Meditation for Busy People

Meditation for Busy People: Just Sit Silently

Whenever you have time,
just sit silently with closed eyes.

Whenever you have time, just sit silently with closed eyes.

It will help. It will help you to be more at ease with yourself. 

People have forgotten how to close their eyes because they have forgotten how to go inwards.

Our whole interest is outside. 

It is really a wonder how people manage to sleep with closed eyes!

Sooner or later they will start sleeping with open eyes... and they will have their glasses on!

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Our eyes have become very fixed on the outside... almost paralyzed.

They cannot move inwards, and that is the most essential thing in life to learn, because we go on missing our real treasure. 

In the east that real treasure is called dharma.

We don't call the church religion, we don't call ritual religion; we call the inner experience of one's being religion.


Editor's Note: This meditation for busy people is extremely simple and can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.  It is simply this: Whenever you have time, just sit silently with closed eyes.

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