Opening Meditation: Being In The Space Between The Breaths

Opening Meditation: Being In The Space Between The Breaths

Be in the space between the breaths.

Find a comfortable position. A nice comfortable chair will work, or you can lean against the wall or sit cross-legged on the floor. Whatever will be most comfortable for you.

Take your seat, and feel that line of energy that lifts you up as if you’re being raised up by the crown of the head.

Feel your whole spine lengthen now, and feel the alertness that comes with it.

Poised and alert, awake for this meditation, ready for whatever it will be, as you release the concerns of the day so that you can truly be here now... completely present.

You can imagine the worries of the day just being blown away,
as if you’re blowing a dandelion.
You can see your concerns floating off into the dis­tance now,
and you feel lighter and freer already.

Now, begin to notice your breath,
your life force,
your personal self,
and your connection to that self — the breath.
Breathe in and out through the nose, inhaling and exhaling,
making the breath deeper and fuller
until you begin to feel that stillness

That quieting of the mind happens almost instantly, and it gets easier and easier every time you sit to do this.
You already know all this; you are already there.
And you find that point, now, of that quieting,
that space between the breaths,
that pause between the breaths.
As you inhale, you can feel the space...

It’s like ascending a mountain, and when you get to the top,
you can see for miles and miles.
You can see the landscape.
You can see the sky of your life.
You can see the landscape of your life.
You have ascended to the top of the mountain.

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Watch now...this breath (inhale...and pause),
and know,...
then release it in your natural timing now...
It’s as if time stops at those places in between.
This is the point of your connection,
of your knowing.

Refining your awareness,
refining your breath,|
following the breath like a wise, wise guide to that infinite place.

And you may notice a flurry of thoughts,
and ideas,
and things to do,
and all of this is normal and part of the process.
And if you find yourself thinking about anything,
just bring your attention back to the breath again.
In and out...easily...
not forcing it... just breathing in and out through the nose,
not even trying to breathe,
just noticing the breath, and that it moves, and that you are breathing,
in and and out...waiting for those points between...
And you could sit in those points between — infinitely, if you wanted...

God is between the breaths...

And after a while, you’ll begin to notice that there’s a point of light now...
right there,
a point of light.
It feels like home.
This point of light expands and expands in the heart of your head,
like a little sun,
like a little star, a star point, deep within you.
And for a moment, you pause again,
open to that light,
expanding into it...being the same as it...recognizing that you are it.
You are this light.
This light is you.
You and the light are the same.

Feel that light expand within you now, as your heart opens,
like the first light of dawn.
And you can feel...hear...sense...that giant silence.
The world holds its breath in this utter stillness...
It is a symphony of silence.
This is the silence of the mind.

Be still, and know...

And in that knowing, feel yourself expand into it even more.
Feel your connection to it, become one with it...
one with it...
one with the light...and the light is love...
one with the with yourself...
one with your with it all.

Feeling whole and connected now.
Feeling that light streaming from you, shining in all directions,
touching every area of your life
and anything that comes to mind now.
Feel this light shine and touch and transform.
See it.
Little sparks of transformation and unconditional love.
Love...Love...Love is all there is...and you are one with it.

Let that light reveal itself to you now, and in your recognition of it
intone silently within yourself,
I aspire.”
Light is shining in every direction now, from within and from without.
Lines of energy are shining in all directions from you.
You are a star yourself.
As you were shone shine yourself.
Echoes upon echoes upon echoes of love.

Knowing from deep within yourself that you are growing.
Knowing that you are expanding with every moment,
and you are better and better,
and it is easier and easier,
and you are freer and freer.

As you find your breath again, come back to this new moment.
This is the first breath.
Today is the first day.
This moment is the first moment,
and anything can be.

As you slowly transition now out of this meditation, take your time.
Your time.
Become aware of your body and your breath again.
Feel yourself present.
And after a while, you’ll start to feel like opening your eyes slowly,
and then closing them again, and opening them again, still in the meditation.

And as you open your eyes, you see beauty outside.
And as you close your eyes, you see beauty inside.
Beauty within, beauty without.
Wisdom within, wisdom without.
Goodness within, goodness without.

Gently be aware of all these things you hold to be true:
compassion, love, courage, vision.

And all you need to do to bring yourself back
into this knowing at any time
during the day or night
(or in a dream)
is to take a conscious breath,
and it will remind you of all this and more.

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Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
New World Library. ©2004, 2015.

Article Source:

Opening to Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach by Diana Lang. Opening to Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach
by Diana Lang.

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Diana Lang is a spiritual teacher and counselor and the director/owner of LifeWorks - Center for Growth in Los Angeles,California. She has been teaching meditation and yoga since 1980 and conducts seminars in the United States and internationally on meditation, body awareness, stress reduction, and relationship development. She is a "teacher's teacher" of meditation and yoga, as well as a radio personality. Visit her website at

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