Earth Angels: Exploring and Participating in the Fifth Dimension

Earth Angels: Exploring and Participating in the Fifth Dimension

Looking back on previous dimensions helps our understand­ing of this one. The third dimension ended before the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, around 21,000 BC. During the third dimension, people were concerned with power and dominance over food sources and water. It was tribal living, survival of the fittest, and the human experience was denser and more combative. The energy was similar to that of the third chakra.

As the fourth dimension drew near, humans struggled to over­come their need for power through war and domination. To­ward the end of the third dimension, a greater energy became available through the heart and reflected a need for love and compassion. Some tried to live from the heart, while many others feared letting go of power and dominance. This resulted in centuries of hardship, through wars and stories of monu­mental love and sacrifice.

The human race experienced hundreds of lifetimes in the fourth dimension, discovering “the heart”: feeling love, losing love, being devastated by love, and leaving love. There was enormous emotional pain, but it was a necessary part of understanding and growing in this frequency. Some people went deep into their hearts, speaking, sharing, and in some cases dying for peace as part of their greater love for the human race as a whole. We are reminded of a great earth angel, Martin Luther King, Jr., who led the Civil Rights movement and was killed in 1968, leaving the hearts of many people around the world grief stricken. This example of love transcending power and resulting in peace is the higher octave of the fourth dimension.

The Call of the Fifth Dimension: Presence, Truth, Responsibility

The experience of the fourth dimension remains part of us, even though we have moved into the fifth dimension. We brought the experience of love along but left the trials and tribulations that come as a part of loving behind us. In the fifth dimension, we are called to be present, to communicate truth­fully, as well as be responsible for our energy and the survival of the planet. Some people will drag their feet, as with all transi­tions.

What we record in the karmic history book during this fifth dimension will be important to the entire human race; this is not a time for self-indulgence. Remember: we are here as the caretakers of the planet. Mother Earth simply witnesses our journey but has no karmic tie to the species she grants shelter to. She is without karma and gives of herself freely.

The Fifth Dimension: What It Is and What It Means to the Earth Angel

Regular science does not acknowledge the existence of a fifth dimension. In the hardcore factual world of science, there are only three dimensions of space: up/down, left/right, and forward/back. There is a fourth temporal dimension—that of time. However, things in the scientific world are changing. Recently, scientists have begun to discuss and investigate the notion of a fifth di­mension, and even a six, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth di­mension. It’s complicated science, and too involved to go into here, but the very fact that scientists are using “super-string theory” and experimenting with particle physics (such as the work being done at the Large Hadron Collider) indicates it’s only a matter of time before proof of our multi-dimensional world is discovered.

Earth angels understand the fifth dimension in this way: it is the energy in which we currently exist. It is found in the air, the sky, and the rays of light defining our space. The fifth di­mension is the same vibration as the fifth chakra, with a high frequency and connectivity through the electromagnetic field among all living things. The color frequency is indigo, with a sound tone of E flat, which makes us increasingly telepathic and acutely aware of the space between this world and the spirit universe.

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For all souls on Earth, the fifth dimension is like living in your fifth chakra! This means that sound is clearer and more defined, the sense of smell is heightened, and our ability to hear is more acute. In some cases we can “hear” another per­son’s voice without them speaking. Light looks different, and colors often appear to be layered with a shimmer that can be seen in the sunlight. The fifth dimension redefines commu­nication by bringing truth to the fore, particularly about top­ics that have gone unspoken, such as government, aliens, and secret societies.

Earth Angels and the Fifth Dimension

The frequency of the fifth dimension is allowing a growing number of souls to become aware of their spiritual path. Seek­ers from all corners of the world have spent lifetimes preparing for this new vibration. Earth angels are taking the lead, helping to shift the consciousness of humanity.

Earth angels will understand the need to help others in­tegrate the energy of Source into their lives. Some earth an­gels weave the Divine into their daily practice, helping people around the world. In fact, the field of conscious health and healing is growing exponentially, with gifted practitioners emerging every day. It is no surprise that the market for healthy living, sustainability, and all things mind, body, and spirit is over 2 billion dollars. There are many more earth angels contributing daily and pre­paring for new missions here on Earth.

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

The human race has come so far in its development. In just the past 200 years, we’ve witnessed the industrial age, breakthroughs in technology, and now we’re moving swiftly into the robotic era. Life on Earth has shifted many times, and we get to glimpse only a tiny sliver of her history during our own existence. Advances in medicine and science have changed the length of our lives, and saved even more. We have leaped through the past one hundred years, break­ing new ground in technology, far surpassing what astronomers and visionaries dreamed of in the pas

As we enjoy the comforts of the modern world we have cre­ated, we must also remember the issues that we as humans continue to battle against—issues such as pollution, disease, and war. These are the problems that the new wave of earth angels has been called upon to assist in solving. For example, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 3.4 million people currently die each year from water-related disease, yet there are more people on Earth with mobile phones than a plumbed and flushing toilet. They also estimate that instances of cancer could reach 24 million a year by 2035, if we don’t change our ways.

But most worrisome for the angels—and in turn, earth angels—is the potentially devastating issue of climate change. This beautiful planet, of which we are the caretakers, is in danger: the temperature is rising, ice is melting, and sea levels and water temperatures are changing. The oceans are the biggest contributors to climate because of their vastness, so changes in ocean temperatures in turn impact the saline content of the water and the other interconnected elements that control sea life.

Impact on the weather patterns is already being felt—the geostrophic wind patterns have shifted due to changes in ocean temperature, and consequently, we are experiencing stronger storms and fluctuating temperatures. Rainfall levels are being impacted around the world, and according to Dr. Kieran O’ Mahony at the University of Washington, the planet is undergoing a radical shift to adjust to these new series of events.

Heeding the Call to Respond to the Inner Voice

As earth angels, we must heed the call to do something and become more active by responding to that inner voice, the same one that has directed you here. I believe that as earth angels, we must work together to ensure a future for our children and the many generations to follow, and that means protecting our planet. Mother Earth provides for us unconditionally—after all, it is she who brings us to life. Mother Earth’s evolution is similar to ours, but her larger body means her life is extended beyond ours and she also has a connection to the deities that rule the stars.

One might think that the earth has karma in the same we do, but actually that is not the case. The earth is a benevolent being that does not incur karma; her whole existence is about maintaining a state of balance. The earth does not experience the duality in the way we do, because her frequency is similar to the angels. She does not look at us through the lens of right or wrong; rather, she is intent on keeping things in balance. Even though her “body” is vast, she works to keep it in bal­ance; for example, she might let off some steam in Indonesia with a volcanic eruption or similarly shift her tectonic plates in California, but it’s all in an effort to maintain her equilibrium. She feels better, just as you do when you can shift your body back to a comfortable position.

Remaining Attentive and Vigilant At All Times

Along with the threat of climate change we face other dangers in the fifth dimension, and as earth angels we need to remain attentive at all times. In particular, we must be vigi­lant when it comes to the pursuit and application of scientific knowledge. Just like Oppenheimer’s breakthrough in atomic energy brought both positive and negative consequences, the work of the scientists at the Large Hadron Collider on the bor­der of Switzerland and France has the potential to do the same. The experiments taking place inside the largest particle divider ever built and the search for the God particle has the potential to teach us so much. But we know so little about these experi­ments. The physicists are planning to attempt to recreate the Big Bang through a massive underground explosion that could be too much for our fragile earth to handle. There are many scientists who have protested these experiments and only a handful who understand what is going on.

It is important to protect our global health and be aware of what mankind is creating and how quickly it can change our reality. The fifth dimension calls all earth angels to be aware, helpful, and prepared. We are the ones tasked to take care of others during the transformation of this new energy, which is changing us at the very core.

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