Do Walk Ins Exist

Souls don't represent all that is pure and good about a body or they wouldn't be incarnating for personal development. Souls come to Earth to work on their own shortcomings.. In terms of self-discovery, a soul may choose to act in conjunction with, or in opposition to, its own character in the selection of a human body. As an example...

Calling Great Spirit

I walk with the Great Spirit, with God. I talk to Him. The Great Spirit guides me in my life. Wakan-Tanka, that's what we call him in Lakota. You can call Wakan-Tanka by any name you like. In English I call Him God or the Great Spirit. So call Wakan-Tanka whatever you like. Just be sure to call Him. He wants to talk to you.

Angel Visions: How, What, Why, and Where

Perhaps you have seen an angel and didn't know it.?Some people actually see angels, complete with wings. Other people experience angels as an apparition of a deceased loved one. Angel visions also involve meetings with helpful strangers, who intervene or deliver a message... and then vanish without a trace.

Angels How to Connect with Them

People all over the world are having angel experiences. No matter where an angel message is received, or the culture or religion of the one who receives it, the messages are similar. Angels love, teach, comfort, encourage, support, and help you feel safe.

Simply Silence

My effort is to leave you alone with meditation, with no mediator between you and existence. When you are not in meditation you are separated from existence, and that is your suffering. It's the same as when you take a fish out of the ocean and throw it on the bank — the misery and the suffering and the torture he goes through..



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