Plugging Into Your True Power Through Silence

Plugging Into Your True Power Through Silence

How do we plug into the Greater Intelligence that created this amazing Universe we live in and use it to live the most creative and fulfilling life we can imagine? In other words, how do we plug into our own true power?

One of the ways I've discovered is to practice short periods of silence on a daily basis. Silence is golden as many say and often the doorway to an ever deepening understanding of this thing called Life and our own true power.

The Power of Silence

Silence is food for the soul, a gift from the Great Universal Intelligence. Without silence, we may wither, become confused, or fail to realize our full potential.

Silence is a wonderful place where wonderful things happen...  Silence is where we get in touch with our Inner Compass, our inner guidance, our deepest feelings, dreams, and desires...  Silence is where we find the answers to questions that trouble us and the solutions to problems that seem insoluble.

So don't be afraid of silence. Seek it out. Because silence is our friend. Silence is a true blessing.

Unfortunately, many people fear silence because they do not realize that silence is their friend. A place of power, a magic garden, a sacred haven, where they can regroup, recharge, and revitalize their energy. So they only feel comfortable when they are surrounded by incessant activity, noise, talk, music, television, online activity, and the frantic pace of daily life.

When such people are not working, they're online, texting or talking on the phone, listening to music, making plans, meeting friends, going out, doing things. They're always busy and have forgotten the importance of maintaining a harmonious balance between activity and rest.

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Often there is the mistaken belief that something is wrong with us if we're not doing something all the time. Are you like this? Do you believe you've got to be "productive", "effective," "active", "doing something" all the time? If this is your belief, I humbly suggest you do yourself a big favor and let this idea go, because not only are you missing one of life's true pleasures, you are missing a true place of power.

Please be clear about this: You are dissipating your life force and your creative energy if you never take time to renew yourself through silence.

So the big question is: Do you fear silence? And if the answer is yes, well then it's a good idea to understand that to fear silence is to fear yourself and your own power!

10-15 Minutes of Silence Daily

So here's what I suggest: Try stopping, once a day, every day, in the middle of your busy-ness and activities, and take ten or fifteen minutes to practice silence. And yes, you can call this meditation or a type of mindfulness exercise. You can do this at the office or at home. All you have to do is decide to do it.

Just sit still and be quiet. Don't do anything else. Allow yourself to settle down without thinking about anything special. For those few minutes, close your door, turn off your phone and computer. Create an oasis of peace and quiet for yourself, and don't dwell on anything in particular. Let your mind go where it wants to go.

After ten or fifteen minutes, return to your life. You will be amazed at the difference, especially if you practice short periods of silence on a daily basis. You will find that your ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand will increase. You will accomplish more with less effort.

An Afternoon or Day of Silence

Another way of being good to yourself is to give yourself is an afternoon or a day of silence. Especially out in Nature.

As your soul absorbs the quietness of Nature and unwinds from the busy-ness of your everyday life, you might find yourself feeling like a junkie suffering from withdrawal symptoms. It's not always pleasant at first, but eventually you will find yourself calming down. After a while, the chatter in your brain will ebb and you will begin to breathe more deeply.

Without thinking, without questioning, the silence will begin to unfold, like a precious treasure, and reveal its secrets. It will bring you startling insights, and guide you, showing you the way in matters that have confused you. And more than anything, the silence will bring you an abundance of new life, new energy, and new creative ideas.

But don't be dismayed if the silence does not reveal its secret treasures to you on your first try. Your soul may be so used to incessant activity and chatter that it will take a while to adjust to silence. But as long as you practice silence on a regular basis, even for short periods, it will eventually open its doors to you because silence is our direct link to the Great Universal Intelligence that underlies and guides the universe. Silence is always available to you, always waiting to bring you solace, power, and guidance.

Creativity and Silence: Learning to Await the Small Voice Within

Silence always precedes creative endeavor. If you watch carefully, you will discover that it's the quiet time, the empty space, before the act of creativity that gives birth to all creative endeavor and human achievement.

It's as if all thoughts and things emerge from the silence to grow and take form in our minds, first as ideas, and later as all the wondrous creations of humanity.

Sometimes the most difficult part of the creative process is that period of silence that precedes activity. This is because we often struggle unnecessarily and try to force results instead of resting in the silence and awaiting the small voice within….

So no matter what you want to experience and achieve here in this life, give yourself the gift of silence!

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