Creating a Place of Solitude & Refuge In Your Home

Creating a Place of Solitude & Refuge In Your HomeAny place we live must accommodate a number of activities: socializing, sleeping, cooking, eating, bathing, relaxing. But what about quiet alone-time? Renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell insisted we all need a place to "simply experience and bring forth what [we] are and what [we] might be."

Embrace the Astounding Strength of Kindness

Embrace the Astounding Strength of KindnessThe impact we can have on the world we share, if we choose to be kind in every circumstance or even in an occasional situation, simply can’t be overestimated. The shift in how life would feel to everyone is truly beyond description. This may seem far-fetched, but...

You Don't Have to Find Your Path, You're Already On It

You Don't Have to Find Your Path, You're Already On ItYou stumble along thinking you don't know the way, and then one day you realize you're in the middle of it. I'd always thought that a path was a means to an end. A course of study, a tour of duty. The distance from A to B. The anguished span between wanting and having. The truth is...

Is Life About Avoiding Misery or Creating Joy?

healing-is-revealingOur bodies, like our world, reflect our internal dynamics. If we have chaos within our consciousness, we have chaos within our bodies. We must clear out the fear and the junk we’ve carried around for years and learn again what it is to simply be.

Mindfulness in Everyday Life, One Step At A Time

Mindfulness in Everyday Life, One Step At A TimeWhen we arrive back home after a mountaintop experience, often we are required to deal with the maddening routines of life. Laundry has to be done, dishes have to be washed, professional work needs our attention, lawns have to be mowed, pets need to be cared for, and our families need our attention; all of these...

10 Steps to Finding True Inner Peace with Mindfulness Meditation

10 Steps to Finding True Inner Peace with Mindfulness MeditationIn today's world, many people are coming to the realization that searching for happiness through achievements and material possessions simply adds to their rising stress, only bringing them more chaos and unhappiness. As they are forced to re-evaluate the direction of their lives, they begin searching for an alternate road to happiness and inner peace.

Stepping Toward Peace by Changing Our Relationship With Thought

Taking A Step Toward Peace by Changing Our Relationship With ThoughtWe spend our lives immersed in a flood of thoughts, unaware that another dimension of consciousness is available to us. It is a dimension in which we come to know ourselves as something other than thinkers. By taking a step back, we become the witness of our thoughts. This subtle but radical...

What Are Animals Inviting Us To Become?

What Are Animals Inviting Us To Become?If we look at human history, we find it replete with animals, in legend and lore. Beginning with the oldest cave paintings, and continuing into the print and electronic media of current times, animals are deeply embedded in our stories because they inform our ways of understanding the world. Since humanity’s beginnings, they have helped us to survive and thrive...

How to Make Mindfulness a Way of Life

How to Make Mindfulness a Way of LifeThe problem that many people have is their misconception of what leads to happiness. They usually point to their successful career, family, and material possessions as evidence of their happiness. But as you’ve probably realized by now, all these things are impermanent and bring only temporary pleasure.

Earth Angels: Exploring and Participating in the Fifth Dimension

Earth Angels: Exploring and Participating in the Fifth DimensionRegular science does not acknowledge the existence of a fifth dimension. In the hardcore factual world of science, there are only three dimensions of space: up/down, left/right, and forward/back. There is a fourth temporal dimension—that of time. However, things in the scientific world are changing.

If You Pause and Reflect, Are You A Modern Mystic?

Are You a Modern Mystic?Most people today cannot relate to mysticism at all, not even when it is described as an inner spiritual instinct. For this reason, I prefer to call those who do pause and reflect, listen, and connect spiritually (and keep as their main focus at all times that special inner Divinity innate to us all) modern mystics.

What I Learned About Living From Dying of Cancer

What I Learned About Living From Dying of Cancer

Many more patients are now living for years with the diagnosis of terminal illness. The author describes her journey to what she calls "livingly dying" - facing her death by living in the moment with grace and mindfulness.

The Entirety of Our Life is a Series of Moments

The Entirety of Our Life is a Series of MomentsWhile we live, we’re doing something in every moment. That doing may be sleeping and dreaming, or laughing or playing, or sitting very still in meditation, or writing or stretching. Life consists of action (or stillness) moment to moment. So even if...

Opening Up to a Sense of Connection and Love using Sacred Attention

Opening Up to a Sense of Connection & Love using Sacred Attention

Attention, as with awareness, can be understood as a relationship. It is the relationship between the one who is aware, or the "awarer" (whom we know as "me" or "I"), and the object of awareness. When it comes to the quality of our attention, we are like a child who, when he or she initially picks up a hammer, just smashes away at the nail without having yet understood that...

Beyond Food Addictions & Bingeing: MB-EAT

Beyond Food Addictions & Bingeing: Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training

People whose “drug of choice” is food have a tendency to cope with stress by over-eating, often bingeing on foods. Unlike drugs or alcohol, it isn’t possible to steer clear of temptation — we all need to eat, several times a day...

Investigating Feelings: Good, Bad, or Indifferent

Investigating Feelings: Good, Bad, and Indifferent

We often consider feelings as existing with only positive or negative values. Besides positive and negative feelings, there are neutral feelings. We want pleasure, we don’t want pain, and we relax when we feel indifferent. When a pleasurable feeling arises or is anticipated, the response of most...

Are You Being Hypnotized by Advertising?

Are You Being Hypnotized by Advertising?Are You Being Hypnotized by Advertising?Your adventure begins with a close look at how you might acquire some, if not all, of your beliefs. I could ask: Are you hypnotized?  Imagine that a stage hypnotist has hypnotized you. The experience will seem quite real, even if it’s a pure hallucination. Imagine you’ve been...

Discovering Sense Ability

by Doris Wild Helmering. Sense ability is the skill to observe your thoughts, your feelings, and your behavior. It also makes you aware of others and provides real-time feedback as to how your feelings and behavior affect others -- inhibiting or inviting closeness, empathy, tolerance, emotional intimacy, interconnectedness, and oneness.

Life's Seasons & Cycles

Life's Seasons & Cycles by Marie T. Russell

by Marie T. Russell. Summer has gone... and Winter will be arriving... yet Spring will return. The seasons pass in nature, as in our own lives. The winter of doubt and fear does pass away as we become aware that there is no one to blame for the dark times we went through -- not even ourselves. These are simply the processes of life, the changing seasons as it were.


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