Making Soul Contact

I breathe in light.
With each breath in,
I feel the light within and
around me increasing,
until light is radiating from me.

I am becoming radiant with light.

I draw light into the cells of my body.
The light within each cell is growing.

I draw light into my emotions,
filling me with peace and serenity.
I release my cares and concerns.
I go inward,
to the core of my being.

I draw light into my mind.
My thoughts are
expansive, joyful, and creative.

On my out breath,
I release any thoughts
that do not reflect my inner light.

I breathe in more light,
increasing my radiance.

As I fill myself with light,
I call my soul to me.
I imagine it approaching me
in the distance,
coming closer and closer
until it is in front of me.

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My soul is magnificent.
It is a being of great love,
and intelligence.

I send my soul love and greetings.

My soul sends me love.
I open to receive its love for me.

My soul sends me joy.
I open to receive its joy.

My soul sends me wisdom.
I open to receive its wisdom.

My soul sends me light.
I open to receive its light.
The light of my soul
lights the way for me.

As I become aware of
and call upon my soul,
it turns more of its attention
toward me and my life.

I now open to receive my soul's
and all of its wonderful qualities.

I now receive from my soul
one quality it wants me to focus on,
such as
and vision.

I focus on this quality, bringing it into
my mind, emotions, and body.

As I go throughout the day today
I am aware of my soul.
I demonstrate its light and love
in my words, thoughts, interactions, and feelings.

I am my soul,
and my soul is me
as it expresses itself
in this world of form and matter.



About The Authors

Duane PackerSanaya RomanThis meditation was "given" by Orin and DaBen, both timeless beings of love and light, channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. For a free subscription to their newsletter which includes messages from Orin and DaBen, write to: LuminEssence, P.O. Box 1310, Medford, OR 97501. Phone: 541-770-6700. This meditation is reprinted from their website with permission. Visit their website at



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