Putting Visualization to Work: The Visiting Room Meditation

Putting Visualization to Work: The Visiting Room Meditation

Many of the meditations in this book are based on the technique of visualization, that is, creating pictures or images in your mind. Visualizing in meditation works effectively on three aspects of our being: our physical bodies, our emotions, and our spiritual or soul level. Your body will believe the images that your mind focuses on, and here’s why: your mind uses the images that your physical eyes see to enable you to live, so it will accept images that your inner eye shows it, and then your mind will tell your body how to act. (It’s important here to mention that blind people can also practice visualization; their inner eye "sees" what their other senses perceive.)

Just as your mind can tell you how to sit in a chair by gauging it’s shape and size, so can your mind work on the healing of an organ in your body if you can see it becoming healed. Believe, and your body will respond.

The emotions are linked to the creative side of the brain, so they respond to music, poetry, art, and images. If you picture a beautiful desert island scene, you will feel your emotions reacting.

Read through each meditation before following it. You may find it useful to record the instructions for the longer meditations, as this will allow you to relax and to get more out of them—until you have these meditations memorized, it can be awkward to keep referring back for step-by-step instructions.

Preparatory Exercises

Many of the meditations in this book have short preparations or exercises to help you become calm and to focus your mind for the main meditation. These preparatory exercises are called the Key Meditations and you can use them whenever you feel it neces­sary to ground yourself or quiet your mind prior to beginning your main meditation.

Key Meditation One is good for calming your busy mind and focusing it properly, which is very helpful if you are the kind of person who tends to ruminate, or if you tend to run away with your thoughts. It will help still your mind. It is also a complete meditation in itself that you can use anywhere if you are stressed.

Key Meditation Two is a longer exercise that is used as a preparation for many psychic and spiritual meditations. It is good for clearing out any “heaviness” you may feel in your body, as heaviness is associated with darkness. Worry and upset can make us feel physically heavy. This meditation cleanses and relaxes your body and it also lifts your mood, allowing you to feel lighter and happier.

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Key Meditation One: "Grounding"

You can do the “Grounding” meditation either standing or sitting. It is good for calming and bringing your focus into the present moment, the here and now. It is good for stress if your thoughts are whirling, or if you have just come away from an upsetting occurrence and your mind will not clear.

  1. Relax and lower or close your eyes.
  2. Focus on the arches of your feet.
  3. Visualize two roots, one from each foot, growing down into the ground.
  4. Allow the roots to work their way down, deeper and deeper.
  5. Let the roots branch out as they go.
  6. Feel yourself becoming calmer the deeper you take your roots.
  7. Visualize your roots working their way further downward.
  8. The roots pass through different layers of soil, clay, and rock.
  9. Continue in this way until your feet begin to feel heavy.
  10. Then bring your focus back up to your feet.
  11. Lift or open your eyes.

Key Meditation Two: “White Light"

The "White Light" meditation is a good preparation for any psychic of spiritual meditation and also is an instant mood lightener. If we keep worrying about something, we can store this negative energy in certain parts of our bodies. This can make our bodies feel heavy, and eventually it can make us ill. When we are happy, our bodies feel light. This meditation cleans old suppressed hurts, anxieties, and upsets.

  1. Sit quietly, relax, and close your eyes.
  2. Take a few deep breaths, keeping your eyes closed.
  3. Take your focus to the top of your head.
  4. Send up a thought asking for a shaft of white light to come down from the Universe.
  5. Visualize the light entering the crown of your head.
  6. The light flows down into the top of your head, filling your crown.
  7. The light flows down into your forehead, eyes, and temples.
  8. It flows into your cheekbones, ears, mouth, chin, and jawbone.
  9. The light completely fills the back and the front of your head .
  10. The light flows down the length of your neck.
  11. The light flows along the tops of each shoulder.
  12. It flows down into both arms right to your fingertips.
  13. Now take the light down through your chest, tummy, and abdomen.
  14. Bring the light down both legs and into your feet.
  15. When you are completely full of white light, drop it down into your feet, into the roots, and down into the earth.

Working with white light has a three-fold advantage. First, it lifts your vibration or the speed of your natural energy, which then lifts and brightens your mood and allows you to meditate more effectively. Second, it helps clear your system of negative energy that has gathered there from tension, stress, or emotional upset. Third, white light opens a clear communication channel that enables guides and the spirit world to contact you quickly and easily.

The Visiting Room Meditation

In this meditation you travel to visit a healer. This can be a very effective meditation if you have a strong belief in a particular healer, someone who has actually treated you in the past, or a well-known healer who you have read about or heard about. If you have a photograph or picture, focus on this in preparation for your "visit."

This meditation is most effective if you are lying down.

  1. Close your eyes, relax, and take your focus to your third eye.
  2. Visualize a white spinning disk, growing larger and larger.
  3. When it is large enough, step through the center.
  4. Visualize you are on your way to your chosen healer’s practice.
  5. You arrive at the door of their office.
  6. You enter and make your way to the waiting room.
  7. You wait until you are called into the treatment room.
  8. Visualize the room as you walk in and greet the healer.
  9. You lay on the couch and the healer begins the treatment.
  10. Allow yourself to relax and you will feel energies at work.
  11. When you feel the healing has finished, thank the healer.
  12. Make your way out of the building.
  13. Return through the light of your third eye.
  14. Blend in with your body.

Note: If, during this meditation, you fall asleep while you are having the treatment, don’t worry because you won’t do yourself any damage. As soon as you wake up, perform Key Meditation One: "Grounding."

If you regularly practice this meditation you will feel something different happening each time, as the healing changes according to your needs .

Copyright 2010, 2017 by Lynne Lauren.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Hampton Roads Publishing Co.
Dist by Red Wheel Weiser, redwheelweiser.com

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Meditation Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need
by Lynne Lauren

Meditation Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need by Lynne LaurenMeditation, Plain & Simple is a wise and helpful primer to the practice of meditation. Lynne Lauren provides a brief overview of the different types of meditation along with more than 50 meditations and visualizations that can be used in different circumstances to reach particular goals.

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About the Author

Lynne Lauren was an English spiritualist and clairvoyant. She was reported to have done psychic readings for a number of famous people in the UK, including Geri Halliwell and JK Rowling. She died in 2012.

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