How To Reawaken Your Cellular Memory & Unlock Your Birthright as a Divine Being

How To Reawaken Your Cellular Memory & Unlock Your Birthright as a Divine Being

Your ancestry and your family tree extend beyond your biological family; every human has a spiritual, multidimensional soul lineage as well. You may have a strong connection to the Egyptian lineage. You may have a connection to India, the Celtic or Peruvian lineage, or another kind of lineage.

If you think about lineage and genealogy, it is often about your family of origin. Begin to think of yourself as a divine being and that your family of origin includes the Divine, gods and goddesses, stellar consciousness, the heavenly realms, the fairy realms, and all of the magical creatures.

You have been conditioned to think of yourself as a human and that the human is devoid of the Divine. To say that your ancestry is of the gods and goddesses, the stars, that you are a star, and that you are the Divine breaks through many layers of old conditioning and old patterning. To really know that you are the Divine is the ultimate in resonance and alignment with self-love.

Reverence in your Relationship with Yourself & the Divine

There is a certain reverence in your relationship to the Divine. There is an unhealthy aspect of reverence that has been dogmatized in religion in which the ritual has the power, not the individual. However, there is also the positive and healthy aspect of reverence that we are asking you to connect to in your relationship with yourself and the Divine.

This is to have the same level of resonance with your divine self that you would have for someone that you think of as holy, a spiritual teacher, or someone who you think of as ascended. In interacting with that person there is an honoring, a sense that the sacred inhabits this person, and a sense that something magical or divine is in and around them.

The part that does not work so well in reverence is the pedestal consciousness: that this person is more than you are, has something that you do not, that you need to bow down, and that you are not in equal relationship with them. This is in some ways how people approach their relationship with their guides, allies, gods, goddesses, or the Divine — that it is not an equal partnership. Reverence is an equal partnership and comes from a place of equality and a place of honoring, peer-to-peer, and Divine-to-Divine.

Your Birthright as a Divine Being

We invite you to begin to think of yourself as a spiritual master. Perhaps you feel far away from this concept or perhaps you feel close. Begin in earnest to develop a relationship of reverence with yourself that is based on seeing yourself as a spiritual master and a divine being.

One of the reasons that we have started this segment by speaking about your ancestral lineage and that you are the children of the Divine beings and gods is to begin to create a concept and new neural pathways for you to see yourself not as a child of God, in the sense that you are not the Divine, but that your heritage, your birthright, is as a Divine being.

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We could speak about this for a long time and it would still not balance out the amount of conditioning you have around thinking about yourself as a human being. This conditioning leaves you feeling finite, and there is often a sense of being all alone. There is often a sense of feeling separate and disconnected.

As you begin to recognize that you are not separate from your Source or your origin, you will see that you are human and human is implied in the definition of Divine. The language here is funny because it is speaking as if spirit and matter were different, or human and divine were different, when in actuality they are the same.

Energetic Exercise: Unlocking Your Spiritual Heritage

Spend a few moments breathing into your body, breathing into each of the parts of your body, scanning from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and directing the breath into each body part as you do. Now connect to your skin: notice the template, consciousness, or energy equivalent of union that is present now that you can connect to at the level of your skin. You may notice your skin vibrating, pulsating, and communicating with this consciousness and energy. This energy is coming through the Sphinx and is being transmitted through the Sphinx to you.* It provides a lock and key so that you are able to unlock the unity consciousness within you and the knowledge that you are a Divine being with a heritage. Take all the time that you would like awakening your spiritual lineage, and when you feel complete stretch in any direction your body feels called.

*To connect more deeply to the power of the Sphinx or to take a spiritual journey through the temples of Egypt, see The Temples of Light: An Initiatory Journey into the Heart Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Sacred Travel: Reawakening Cellular Memory

One reason that you are called to travel to sacred places is to reconnect to ley lines that directly connect you to your Source. There is a sense of reawakening a cellular memory. As you travel to the places that you so desire, you are like a lock and key that unlocks that spiritual heritage. You don’t have to go to the physical location; you can connect energetically to the land.

Heart and Soul: Doorways to Source

Opening Your Heart & Unlocking Your Birthright as a Divine BeingThe topic that we want to speak about is the heart and soul and why the heart and soul are so important to living a joyful life. Just like you can go to a power place and feel fortified, strengthened, or nourished, you can also connect to your heart and your soul and feel fortified and nourished. They are access points to your origin and are doorways, gateways, portals, and avenues for you to connect to your Source.

The description that we are going to use is not literal, it is more symbolic. Let’s say within your heart center or your high heart center (located at the thymus) there are trillions of drops of consciousness of your origin, and located in your mind there are three drops of consciousness of your origin. This is an exaggeration but if you are connecting to your heart, following your heart’s desires, and following your soul’s longings, you are swimming in the ocean of your origin in a way that is much stronger than if you are wrapped in your thoughts, emotions, or your physical needs moment to moment.

You are a multifaceted being and in some ways, if you choose, this segment is about orienting yourself to reside within your heart and, therefore, within your soul. As you move through your life you are seeing and experiencing your life connected to your origin and your Source.

Energetic Exercise: Developmental Stages and Alchemy

Focus on the back of your heart center in between your shoulder blades, and in particular around your spinal column. Allow the back of your heart center and your spinal column to open up wider to receive your connection to joy. The back of the heart center is one of the largest places where you are able to receive energy and consciousness. It is also one area that oftentimes people close down because there is a fear that they will be stabbed in the back, or that something else bad will happen if they are not protecting the back of their heart center.

Allow the protection to drop away. It is counterintuitive in some ways, but the more wide open your heart is the safer you are. There is a vulnerability associated with living from the heart or being wide open in the heart that can make you feel as if you are open, unprotected, or exposed to danger. However, if your heart is completely open it is a safe vibration and frequency from which you can move through your life, for the heart is inclusive and is the vibration of unity consciousness. In unity consciousness the question of safe or unsafe is no longer relevant, for you are in a state of deep connection and union with self as Source.

Now focus on your spinal column, in particular in the cervical spine in the neck. Imagine a soothing-colored energy cascading through the spinal column in the neck. Allow this energy to open and relax your neck and your spinal column even more. In the past, you may have had an old pattern surface in the neck where it gets tight, or goes out of alignment when you try to connect to Source. Allow yourself to call in that perfect template and temple for your neck to be able to connect with Source and stay in alignment and balance.

Now bring your awareness to your digestion and your spleen on the left side of your body, under your ribs. There is some cleanup that is happening on the digestive level with the spleen and the energy of sadness, sorrow, or worry. It has to do with little routines that you have and little ways that you move in the world. Begin to drop some of those and know that you are safe and that you do not need to have your routines in order to thrive. Your routines are helpful but you do not need them. It is less about the routines and more about the reason why you have the routines.

If you have worry and you’re worried about getting somewhere on time, or you’re worried about having something happen in the perfect way, or you’re thinking about different kinds of things, then it is taking you from the now. Focus on the energy of trust.

Take a few deep breaths and anchor into your cellular memory the knowledge that the results, movement, and shifts that you are experiencing in your life are permanent. The yo-yo movement of moving forward and moving back is unnecessary. You have upleveled, and you are now on this new level ground.

Does the caterpillar think that it’s going to become a butterfly? Who knows? But its evolution is to be a butterfly. The tomato seed has everything within it to become the tomato. Also innate within you is all that you need to become who you are. Take a few breaths and allow your awareness of yourself to become current with who it is that you have become. When this process feels complete, stretch your body, and when you feel ready, return to this time and place.

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The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul
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The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul by Danielle Rama Hoffman.This book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way. These direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council include activations for the 11 Rays of Light, guided journeys and meditations, and written, spoken, energetic, and breathwork exercises.

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