Becoming Aware of the Voices in Your Head

Becoming Aware of the Voices in Your Head

Once upon a time, a boy named Alexander was living on an island in the middle of the ocean. He was joined by a special mentor who had become quite close to him there. This mentor was a peculiar sort in that he appeared and disappeared at will, and the boy never knew when these visits might occur.

One morning, Alexander was playing with his favorite companion, a monkey by the name of Manuka. The two frolicked so joyously that at times, the boy wished he would never have to leave this wondrous place.

There were other times, however, that he was upset at the thought of never returning home to his beloved family. They meant the world to him, and he feared they might forget ever having had such a boy as himself if much more time passed. Each time he let that thought come into his head and dance around a bit, it would turn into all sorts of frightful what-ifs, and soon, he would be so upset that he would become quite grumpy and no fun whatsoever to the irrepressible Manuka.

In the middle of this grump session, the one who called Himself God again appeared out of nowhere causing Alexander to startle at the timing of His Holiness’s abrupt arrival.

Comfort-Seeking Tools

“I am here to set aside some comfort-seeking tools for you, my little one. I know you are lonely and afraid, and my ardent wish is to ease your burden and give you pathways to great joy. You will be relieved to discover that this lesson will bring you the peace you are seeking, my son, and you will never again find yourself upset if you will only follow these simple directions.

“When you realize your imagination is getting away from you, notice that it is as though little voices of yours are spouting off in your mind. As soon as you recognize that voices are commenting on whatever is passing through your mind, you will realize those voices are not there to serve you but to strangle you with fears and suppositions.

“Even the voices of good reason are there to strangle you at times when they are coming at you hard to confuse your accurate reasoning skills. When they rattle on and on without your having a hand in it so to speak, they will only tangle you up and make you question the serious discernment you may have already completed on the subject.

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“Even the times you have not settled on a decision about something, you would be better served by silencing the voices and allowing your mind reason to take over. You can do this easily by relaxing into the recesses of your mind and observing the voices until they stop. They will do so almost immediately when they realize they are being watched by the real you, the observer of your thoughts.

“If you apply this lesson to your everyday life such as when you are letting your imagination get the best of you about your family situation or worrying about finding enough food to sustain you, you will become master of your destiny. Your thoughts carry the weight of the world in these situations, and that is just too much weight for any man—or boy—to carry.”

Staying Mindful

Alexander was perplexed by these instructions and made this clear to his beloved mentor. But the resulting reply was the usual: “Take it back with you and give it some good thought. But don’t let those voices take over the conversation, for then, we’ll be right back where we started!”

Just as the boy turned to head back to his cave, the wise man added, “If you can become successful with this tool, you will easily master the next—stay mindful, which is keeping your mind completely focused on the present-moment happenings including thoughts, emotions, and experiences without judging them.

“This little gem will bring you to places of inner peace you’ve never imagined. It will allow the universe to unleash its forces and balance and harmonize all around you in amazing ways. At first, you will find yourself fading from this practice with each distraction but then returning because you have set your intention on remaining mindful at all times. This practice is such an ebb and flow as you work through it, but mastery of it is attainable as long as you maintain your efforts on its behalf.

“The grand prize here is that your experience of life will change dramatically. For now, the universal forces can convene on your behalf, and you will not be getting in the way so much anymore. You do not have to master these techniques perfectly. Each that becomes natural to you will feed the forces of a powerful life directed by your decisions in each moment to make your thoughts create the most amazing life you could imagine for yourself and for those who surround you and are benefiting by your thoughts even without their knowing it.

"Tomorrow I will tell you exactly how this sharing of thoughts can become your favorite tool. And for now, I must bid you adieu.”

Copyright 2018 by LouAnne Ludwig. All Rights Reserved.
Publisher: Balboa Press, a divn. of Hay House.

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A Journey Within
by LouAnne Ludwig

A Journey Within by LouAnne LudwigPresented in the form of a fable, this guide offers methods to help you gain spiritual wisdom and self-knowledge, emerging more enlightened and better equipped to flourish.

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LouAnne LudwigLouAnne Ludwig has firsthand experience using metaphysical practices to give her everything she desires and more. She brings this same experience to others in a simple way that demonstrates how easy it is to change our lives for the better and infuse them with new meaning and balance. Her empathic practice in dream analyzing has assisted hundreds to cut through their defenses helping them to see exactly what they need to bring peace and harmony into their everyday lives. Visit her at

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