Meditation for a Growing Sense of Inner Peace and Serenity

Meditation for a Growing Sense of Inner Peace and Serenity
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Our energy level and mental programs are the major contributing factors to how we interpret what's going on in our lives. That's why the most important tool I have to offer to increase self awareness is daily meditation.

Meditation keeps our energy up high enough so that we have the clarity to look at our numbers and hopefully change them. Otherwise, our energy is so low that we just get caught in reacting to others, going up and down with their mood swings, and we can't see how we're setting up our experiences.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to meditate
is to listen to your favorite songs...

Meditation also helps us to develop a growing sense of inner peace and serenity. By sitting for twenty minutes a day, you achieve a deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit. You begin to see how you set up your life experiences and lessons of each situation.

Meditation: A Free, Simple, and Powerful Tool

Meditation is a free, simple and powerful tool that enables you to experience life from a centered and stress free way of living. Your relationships can be a lot more rewarding when you develop the calm, relaxed perceptions of life that meditation can bring.

Twenty five years ago I was given this simple technique by my guidance or higher teachers and was told to give it out for free to the masses. All forms of meditation are good, but in our high speed society, we need to learn how to protect our energy by closing down at the end. (See Step 5)

I have given this form of meditation to millions of people all over the world and the results have been incredibly rewarding — increased health and well being, success in relationships and career, and a deep spiritual understanding of peoples' life purpose.

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The easiest and most enjoyable way to meditate is to listen to your favorite songs and music for the full twenty minutes. While sitting with your spine erect, you're aligning your energy to the God force.

The Meditation Steps

1. Sit in a chair with your spine erect, shoulders relaxed, feet flat on the floor. Fold your hands together in your lap and close your eyes.

2. Take three slow deep breaths, exhaling to the base of your spine, and feel yourself relaxing. Sit with your hands together for ten minutes.

3. After ten minutes, open your hands, palms up, laying them gently in your lap. Keep your focus on the songs and music.

4. At the end of the second ten minute period, when your energy is at its highest, most centered point, you can do your affirmation and visualizations, such as, "The perfect partner is manifesting in my life," or whatever you are choosing to create in life, i.e. health, prosperity, wisdom, career. If your buttons were jammed during the day and you reacted, you can review the situation, see what your positive lesson was and visualize how you would have liked to have handled it. Next time the lesson comes up, you will handle it with love.

5. After completing your affirmations and visualizations, close your hand into a fist and feel a balloon of white light a block all around you and underneath you so that you're in the center. This sends love and healing out to the world and buffers negative energy from coming into you.

This twenty minute period, however is not our only meditation practice. We endeavor to practice the meditation attitude in watching our thoughts and behavior throughout the day. You will begin to see how your thoughts, words and actions set up your relationship experiences.

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About the Author

Betty Bethards

Betty Bethards (1933 - 2002)  was a widely known self-help lecturer, author, mystic and spiritual healer. Betty was the president of the Inner Light Foundation, founded in 1969, which provides ongoing programs in the development and understanding of our human potential. Inner Light Foundation, P.O. Box 750265, Petaluma, CA 94975. Visit their website at 

Audio/Presentaton with Betty Bethards (Lecture/Meditation from 1973)


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