Beacons of Light

Take a moment now and find the very center of your energy. Let your focus soften as you become one with your surroundings for the next few moments as we travel together.

Ask your guides to come and join you as we begin this sacred work. Ask permission to join with the Earth and for her to be a part of your circle at this time. Breathe deeply and feel the energy shift in the room. If there are others in the room with you please take their hands for a moment, form a circle, or circles within circles and connect the energy. If you are by yourself please know that you are not alone. Connect energetically to the others doing this meditation at this time.

Send energy through your body to start the movement of energy. Take the energy from the person to your left, pass it through your being giving it to the person on your right. Take the energy in through your left hand and out through your right. See the energy swirling on its own. Now just release the energy and allow it to flow through your circle without your effort. Feel the energy still pulsing through your being. Play with the energy as it dances between the souls in your circle. Feel it strengthen with each time that is passes. Through your intent you have given birth to a vortex of energy. It has taken on a life of its own. Dance in the energy and allow yourself to become playful with this energy as it moves through you.

Now take a deep breath and release the hands of the person next to you. Feel the energy as it continues to move in a swirling motion. Much like a gentle tornado, the energy has formed and is now beginning to extend upward. See that as it spirals upward it also extends outward to form a larger circle.

Take this moment and individually ask for a personal message from the Earth for your path ahead.

Now take a moment and set your personal intent for this energy you have set into motion this day. Each person speaks this aloud to ground the vibration.

Now, if you choose, each one may send a message to connect with other dimensional beings. Send them your greetings of love and plant them firmly in the vortex.

Once again take each other's hands and take the energy vortex you have formed. Ask the Earth if she will receive the vortex. If the answer is yes then ground the energy of your vortex into the Earth and watch as the energy disappears into the Earth. If you feel resistance to this, it simply means that this is not the optimal use of this energy vortex. Now take your vortex and release it upward into the cosmos to become part of the nearest energy vortex. The Vortex of energy now carries your vibration and your intent with it as it continues. Trust the Universe and the Earth for finding the optimal place for this energy as you release it fully now. Know that you will see this energy again in some enhanced form.

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Now take a moment and thank the Earth for her part in your experience.

Feel as she responds to your gratitude.

Now return to the place where you began this journey seeing that the energy has shifted through your own actions. Take one last deep breath and let it be.

And so it is. - - -

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Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

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