Rediscover Your Sacred Sensuality with The Sensuous Goddess Meditation

The Sensuous Goddess Meditation

The following visualization/meditation has been created to assist you in walking this glorious path of sacred sensuality. In order to embark on this ancient path, which was fundamental to the training of the priestess, yogini, and soror mystica, it is necessary to become personally acquainted with the rich and revitalizing flow of your Kundalini energy and the playful and passionate sensations of the joyful Goddess.

In this way, you can begin to experience the essential sweetness, subtlety, receptivity, and refinement that lie at the heart of true feminine bliss.

Visualization/Meditation: The Energy Field of the Sensuous Goddess

Stand with your feet slightly apart and your spine straight. Take a deep breath in and turn your thoughts inward. Slowly and gently breathe out, closing your eyes and letting your mind relax into its natural spaciousness. Breathe in. Sense the quiet beauty of this clear, uninterrupted state of mind, as pure and tranquil as a still mountain lake. Breathe out with a soft sigh, releasing all your stress, anxiety, and worries. Allow these disturbing thoughts to melt away like raindrops vanishing into the cool clear waters of that pure mountain lake. Repeat this step a few times.

Breathe in and relax in the great pure empty expanse of the mind. Breathe out with a sigh and let go of all the tension you hold in your body and mind.

Picture yourself standing in the center of a magnificent forest. The fragrance of rose, amber, and sandalwood floats through the air. Sparkling rays of sunlight filter through the trees, bathing the forest in a jewel-like radiance. The soothing sounds of running water fill your ears. Birds chirp joyfully. Breathe in the clear fresh air. Open your senses; let them reach out and expand. Feel the primordial heart of Mother Nature pulsating all around you. Relax for a moment and listen. Feel the sensuous vibration of Mother Nature's primal rhythms running through you. Gently persuade the beat of your heart to come into harmonious resonance with hers, attuning yourself to the strong, unwavering pulse of her divine presence.

At the heart of Mother Earth is a radiant pool of liquid light, a never-ending source of energy and vitality. From the still, quiet center of this magical pool, sinuous streams of liquid light arise and flow through the earth, purifying, nourishing, and cleansing the sacred body of the Mother. In the alchemical and Celtic traditions these flowing currents of feminine energy are known as telluric forces. In the Hindu tantric tradition this powerful feminine current is called the Kundalini Shakti, the primordial power of the Goddess visualized as fluid waves of energy and light. According to these traditions, these sacred feminine forces are what animate and sustain us all.

As this Kundalini, or female serpent power, which is latent in all individuals, both female and male, is awakened through periods of deep meditation and visualization, she begins her ascent through the central channel of the body, penetrating, nourishing, and opening each lotus or chakra in turn, leading you to higher and higher levels of cosmic awareness, integration, and divine union.

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Take a long, slow, deep breath in. Gently close your eyes and relax as you slowly breathe out. Picture the quiet beauty of the magical pool of life-giving energy at the heart of Mother Earth. Breathe in and imagine that from the depths of the pool uninterrupted streams of luminous liquid light are flowing upward toward your body. Breathe out as you sense this energy of illumination and liberation streaming toward your feet. Breathe in. Open the soles of your feet to receive this radiant feminine current. Breathe out, allowing it to travel up through your ankles, calves, knees and thighs, cleansing and nourishing your entire lower body.

Relax as you feel this sacred energy of the Goddess enter, penetrate, and support the vibrant lotus flower at the base of your spine. Allow the clear energy of the Mother to cleanse and refresh each of its delicate petals, inducing them to spread open and receive her invigorating essence. Picture the blossoming lotus flower floating gently atop Mother Nature's sacred river of light and energy. Rest for a moment, sensing the subtle presence of this energy at the base of your spine.

Inhale softly as you sense the sweet liquid current of feminine energy entering your feet and rising upward until it unites with the Kundalini Shakti, who lies curled around this lotus at the bottom of your spine. Breathe out. Acknowledge the Kundalini Shakti; she is a sacred symbol of your female essence. She is your friend and guide along the path to liberation. Feel her awakening and opening her fiery eyes. Visualize her beginning to uncoil and stretch, her powerful energy blending with the rich telluric current arising from the core of Mother Earth.

Breathe in. Relax and surrender to the Kundalini Shakti's sensuous flow as you feel the supple body of the serpent slowly begin to travel up your spine. Breathe out. Imagine that your coccyx, or tailbone, is absorbing the nourishing light from the conjoined telluric energy of the earth and the kundalini energy within your own body. Sense this revitalizing energy beginning to travel slowly upward into your sacrum.

Breathe in. Gently rock your pelvis forward as you feel the light begin to penetrate the solid bone of the sacrum. Breathe out and gently rock your pelvis backward, encouraging this sinuous energy to rise into your pelvis. Breathe in and rock forward; breathe out and rock back. Again breathe in and rock forward; breathe out and rock back.

Now focus your attention on your pelvis. Feel the sensual light of the Goddess rise up through your sacrum until it contacts the mystic lotus at the base of your womb, which was known in ancient cultures as the yoni, the secret place and the center of feminine power and the abode of pure bliss. Allow your womb to fully open as you feel this warm wet energy of the Divine Feminine gently caress, saturate, and restore every petal of this truly magical flower, until it is absolutely dripping with the moist nectar of the sacred elixir. Abandon any negative imprinted thoughts and feelings concerning your sensuality and allow your womb to receive this lustrous healing light.

As you continue to breathe in and out, keep up the rocking motion as you feel the soothing sensual nectar of the Goddess slowly encircle each of the five vertebrae of your lumbar spine, bringing them new flexibility and fluidity. Feel this nectar of the Goddess delicately nourish the first, the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth vertebra. Sense the lotus of your yoni become increasingly flexible and receptive. Feel your womb rise and swell as it becomes pregnant with the fertile energy of the Kundalini Shakti.

Open the soles of your feet. Feel the solidity of the ground beneath them. Breathe in as you visualize the waves of life-enhancing energy rising up from the secret heart of the earth as a fountain of light, again streaming up through your lower body, pelvis, coccyx, sacrum, and lumbar vertebrae. Breathe out and allow the sweet energy of these luminous waters to make contact with the lotus of your navel chakra at the top of your lumbar spine. Relax. Feel the liquid light of the Goddess penetrate this sacred center. Sense the light flowing through each lotus petal, refreshing and revitalizing your entire abdominal cavity.

Walking The Glorious Path of Sacred Sensuality with the Sensuous Goddess MeditationWith each inhale and exhale let the magical healing power of this essential feminine force help you to release any tension you hold in your abdomen as a result of the societal conditioning that says women must possess tight flat stomachs. Totally relax your abdominal muscles and feel how they can naturally support and protect your lower back. Continue to rock your pelvis back and forth as you slowly surrender to this undulating energy of the Kundalini Shakti.

Now picture the pure unpolluted ambrosia of the Goddess rising through your navel center and into the first six of your thoracic vertebrae. Feel the Goddess's warm light caress and pervade each of these vertebrae in turn. Allow your torso to ripple back and forth as your spine receives the pure energy of this throbbing feminine current. Sense it flowing through the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth vertebra until it reaches the mystic lotus at your heart center.

Focus your attention on this sacred heart chakra. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Feel the purifying and nurturing energy of the Kundalini Goddess entering this divine portal to higher dimensions. Breathe out. Feel the gentle yet insistent touch of the Goddess within you; surrender to her your deep-seated fears concerning the vulnerability and sensitivity of your heart. Relax and allow the potent female energy to caress every petal of this delicate lotus of your heart, until it is fully saturated and shining with inner and outer radiance. Picture the Goddess's divine hands effortlessly supporting and sustaining the mystic lotus as it floats quietly upon her sensuous undulating currents of life and light.

Feel your heart begin to beat in time with that of the Divine Mother. Imagine that with each pulsation her sacred energy is flowing through the tender lotus of your heart and pouring outward through its subtle veins and channels to nourish you and all other sentient beings. Rest in the power of this living force of enlightenment.

With each inhalation and exhalation allow your body to sway back and forth as you draw the rich telluric energy from the earth into your spine. Feel it rise toward your throat as it penetrates and revitalizes your next six thoracic vertebrae, bringing them new suppleness and strength. Sense the sacred energy flowing through the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, the tenth, the eleventh, and the twelfth vertebra.

Inhale deeply. Feel the stimulating power of the Kundalini energy as it begins to activate the subtle lotus of your throat. Breathe out. Taste the sweetness of this divine light as it enters and enlivens this sacred flower. Feel the lotus of your throat begin to grow and blossom. Let go of any repressed thoughts or feelings you hold in this region of your body as your throat chakra becomes saturated with the ambrosial nectar of the Goddess. Feel your spirit sing as your voice begins to resonate with the sensuous bliss of the divine Shakti within you.

Relax as you feel her rich liquid energy ripple around each of the seven delicate vertebrae in your neck, or cervical spine. Feel the Kundalini energy nurture, support, and energize the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh vertebra. Breathe in, letting the sublime light continue upward into your head until it makes contact with the mysterious lotus of your third eye, the pineal center, or eye of wisdom. This is the chakra known in Hindu tantra as the abode of Shiva, the divine consort of the Great Mother.

Breathe out. As the petals of the radiant lotus of the pineal center slowly and languidly spread open to receive the Goddess's nourishment, picture a luminous ball or seed of white light—symbol of Shiva's male essence—in the core of the beautiful flower. Relax. Feel the Kundalini Shakti penetrate this pure seed essence of his luminosity as she unites with him in the sacred bliss of divine union. Picture the nectar of their union stimulate the root of the glistening thousand-petal lotus at the crown of your head. Feel it quickening and spiraling open like the lens of a camera as blissful waves of liquid rainbow light cascade down, around, and through your body. See the light shower you in radiance, suffusing both your physical and luminous energy bodies.

As this vital energy fills you let go of any residual anxiety or confusion about your sexuality and femininity. Allow yourself to surrender body, mind, and spirit to the undulating wavelike rhythm of the feminine.

With each new inhalation and exhalation, feel the sacred light flowing into, through, and around you. Experience the divine dance of goddess and god as the pure distilled essence of their sacred union drips through your body, permeating your every pore. Feel your body become moist and supple. Feel the nipples of your breasts swell.

Open your senses; listen, look, taste, smell, and touch with a newly heightened awareness and sensitivity. Feel your body become a holy chalice filled with the fertile light of union. Let the divine light and energy continue to shower around you and flow from you into the world, magnetizing and inviting others to join you in this joyful display of sacred sensuality.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Inner Traditions. ©2002.

Article Source

The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine
by Sharron Rose.

The Path of the Priestess by Sharron Rose. Beginning with an analysis of the basic issues and frustrations inherent in contemporary society's conditioning of and expectations for women, readers travel back in time to the age of the great temples, schools, and sacred societies in which women still held and transmitted the spiritual light that nourished all of civilization. Through its mythic and historic tales, descriptions of sacred ritual practices, and teachings on the Goddess traditions, The Path of the Priestess provides contemporary women with the means to enter this time-honored path. It also offers exercises and visualizations designed to align women with the powerful, sensuous, and loving energies of the most profound feminine role model that shaped and preserved culture and society--the Great Goddess.

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