Enhancing and Empowering Your Five Human Senses

Incorporating Your Five Angelic Senses with Your Five Human SensesHumans have five basic senses: smell, taste, hearing, sight, and touch. They also correspond to your five angelic senses. When you incorporate the human and angelic senses together, you'll have more awareness of both your physical and non-physical realities.

If You Want To Experience Peace, Become Peace

If You Want To Experience Peace, Become PeaceThree people sitting at a table with a single candle in its center and talking about the most powerful force in the universe. Each character speaks from the level of his or her own expertise, drawing from their experience examples and insights to support their convictions. In the end...

The Most Powerful Use Of The Voice

The Most Powerful Use Of The VoiceVibrations created by precise combinations of sounds have long been thought to affect living beings and inanimate objects. The most powerful use of the voice in Buddhist belief is reciting a mantra. A mantra is a phrase or sentence, the sound of which embodies the power of...

A Bright Light on the Horizon in the Here and Now

A Bright Light on the Horizon in the Here and NowI've written about the fear of the future and said, "If we dwell in concern over the tomorrows of life, we lose today . . ." Yet hardly a week goes by that I don't receive a letter expressing concern about what's on the horizon. But if we're going to live joyfully...

Can a Smart Person Believe in Einstein, Darwin, and God?

Can a Smart Person Believe in Einstein, Darwin, and God?Can a Smart Person Believe in God? is the provocative title of a book by Michael Guillen, theoretical physicist and former science correspondent for ABC News (he has a Ph. D. in three disciplines, physics, mathematics and astronomy, from Cornell). His answer is yes, and...

The Religion of the Heart vs the Religion of Fear?

The Religion of the Heart vs the Religion of Fear?A man once said to me, "I want to open my heart more. I often feel a kind of tightness in my chest, which I am sure is fear. The doctors told me there is nothing wrong with me physically." Tightness in the chest is the manifestation of a closed heart...

Prayer: Your Personal Conversation with God

Prayer is Your Personal Conversation with GodPrayer is our personal conversation with God. How many people have been taught how to pray, the value of prayer, or the power of prayer? Were you? And I am not talking about reciting prayers by rote...

Passion and Prayer: Wherever There Is Aliveness, There Is God

Passion & Prayer: Wherever There Is Aliveness, There Is GodVeronica declares, "I confess... I confess that I find more ecstasy in passion than in prayer. Such passion is prayer." For those of us who have been taught that prayer or spirituality requires denying our passion, Veronica’s statement may come as a shock. But, as Phillip Brooks noted...

Is There a "Right" Religion? or Is There a Right Way to Behave?

Is There a "Right" Religion? or Is There a Right Way to Behave?The God I believe in may not be the same God you believe in. And the person standing next to you may not believe in God at all. So, shall we divide ourselves and throw stones? For thousands of years the answer seems to have been Yes...

The Greatest Calling: Serving and Making a Difference

The Greatest CallingThe true secret of a great life, as I see it, is making a difference for others. All else is empty. When we’re empowering others through our sharing, that’s when we get what we really, really want. If we love something that’s bigger than we are, we’re in service...

By Any Other Name: Some Thoughts on the Universe, God, and Meaning

By Any Other Name: Some Thoughts on the Universe, God, and MeaningI am in awe of my mother’s faith in God. Despite the circumstances that life has inflicted upon her, she has remained committed to her Christian belief. I’m also in awe of the fervent faith that I’ve seen in friends of mine who are Buddhist, Muslim, or even those who choose to not give the divinity a name per se.

Was Jesus Really Nailed To The Cross?

Peter Gertner Crucifixion WaltersJesus’s crucifixion is probably one of the most familiar images to emerge from Christianity. But what was crucifixion? And why was Jesus killed that way?

Spirits and Faith: Following Your Calling

Spirits and Faith: Following Your CallingI try not to mention anything about my work as a medium when I’m around my grandma, since she disapproves of it, but I felt such a strong presence from a spirit one day several years ago when she and I were at home that I couldn’t help asking her about him.

Did Ancient Priests In Peru Invent Authority?

ancient authorties 4 30"More than 5,000 and certainly 10,000 years ago, nowhere in the world was anyone living under a concerted authority," says John Rick. "Today we expect that. It is the essence of our organization. 'Take me to your leader. Who's in charge here?' So where did that come from?"

Meet These Jeans Wearing, Nature Loving Nuns

Nature nuns 4 12“The easiest way for me to find God is in nature,” Sister Ceciliana Skees explains. Born Ruth Skees, she grew up in Hardin County, Kentucky, during the 1930s. It’s a rural place of soft green hills, where her father farmed his entire life.

Why Science And Religion Aren't As Opposed As You Might Think

You don’t have to believe in this to be religious Michael Rivera/Flickr, CC BY-NC-NDThe debate about science and religion is usually viewed as a competition between worldviews. Differing opinions on whether the two subjects can comfortably co-exist – even among scientists – are pitted against each other in a battle for supremacy.

The Very Strange History Of The Easter Bunny

The Very Strange History Of The Easter BunnyWhile you’re biting the heads off your chocolate bunnies this weekend, you might wonder how cartoon rabbits became so central to our Easter celebrations. It’s tempting to assume that because there’s no biblical basis for the Easter Bunny, rabbits and hares have no religious significance – but that’s just not the case.

Why Judas Was Actually More Of A Saint, Than A Sinner

Detail Da Vinci’s The Last Supper by Giacomo Raffaelli. Judas seated second right. Alberto Fernandez Fernandez [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY

Easter’s almost here, the time when Christian communities reflect on the death of Jesus and celebrate his resurrection. It’s also a time when the biblical character Judas Iscariot is remembered for his betrayal of Jesus. In many Orthodox and Catholic countries an effigy of Judas is burned as part of the Easter rituals, a custom continued in areas of Liverpool in the UK until as late as the mid-20th century.

Letting Go: Awakening to Our True Nature

Letting Go: Awakening to Our True NatureMost of the time whatever we are experiencing is merely a mental habit. Fear is a mental habit, so is hatred, and so is this ongoing sense of dissatisfaction. We are dissatisfied with the way we look, dissatisfied with others, and so forth...

Stop Bargaining for Your Life

Stop Bargaining for Your LifeMost of us have been taught to bargain with life, instead of taking the direct route to receiving our own souls and the abundance that can be found there. Bargains always include an IF and a THEN. The following are just a very few of the bargains we make with life that keep us stuck...

Recognizing Yourself As A Mystic: Remembering and Understanding

Recognizing Yourself As A Mystic: Remembering and UnderstandingI’m convinced every person on this earth is a mystic. I’m also convinced almost every person on this earth has forgotten all about this. A mystical experience is more about remembering and understanding. The mystical experience profoundly propels you to not only transform ingrained beliefs about limitations, but also remember intrinsic wholeness...

Are Beliefs About God The Answer To Religious Conflict?

Are Beliefs About God The Answer To Religious Conflict?Interviews with Palestinian youth suggest that differing religious beliefs don’t always incite aggression. In fact, the findings raise the possibility that beliefs about God can mitigate bias against other groups and reduce barriers to peace.

Fire the Old God and Set Yourself Free

Fire the Old GodI created an exercise many years ago where I ask people to write a termination letter informing the old God he is no longer needed. He has served his time, but the job is over. This can be a fun exercise as well as deeply meaningful and transformational.

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Not Out There, It's In Here

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Not Out There, It's In HereAfter more than two decades in the ashram with Maharishi, I had not experienced what I was seeking—a true connection and direct relationship with God in a personal way. Luckily, after leaving the ashram, I found a means to connect to Spirit through listening to the “still small voice” of divine guidance and wisdom within—to have direct, two-way “conversations with God.”

A Misunderstanding: Sometimes God Doesn't Answer Our Prayers

A Misunderstanding about God: Sometimes God Answers Our PrayersMuch of the world believes in a God who hears our prayers and sometimes gives us what we ask for and sometimes does not. Why do hoped-for events or conditions manifest in our lives if it’s not God’s “mood” that determines whether our wishes are granted? How do miracles happen? What makes dreams come true? And what is at cause when they do not?

If Everything Is Perfect, Why Don't I Feel Perfect?

If Everything Is Perfect, Why Don't I Feel Perfect?Some of the most difficult questions I've ever been asked are: If we are one with God, then why wouldn't God have created us with that thought to begin with? What is the purpose of not knowing? Why don't we feel perfect?

Is God And Religion Combined With Fundamentalism The Unholy Trinity?

Is God And Religion Combined With Fundamentalism The Unholy Trinity?

There are many arguments for the existence of God – Anselm’s ontological argument, the cosmological argument, the teleological argument, the moral argument and the “immediate experience of God” argument. But if you don’t already believe, these arguments won’t convince you. They are post-hoc constructions to shore up existing beliefs.

What's In A Title: Are You The Buddha?

What's In A Title: Are You The Buddha?One of his students asked Buddha, "Are you the messiah?" "No", answered Buddha. "Then are you a teacher?" "No, I am not a teacher." "Then what are you?" "I am awake", Buddha replied. The goal of Buddhism, like any self-respecting spiritual path, is not to have titles or to make distinctions between degrees of holiness; it is to wake up.

The Value of the Art of Prayer for Children

The Value of the Art of Prayer for ChildrenIs there anything more pure, more full of wonder and hope for the future, than the prayer of a child? For a child's heart, when it forms a prayer of thanks or praise or petition, has none of the self-consciousness and ambivalence of adulthood; it is a laser beam of light and love -- focused, clear, and burning with urgency.

Presbyterian Church (USA) Decision Expands the Meaning and Malleability of Marriage

Presbyterian Church (USA) Decision Expands the Meaning and Malleability of MarriageThe Presbyterian Church (USA) has voted through a clear majority of its presbyteries (local governing bodies) to define marriage as being between two persons. The vote will also permit sessions – the ruling bodies of particular congregations – to host same-sex weddings and for the clergy of the church to perform such ceremonies.

Let's Just Admit It -- We've Been Wrong Before!

Let's Just Admit It -- We've Been Wrong Before!Could it be that our present assumptions about God are inaccurate, and that in some cases even the exact opposite is actually correct? Would that change our view of the world? Has being right all these centuries done much good? Could questioning whether we may have been wrong do much harm?

For New Generations of Muslims Learning is the Traditional and Best Remedy

For New Generations of Muslims Learning is the Traditional and Best RemedyThere is nothing in Islam that makes it dangerous or threatening to a modern Western way of life. However, those looking to incite violence and hatred are always capable of finding textual references in almost anything to fuel their prejudices. We must combat this by fostering a culture of learning and an acceptance of diverse experiences and opinions.

Bridging East & West Religions and Beliefs

Bridging East & West Religions and Beliefs

All religion, whether Western or Eastern, forms a bridge between the absolute and the relative, between the apparently real, and the truly real, between what we perceive as secular and what we know as holy. Most Western traditions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, see the absolute as transcendent, beyond, and other. Most Eastern traditions, on the other hand, envision it as immanent, within, and...

Awareness & Heart-Centered Consciousness Usher in a Golden Age

Awareness & Heart-Centered Consciousness Ushers in A New Golden Age

Awareness calls us far beyond the tangled web of the current geopo­litical, social and financial vicissitudes, as we create a new paradigm by restoring heaven on earth. This means we move to new light as quickly as we move from the deepest slumber to the world of waking by dawn arising.

Is It Fair To Blame The West For Trouble In The Middle East?

Is It Fair To Blame The West For Trouble In The Middle East?

For at least a decade, attempts to understand why some young Muslims living in Western countries turn to violence in the name of religion have raised questions about Western foreign policy in the Middle East.

Is Synchronicity A Freakish Event or A Purposeful Coincidence?

Is Synchronicity A Freakish Event or A Purposeful Coincidence?

Material scientists have no place in their theories for telepathy because in their worldview the minds of two people cannot talk to each other. Events such as the following, recounted in Phantasms of the Living, cannot occur in material science’s world...

The Truth About Whether Islam Is A Religion of Violence or Peace

The Truth About Whether Islam Is A Religion of Violence or Peace

The Qur’an contains injunctions that call both for peace and for violence. The problem is not that they are there; the difficulty is that non-violent and militant Muslims appear equally justified. For some, the peace of God is...

Is There Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience?

After a Near-Death Experience: Does God Exist?Easily 90 to 95 percent of near-death experiencers return absolutely convinced that God exists. Whether atheist, agnostic, purveyor of fairy tales, or avid worshipper, watch the experiencer’s face change when someone mentions God . . . a special calmness spreads, a kind of “glow,” as if to affirm all is well.

Berlin to Build a Mosque, Synagogue, and Church All Under the Same Roof

spiritual union

In 2009, archaeologists working in the heart of Berlin excavated the foundations of what is thought to be one of the city's first churches, St. Peter's Church, built in the early 12th century, in what is now the Petriplatz area. The church was destroyed during WW II and in its aftermath. The site is now little more than a wasteland—but that is set to change...

The Practice of Islam: What Does It Mean to be Muslim?

The Practice of Islam: What Does It Mean to be Muslim?

The central Islamic affirmation is la ilaha illa'llah, signifying: "There is nothing worthy of worship other than the ultimate Source of the universe..." According to the mystical tradition of Islam, this affirmation implies that... every being is a ray of light and power from the ever-present Source.

Too Good to be True? or Good Enough to be True!

Good Enough to be True by Alan Cohen

When I began to teach classes on spiritual principles, I devoted time at the end of each class to pray for students and their loved ones. One woman asked the group to pray for the continued health of her sister, whose cancer was in remission. At that time...

The Indians' Personal Relationship to the Earth and to Life

The Indians' Personal Relationship to the Earth and to Life

The Indians’ relationship to the Earth, the winds, and the animals is intimate and intensely personal, closely related to their sacred beliefs. This relationship arises out of their environment, the hills and trees around them, the prairie or desert upon which they walk. It arises out of their nature-related...

Attaining Happiness Through Buddhist Teachings

Desiring Happiness Through Buddhist Teachings

by Daisaku Ikeda. We all desire happiness, and yet happiness seems to be just beyond our reach. However many 'how to be happy' books might appear, human beings are still largely beset by the same problems as their ancestors. The poor seek wealth, the sick yearn to be healthy, those suffering from domestic strife...

Ancient Stories and the Geological Events That May Have Inspired Them

Ten Ancient Stories and the Geological Events That  May Have Inspired Them

Myths have fed the imaginations and souls of humans for thousands of years. The vast majority of these tales are just stories people have handed down through the ages. But a few have roots in real geological events of the past, providing warning of potential dangers and speaking to the awe we hold for the might of the planet.

The Problem of “God”: Transcendent, Personal, Impersonal, Imminent?

The Problem of “God”: Personal, Impersonal, Transcendent, Imminent?

It would be frankly absurd to imagine that the forthcoming New Age is suddenly going to see the end of all devotion to a Deity. The vast majority of the world’s population will seek a continuing focus for their religious observances, certainly still orientated toward a “personal” God...

Visualization to Connect with Spirit Guides

Visualization to Connect with Spirit GuidesA guide seeks to help you fulfill your life’s purpose, thus allowing you to make a real and positive contribution to the quality of life of the people you meet, and to our planet’s evolution as well. Whoever the guide is, and from whatever background...

Pearls of Religious Wisdom from Eight Different Paths

Pearls of Religious Wisdom from Eight Different Paths

by Sarah Stillman. Some grow up against a backdrop of strong pious traditions, while others are born into families in which both parents belong to different denominations, or no denomination at all. Most of us tend to adhere to the religion of our parents, but some choose to venture on their own spiritual paths...

Becoming Consciously Self-Realized Beings

Becoming Consciously Self-Realized Beings

With their light in my consciousness, with instruction from my Angelic guides, a great desire has opened within my heart and soul to write about the Angels of Atlantis, so as to assist with your transformation during this current period of vast planetary and personal change — to create a bridge between...

The Future of Religion & the Current Politico-Religious Conflict

The Future of Religion and the Current Politico-Religious Conflict

The old, restricted Eastern mystic attitudes and Western religious theology, perhaps ideal for their times, are now clearly being seen as having had their day and needing to give way to a broader spiritual perspective. It is for this reason that the West, with its more enforcedly open political, legal, and commercial culture, was — despite the associated materialism — made to become...

Waking Up From Our Daily Unreality: Ego, Religion, and Forgiveness

Waking Up From Our Daily Unreality: Ego, Religion, and Forgiveness

It seems reasonable to surmise that all forms of religion have been invented in an attempt to get back to our fundamental awareness of God, for the ego has never been entirely successful in completely driving our infinite source awareness from consciousness. The development of religion has engendered countless...

The Next Dalai Lama Could Be A Woman?

The Next Dalai Lama Could Be A Woman?

Traditionally, The Dalai Lamas of Tibet have been men, but when the current Dalai Lama was asked if he would be pleased if his successor was a woman, he responded "Yes" without hesitation. The successor is chosen when a child is "recognized" as...

In God's Garden: Living the Good News in a Changing Climate

In God's Garden: Living the Good News in a Changing Climate

The people of the Bible, including some of their teachers and prophets, were farmers and shepherds. This means that the God they worshiped was daily encountered as the life-giving power at work in soils, plants and animals...

Are You An Earth Angel?

Are You An Earth Angel?

Do you feel different from other people, as if you were dropped off on this planet and wonder when someone's coming to take you home? If you have a passion and talent for healing, teaching, or helping others, yet you yourself have substance-abuse problems, weight issues, relationship challenges, and the like, then you may be an Earth Angel. If you're highly sensitive...

How To Get Guidance From Angels

How To Get Guidance From Angels

Once we meet and establish a relationship with our guides, it is important that we come to an agreement with them to work together as a team to expand our light energy as much as possible. Just because we have spirit guides does not mean that we don't have free will to do what we want...

Opening the Portal: Effects of the New Energy Shift

Opening the Portal: Effects of the New Energy Shift

The energy waves coming through the open portal in the Milky Way will put us on the fast track to ascending and evolving as a species. We are moving into the Aquarian age, which will be characterized by advanced scientific breakthroughs, spiritual awakening, and the triumph of the ultimate technology, our own psychic senses.

What Difference Does It Make Who Created the Earth?

What Difference Does It Make Who Created the Earth?

An all too tragic truth is that much too often we exhaust ourselves arguing and even hating over who or what created the Earth, when we ought to be uniting and acting to stop the Earth's degradation, and the degradation of those who dwell on this amazing planet of ours.

Breaking the Chain of Normality & Living in a Transcendental Reality

Breaking the Chain of Normality & Living in a Transcendental Reality

Just as there are exceptional people who make themselves successful in this realm, you can be an exceptional person who succeeds in the other realm, so that you don’t just circulate in the normal reality but live in a Transcendental Reality. In fact, that is what the Spiritual Path is all about...

Choosing A Spiritual Path -- Overview of World's Great Religions

Choosing A Spiritual Path - Overview of World's Great Religions

by Sarah Stillman. What role has religion played in your life up until now? Most of us tend to adhere to the religion of our parents, but some girls choose to venture on their own spiritual paths. I'm not here to advocate any particular faith, but I do think it's important to have a defined set of religious beliefs — even if that means...

How To Find Yourself: Practicing Zazen

In Buddhist literature, the ox is likened to one's own True Nature. To Find yourself. the search for the ox is to investigate this True Nature.

What Does Buddhism Teach?

buddhism orient sunset

by Franz Metcalf.

What does Buddhism teach? Don't worry, I won't give you a history of Buddhism. There are many dull accounts of this history and a few not-so-dull ones. For now, let's get right to the living center of Buddhism: what the Buddha saw, felt, and taught to his disciples.

Buddhism Is Not a Religion

buddhist monks

Buddhism has become very popular in the West, however, the "western" practice of buddhism is no doubt very different from Eastern traditional Buddhism. Yet, as with Christianity which has also evolved through the

Deepak Chopra in No Spin Zone

Ours is a time of unprecedented change and complexity.  Never before have so many worldviews, belief systems and ways of engaging reality converged. On one hand, there are abundant instances of conflict and intolerance...

Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditate

Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditate

by Sayadaw U. Pandita.

We do not practice meditation to gain admiration from anyone. In this essay we learn some basics of meditation and how to meditate.

Navratri: 9 Days of the Goddess

Navratri (Nav-Durga) is a nine-day festival celebrated by Hindus honoring the Mother Goddess. This article answers commonly asked questions about the origins and spiritual significance of this important biannual event including the three stages of an individual's spiritual journey...

Twin Flames Explained

Twin Flames Explained

Your true Twin Flame is your divine counterpart. Most Twin Flames live in a higher soul position and not in a physical body. The Love that you share in a soul meeting with your beloved is beyond words. To explain such a beautiful meeting of your Twin Flame, it seems that a connection to higher self language through channeling can describe it a little better...

Meditative Prayer

I grew up in a Christian prayer tradition that was mainly focused on asking God to do things for me and for people I loved: “Please, God, hear my prayer and do such and such.” I no longer experience a God who does specific favors for me or others simply because I ask him to. I cannot imagine...

Who Is Eating the Strawberries?

The other day, while meditating, I happened to be thinking about the people of Japan and those in the Midwest being affected by the flooding . . . many of these people will have limited access to food and will be hungry. What could I do to help? A thought popped into my head about a very easy way to help which was tied to my past experiences and teachings with the Blackfeet & the Lakota.  Let me explain . . .

Religion & Spirituality: Same or Different?

Religion & Spirituality: Same or Different?

by J. Donald Walters. Everyone in the world is on the spiritual path. By no means everyone, however, is aware of being on a path at all. Most people see their efforts to avoid sorrow and find happiness as episodic, not as the unchanging motivation behind everything they do...

Religious Tolerance in America

A recent study determined that America is the most tolerant nation among developed nations. At the workplace, in school, at the community center, at play, and while participating in communal projects, we are continually exposed to people of different races, ethnicities and religions. In fact, due to a significant increase in religious and racial inter-marriage...

Conflict Between Science and Religion

One hears on all sides that the conflict between science and religion is over. For four centuries the battle has raged: in astronomy over the earth's position in the universe; in geology over the earth's age; in biology over the evolutionary hypothesis; in psychology over Freud's right to "peep and botanize into man's soul." Bitter the struggle has been, and long. Yet (so runs the tale) it has achieved...

Understanding Islam & the Qur'an

The history of Islam is not free from intolerance, injustice, and other chronic distortions of the human spirit. Neither is Christian history free from such distortions. But these sobering facts cannot dim the wonder of twenty centuries of commitment flowing from the inspired life of Jesus, and fourteen centuries of...

The Life Of The Buddha

The Life Of The Buddha is a BBC documentary on  Buddhism with emphasis on the life of the Buddha. What  is Buddhism and what has made it so popular are some of the questions answered. Unlike the other major religions , Buddhism does not have a supreme being but guide in the Buddha.

Star Light... Star Bright

Star Light... Star Bright
I remember as a child that when evening would come and I would see the first star, I would happily intone the little rhyme: "Star Light, Star Bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish..."

Can You Dance on the Head of a Pin?

In the Eastern view, the dualistic energies of heaven and earth meet within the human body. Many Western traditions say as much: we are soul made flesh. Picture the divine in each of us as a ballerina en pointe. Exquisitely balanced...

It's Your Choice: God of Fear or God of Love

It's Your Choice: God of Fear or God of Love by Dr. Richard Moss

by Dr. Richard Moss. Fear is the principal force that divides our hearts. It will continue to do so unless we increase the muscle of our attention and faith that lets us remain present for more and more of reality. When we consciously meet our fear, our faith grows...

Children and Prayer

The most direct way to encourage your children to ask for help is to teach them to pray. Most kids like to pray once they learn how and will do it naturally in some form or another anyway. Whatever approach you take, the truth is that you can choose how you pray. After all, prayer is really having a private chat with God...

Gods Will Is Mine

The phrase "thy will be done" in the Lord's Prayer is a statement of resignation for many, the calling down of a power to do something that may not be what we had in mind. It's as though we're saying, "Since I can't have what I want in life, I guess I'll have to settle...

Limitless Physical Perfection

For eons of time, prophets, seers, religions and Holy Books have foretold the coming of an Age when Heaven would manifest on Earth, an Age in which Humanity would develop the latent powers within and reunite with our own Divinity, an Age when transformation would occur at an atomic, cellular level, and...

Enlightenment Is Not a Goal

Don't think about enlightenment as a goal, it is not. It is not a goal; it is not something that you can desire. And if you desire it you will not get it. In desiring a thousand and one things, by and by you come to understand that all desire is futile. Each desire lands you in frustration; each desire again and again throws you into a ditch.

Seeing and Knowing: The Religionless Religion

Seeing and Knowing: The Religionless Religion

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Mohammedanism -- these are only ideologies, dogmas, creeds; they are only cults. The true religion has no name, it cannot have any name. Buddha lived it, Jesus lived it -- but remember, Jesus was not a Christian and Buddha was not a Buddhist, he had never heard of the word.

Born Again & Again & Again

Every night and every morning we go through a death of sorts and a rising from the dead. The state of sleep is very much like dying -- one's soul leaves the body for another place. Whether at night we experience teachings in other realms, or alternate lives in other times and...

Starting From Nowhere

'START FROM WHERE YOU ARE' is generally good advice in any undertaking. But, like many travelers on the highway, sometimes we don't even know that we don't know where we are and yet we are unwilling to admit it. Instead, lost as we may be, we keep driving, ashamed to ask...

Are We Evolving? Stages of Consciousness Evolution

Each culture sees human life as a progression through a series of stages... in an attempt to understand the evolution of human beings. Those people on the outer circle are just holding onto life; for them it is a matter of survival.

Imprisoned Splendor

Between 2500 and 1500 B.C. (the dates vary), Hermes Trismegistus, the 'scribe of the gods,' came on the world stage to tell about the Spirit of the Divine within. In his writings, he implores humanity to "rise from your sleep of ignorance" and to find the Light.

Allies in the Spirit World

Everybody on this planet has a spiritual support team. This group is our backup in the game of life. We come into the world with this team, and build on it through our spiritual practices and experiences.

Steps to Inner Healing

There is a three-step process of inner healing that I have found to be very helpful in my life. Although it is a simple process, it can be powerful. Although those three steps are simple in theory, they are not always easy to practice. However, I find that they can produce very tangible results.

Nourishing the Sunrise of Peace

The primary directive given is to pave the way for the re-emergence of the Christ. Yes, love your brother. Yes, live in harmony with nature. But first and foremost, pave the way for the best within each one to shine outward. In other words 'Heal your mind'. But how? By losing it. Forgetting it. By simply letting it erode. But if I let my mind erode, I won't have anything left. Just low-lying flatlands, right?

Confronting Forgiveness

My mind is racing -- I'm unsettled. At times my mind's stillness is as elusive as the blur of hummingbird wings. Aurora's voice echoes in my head, "Focus, try to focus." I hear him, but instantly my mind returns to scanning my precious past events. Now Aurora is even more emphatic: "One way to focus is to open up and radiate pure love -- of course, this is attempted only after you have affirmed your intentions."


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