Be One with the Earth

Be One with the Earth
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Whenever you have the opportunity, lie down on the earth -- in a meadow, in the forest, on the bank of the river...

Just lie down on the earth and feel one with it. That will give you much energy, fresh energy.

Just sit silently on the earth and feel joined with it - as if you have roots, and those roots are going into the earth and the earth is vitalizing you, nourishing you.

Man Has Invisible Roots

Man also has roots; they are invisible.

Man is also like a tree. The tree has visible roots.

Man is a moving tree, but he has roots in the earth.

Sky and Earth Meet Inside You

So whenever you find time, just lie down, look at the sky, and let there be a meeting between the sky and the earth deep inside you, and you will feel tremendously happy in those moments.

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Many problems that you have always been carrying with you will simply disappear.

Just let the sky and the earth meet in you, and ecstasy will arise out of it.

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