that is instinc­tual and that you know has guided you in the past and you have been able to trust.

You can believe in the energy of the universe, an intangible force around us that comes from the stars, the planets, the galaxy. You may not believe that God is behind any of it, and that’s okay — as long as you believe there is an energy beyond the scope of human life that is greater than you and me.

Can Atheists Receive Signs From The Other Side?

So, is there any hope for an atheist to receive signs from the other side? Well, that would be difficult to do, considering an atheist doesn’t believe there is an “other side.” But here is an in­teresting story to ponder.

A friend of mine told me about one of his friends who is a hard-core atheist. This friend had always been adamant that there is no God or spiritual world or life of any kind beyond this one, and he wouldn’t hesitate to debate anyone on the subject — which is what makes this story so fascinating.

Two days after a natural disaster had occurred in his community, he was volunteering his time at a local organization he belonged to. The organization was a very well-respected non­profit known for its charity work. In the case of this disaster, he and other volunteers there were accepting donations of clothes and then sorting them and distributing them to families in need.

When his work was finished at the end of the day, he was reflect­ing on what he had experienced, and he was deeply moved by all that had been accomplished and by the outpouring of love and support from donors and volunteers. He was so moved, in fact, that he said that throughout the day he had felt the presence of the long-deceased people who had founded the organization years earlier, as if they had been watching over him and the other volunteers. It was the first time my friend had ever heard him allude to the possibility that there was something beyond this life.

Was he no longer an atheist after that feeling? No. His beliefs, or nonbeliefs, hadn’t changed at all. But he certainly felt something or he wouldn’t have made that comment.

To me, there is no question that those founders were there with him and the others. His feeling was real. Unfortunately, he probably released that feeling soon after it arose, listening instead to his rational mind. But it’s proof to me that even those who may think there is no such thing as a spirit world are part of that spiritual web I talked about, whether they know it or not. Had he continued to let that door open wider when he felt what he’d felt, rather than allowing his ego to slam it shut, it potentially could have changed his worldview.

Signs Are Always Right In Front Of Us

Signs are always right in front of us. Your loved ones who have passed have probably already sent some your way today. But, without an open and aware mind, they will be useless. It is much like having a conversation with someone. If I explain something to you and you sincerely listen to me, you will understand what I am saying. However, if I tell you something and you don’t listen, my words will still be there, but they will have no effect on you, because you didn’t pay attention.

The most beautiful aspect of spirits is that they don’t discriminate. Every single one of us has multiple connections with the other side — those who will listen to us, who will guide us, who will help us with whatever we need. It’s very similar to our lives here on earth. There are people who will listen to, guide, and help us, but we are not going to recognize them for who they are if we close ourselves off from them, if we don’t allow them into our lives to be of service to us.

If we don’t open our minds to those on the other side, they will still be there showing us signs, but it will all be in vain because we aren’t letting them in. If we do open our minds, it will feel like we have opened up a whole new world outside the physical one we live in each day — because we have.

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Signs from the Other Side: Opening to the Spirit World
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Signs from the Other Side: Opening to the Spirit World by Bill PhilippsWith stories and insightful suggestions, psychic medium Bill Philipps demonstrates that our loved ones on the other side are available to us. He promises that, with an open heart and mind ready to receive, anyone can recognize the signs that spirits of the departed may be trying to send. Signs from the Other Side offers practical advice on how to receive and interpret signs when they appear. By tapping into our intuition, we can experience deep connections that lead to forgiveness, reassurance, or simply one last moment with a loved one.

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Bill PhilippsBill Philipps is a psychic medium who offers individual, small-group, and large-audience readings throughout the United States and the world. Bill’s fresh, upbeat, and direct approach perfectly reflects his warm and relatable demeanor, captivating audiences in person and as a guest on popular television and radio broadcasts. Visit his website at

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