Guided Meditation: Bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness

Guided Meditation: Bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness

Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I allow myself
to relax
and go within.

I release thoughts
of my outer world
for now.

I breathe in relaxation. 
I adjust my body 
until it feels comfortable.

I let my thoughts
grow quiet
and serene. 

I allow the muscles 
around my eyes and jaw
to relax.

My breathing is growing 
deeper and calmer.

I am growing more
and more

As I relax
I am able 
to access
my inner self --
my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

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I think of something 
I want to create.

I now bring more awareness
to my thoughts and feelings 
about this area.

I am aware of any thoughts I have
that tell me I cannot create
what I want in this area
of my life.

When I discover negative thoughts,
I surround them with love.

I replace them with positive thoughts
of why I CAN create what I want.

I visualize what I want
consistently and steadily.

I think of one thought that 
tells me I cannot have what I want
in this area of my life.

I now turn this thought into a 
positive thought of why I CAN
have what I want.

I now open to receive
ideas and answers
into my mind
of how to create
what I want 
that is for my higher good.

I have within me 
all the wisdom, 
and answers 
to bring this vision into my reality.

I trust my inner wisdom
and wise inner self.

My wise self brings 
into my consciousness
the knowledge of how 
to create my vision. 

My wise self shows me 
what steps to take
to create this vision as my reality.

I bring my unconscious thoughts 
into consciousness.

I can create the reality I want.

© by Sanaya Roman

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Sanaya RomanSanaya has been channeling Orin, a timeless being of light, for over 15 years. She has worked with Orin to write Living With Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness, and Spiritual Growth. She and Orin have coauthored the books Creating Money and Opening to Channel with Duane Packer who channels DaBen. Sanaya currently conducts seminars with Duane in awakening the light body, and in spiritual growth. Visit their website at

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