Enter the Silence and Discover Freedom and Paradise

Enter the Silence: Discover Freedom and Paradise

There comes a time in each of our lives when transcendence replaces transaction. We turn within, not certain of what we will find but knowing that we must find whatever it is that lies within us.

Deep within you is a place of infinite calm, an oasis of peace, love, wisdom, power, healing. All you need lies within you, surrounds you and enfolds you. Fulfillment far beyond your human desire is there, awaiting your recognition and acceptance.

Discovering Freedom and Paradise... Within

Transcendence over your past, transformation of your being, and unlimited possibilities for new expressions of life all exist inside you. There within your reach — moments away — lay freedom and paradise.

All you need do to find them is turn to the very center of your being, asking God's Presence and Power. Enter the Silence and the stillness, focusing your mind upon God, the Omnipotent good. Surrender to your Oneness and your consciousness will be carried to the realm of the Infinite, beyond words and thoughts, beyond time and space, into the Truth in which you live and move and have your being.

...bring forth more and more
of your true inner being —
healed, whole, and joyously alive.

No Need to Try to Still Your Mind

You need not try to still your mind. To do so is resistance and you need resist nothing.

Simply turn within knowing that as you seek you will find that Something  greater than yourself enlivening you, infilling you with a certainty, a substance that is so much more than what you know yourself to be.

You will feel yourself touched by the truth of who you are, a truth that far surpasses the illusions of who you have become. God's Eternal Spirit in you, through you, will heal you at depth and totally change you from the inside out.

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Going Within

Enter the Silence. Give it your fullest attention and devotion. Each day, come apart from the world of conscious, physical thought for just a brief time. Turn within. Seek God with all your mind, heart and desire. And each day, you shall bring forth more and more of your true inner being — healed, whole, and joyously alive.

Recommended book:

Chop Wood, Carry Water by Rick Fields. Chop Wood, Carry  Water:
A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Daily Life
by Rick Fields.

This book is a guide - a handbook filled with information, advice, hints, stories, inspiration, encouragement, connections, warning, and cautions, for the inner journey as we live throughout our lives.

Info/Order this book:

About The Author

Amy Taylor, MS, C.Ht., BD, is an Interfaith Minister, counselor and certified hypnotherapist who holds a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling. An inspirational speaker, teacher and writer, Amy has guided individuals and groups in spiritual growth and personal transformation since 1971. She can be reached at: 3745 NE 171st Street, #71, N Miami Beach, FL 33160.

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