What Choice Will You Make? The Process of Unlearning & Relearning

What Choice Will You Make? The Process of Unlearning & Relearning
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Do you sometimes feel like a big tsunami is crashing in on you? That you’re being carried down a flooded river filled with tree trunks, cars, and parts of broken houses? That’s certainly how dangerous the transformation process can feel when the acceleration waves grow intense.

I want to help you through the more challenging stages of transformation, showing you the problems and blockages that commonly arise and how to re-establish the Flow.

The Transformation Process: Unlearning and Relearning

The transformation process is largely about clearing the clutter that interferes with your soul coming all the way through into your body and life. Unlearning and dissolving old, ingrained perception habits is really the biggest part of this. But unlearning habits and establishing new ones is no more difficult than learning them in the first place. Here are some guidelines for freeing yourself from the automatic nature of your old-perception habits.

Decide what you want and don’t want, and entitle yourself to have what you want — now.

Nothing can happen until you know what you want and set the process of change in motion by giving permission for it to occur. To know what you want, look at your old-perception habits to see how they’re not working. Dissatisfaction is a huge motivator! How could it feel in the best of all possible worlds? If you can dream it — and love it — it will come to you.

Ask for help.

Everything in the nonphysical world is cooperative, service-oriented, and win-win-win by nature. With new perception, when you improve your reality you improve other people’s realities as well, and they’re happy to assist you. And there are many nonphysical beings standing by to help. We don’t do anything alone because we’re connected to all beings and events through the unified field. You only need to ask for help to receive it.

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Keep your attention on what you want, without strain.

Keep your ideal reality — how it looks and feels — in your mind and all around you, like a living movie that hasn’t quite solidified yet. Love it and massage it gently with soft attention. Don’t try too hard. Your inner blueprint creates your physical reality; the more you keep it in the present moment and feel it as real, the faster it materializes.

Create a new set of criteria for making choices.

Notice that many of your old criteria relate to reptile-brain and left-brain perceptual habits. These old habits often contain words like “should,” “can’t,” “have to,” “never,” and “always,” and revolve around self-sacrifice, self-protection, and survival. Instead of deciding automatically, weigh each choice: Does this allow me to experience my home frequency*? Does this keep my intuition open? Does this let me be more loving? Does this create a win-win-win situation for everyone? These new criteria validate the Golden Rule and the idea that the soul ’s truth sets you free.

[*home frequency = The vibration of one's soul as it expresses through the body, emotions, and mind; a frequency of consciousness-and-energy that conveys the most accurate experience of heaven on earth.]

I find the notion of voluntary simplicity (doing one thing at a time with full presence) keeps me mindful of what is important, of an ecology of mind and body and world in which everything is interconnected and every choice has far-reaching consequences. -- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Determine to notice yourself in action.

Intend to catch yourself when you’re in an old, negative tape loop, or when you react (past experience) rather than respond (present moment insight). Witnessing yourself on- and off-purpose helps you measure your actions against your ideal. Honesty leads to freedom.

Choose the way you want to feel — then choose again, and again.

The mind moves; it strays and gets trapped in eddies and whirlpools. However, you are now a self-correcting organism. You can simply return to your home frequency instead of staying stuck. What you pay attention to comes alive.

Choosing is really about placing your attention on something, so pay attention to what you love instead of what drags you down. Imagine you’ve plugged your headphones into the wrong headphone jack. Just pull the plug out and plug it into the jack that’s transmitting your home frequency. You may need a brief moment — a pause that refreshes — where you give yourself the space to remember the choice you truly want to make.

Monitor your inner and outer speech.

Notice the tone of your self-talk. Is it negative or positive? Are you complaining? Or are you telling yourself how interesting your current activity is? What are you saying out loud? Are you making negative declarative statements, like “I’ll never try that again!”? What you say in thought and spoken words can lock in and ground a pattern. Language, one of the functions of the left brain, can hinder — or help — your unlearning and relearning process significantly. Remember that your word is law in your world.

What Choice Will You Make?


Old Perception (Based in FEAR)



Confrontational, avoiding


In denial, judgmental

Worried, doubtful

Stressed, depressed

Restless, bored

Feels limited, hoards


Partial, incomplete

Unconscious, wandering


Stuck (can't stop or start), inflexible

Blaming, punishing

Martyr, tyrant

Focused in the past or the future

"It should be this way"

"I can't do, can't have . . . "

No time, no space

They agree with me, I agree with them


New Perception (Based in LOVE)



Communicative, engaging


Receptive, open-minded

Lucky, optimistic

Excited, peaceful

Patient, interested

Feels abundant, generous


Whole, complete

Alert, attentive


Fluid, adaptable

Understanding, forgiving

Able to receive and give support

Focused in the present moment

"It's OK the way it is; it's OK if it changes"

“I’m entitled to do and have anything”

All the space and time needed

There’s room for all opinions

Validate your successes.

Notice when you shift your thoughts and actions successfully. Pat yourself on the shoulder, and thank your body. Say out loud, “Congratulations, we did it! This feels good.” Use positive self-talk: “I turned my mood around!” “I saw I wasn’t getting anything from feeling vindictive, and I let it go.” “It’s easy for me to notice what I want to do.” Physical acts of validation make the new habit real to your body.

Repeat the steps as often as possible.

Be patient. Relearning isn’t difficult; it just takes repetition to form the new behavior. As the oracle of the I Ching often recommends, “Perseverance furthers.” Sometimes it really does take repeating something three times before it registers as real. The more you make the process conscious, the faster it stabilizes.

Remember who’s directing the unlearning and relearning.

It’s you — the soul! You’re in charge of your personality, mind, and reality. Know thyself!

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