Meditation: It Is Good To Be Alive

Meditation: It Is Good To Be Alive
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Meditation: It Is Good To Be Alive!

Find yourself being completely peaceful.

Feel well-being coming from the deepest part of you, filling your entire being.

The boundaries between you and the rest of life are softening.

Your oneness with all is more and more apparent to you.

Your mind is becoming still.

You are experiencing this moment purely, without interference.

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It is good to be alive, to be a part of all life!

It is easy to be alive!

Problems do not limit your aliveness or happiness. They are simply challenges that give you opportunities to make choices and grow.

As you increasingly open to yourself, happiness wells up from deep inside you. Feel it.

The highest form of energy, love, now completely surrounds you and this room, dissolving blocks.

Let yourself receive more and more love into yourself.

Article Source

Meditations for Self-Discovery: Guided Journeys for Communicating With Your Inner Self
by Shepherd Hoodwin.

 Filled with poetic language and vivid pastoral images, the meditations in these pages are perfect for communicating with your own inner self. Meditation is becoming increasingly popular, with both groups and individuals. Corporations are finding that meditation increases productivity. School teachers are using meditation with children, and doctors are recommending it for their patients. Even the White House hired a teacher to teach its staff a variety of meditation techniques, and distributed a flyer encouraging "energy renewing quiet time."

Info/Order this book. Also available as a Kindle edition.

About The Author

Shepherd HoodwinShepherd Hoodwin is an intuitive, workshop leader, and teacher. He is a conscious channel of a nonphysical entity referred to as Michael. He also does past-life therapy, counseling, and channeling coaching (teaching others to channel). He is the author of: "The Journey of Your Soul -- A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings", "Meditations for Self-Discovery -- Guided Journeys for Communicating with Your Inner Self", and "Loving from Your Soul -- Creating Powerful Relationships". Shepherd can be contacted through his website at

Video/Presentation with Shepherd Hoodwin (channeling Michael): Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice


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