Learning to Trust Your Intuition Through Meditation

Learning to Trust Your Intuition Through Meditation

Learning to trust your intuition takes time. The only way to accomplish this is through meditation — by silencing the mind and listening inward.

If you have meditated before, especially on a regular basis, you know how much the practice can improve your mental fortitude. As a medium, I recognize that it is absolutely critical for me to have a clear and open mind in order to give effective readings. That’s why I do a deep meditation each morning and a brief meditation before each reading.

Meditation is an essential behind-the-scenes exercise that few clients know I do. And why would they even care? When they come to me for a reading, they want one thing: for me to connect them with spirits by whatever means necessary. That’s it. They couldn’t care less what I do before they arrive. But the fact is that if I don’t properly prepare before their readings, the countless earthly distractions in my personal life that continually infiltrate my mind could interfere with the spirits’ attempts to communicate with me and, ultimately, with my clients.

Meditation as a Warm-Up for Life

Meditation is to the mind of a medium what warming up is to the body of an athlete. Few athletes would say they “enjoy” warming up. They probably don’t mind it — it makes them feel good and ready to go — but it does take time and effort, and there is nothing glamorous about it. Fans want to know how their favorite player scored that winning touchdown, swam in record time, or hit the game-winning basket, not how well his or her muscles were loosened up in the locker room before the game. But all athletes know they cannot just roll out of bed in the morning, go straight to their competition, and expect to be successful. If they don’t warm up first, they could cramp up, lose focus in their mission, and be unable to perform at their highest level.

Something comparable can happen to my mind before a reading. If I don’t meditate, my mind could cramp up with all kinds of useless information that doesn’t pertain to the reading at hand. That could cause me to lose focus during the reading and hinder me from connecting with the spirits as clearly as I should, for the sake of the spirits and my client.

The primary reason why I need to meditate and clear my mind of junk is because of the fine line between my own thoughts (the left side of my brain, or analytical side) and the presence of spirits (the right side of my brain, or intuitive side).

A Simple Daily Meditation Process

My meditation process is very simple. I do it each morning for fifteen to thirty minutes on average and then again very briefly before each reading.

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For the morning meditation, I sit in a chair in a quiet room with all electronic gadgets turned off. I close my eyes and put my hands on my lap, palms facing up. I breathe slowly and deeply, concentrating on feeling and listening to each breath. I mentally surround myself with white light, which I regard as a representation of God and everything that is peaceful. All I’m trying to do is achieve a sense of tranquility that is difficult to attain without escaping the type of minute-to-minute interruptions we all encounter each day.

As I sit there in silence with the white light around me, I ask God to help me provide my clients that day with the best readings that I possibly can. I ask God to remove everything in my mind that is inconsequential to the readings, and to let the spirits know I am open to their presence — in other words, I’m open for business. What that does is transform me into a messenger for the spirits. My mind has been emptied and is ready for them to enter, with plenty of room for anything they want to tell me. Physically, it makes me feel lighter. My blood pressure drops and my body slows down, creating a somewhat lightheaded sensation. That’s when I know the meditation is working.

Meditation: Condensed Version

In November 2014, I did a show at the Belterra Casino in southern Indiana. After telling the audience about myself, I asked them to participate in a brief meditation with me — maybe five to seven minutes — to clear their minds and to welcome their deceased loved ones into their hearts. I guess you could call it a condensed version of my morning meditation. It wasn’t anything I had prepared — it just came to me on stage. To watch a crowd of nearly one thousand people immerse themselves in this exercise was an awesome sight, and they really seemed to enjoy it.

The following is how I did that meditation. You can use it for yourself (you can record yourself saying it and play it back when you need it), or use it as a guide to create your own personal meditation. It’s most effective when read slowly in a dark and quiet setting. Soft background music might also be a nice touch.

Close your eyes.

Focus solely on your breath. Listen to yourself breathe.

Slowly inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale. Breathe in a circular pattern. Honor your body’s continuous motion.

Feel more and more peace with each breath you take.

Now visualize yourself on the beach in the middle of paradise.

Feel the warmth of the sun...and the gentle breeze. Hear the soothing waves rolling onto the shore.

Feel the comfort of the soft sand between your toes.

Connect yourself with Mother Earth.

Release what no longer serves you well. Any disease. Any illness. Any negativity. Any people who bring you down. Any situations that cause stress. Just let them go. Release them into the universe. They are gone.

They are no longer part of you.

Now see a brilliant white light spiraling down from heaven. Accept it. Feel its peace. Its love. Its warmth.

The light spirals around you and protects you from anything negative and unwanted.

It gently travels through your head. Through your throat. Through your shoulders. Into your chest.

Feel it pause there and deeply warm your heart.

Now it travels down your arms, through your hands, and into your fingertips.

The light goes back up your arms and then cascades down through your torso. Through your thighs. Through your calves. It covers every inch of your body and soul before exiting through your feet.

But the light does not leave you.

It anchors you securely to Mother Earth.

This beautiful, crystal-clear light is the light of God. It is your protector. Nothing negative can penetrate it. It is now part of you.

Now invite in your loved ones who have passed.

See them with your mind.

Feel them with your heart.

Welcome each one of them with peace and love. Smile at them. Embrace them. Share your love with them.

Always know that, no matter what situation you are in, they are just a thought away. Open your mind, open your heart, and you will feel them.

Continue to breathe. Slowly. In and out. Hear yourself breathe. In...out...in...out.

Feel the peace within you. Feel the love. Feel the warmth.

Feel the gentle light of God.

Now open your eyes.

Meditation: Clearing the Inner Table

The meditation I do by myself between individual readings is not as intense but is still very important. The length of time I spend doing it depends on a few factors, including how much time I have until the next reading begins and how stressful my previous reading was.

I try to schedule fifteen to thirty minutes between readings to give me enough time to wind down from my previous reading. Usually, though, I can do my meditation in a minute or two. That may not sound like much time to prepare, but look at it like a boxing match.

Boxers will go all out during a round, then take a one-minute break before the next round. What’s a minute? To those boxers, it’s everything. They have conditioned themselves to make the most of those brief time-outs by resetting their minds and bodies and returning to the ring reenergized.

I may need more time if I have just finished providing someone with a reading that was chaotic, meaning many spirits came through and/or the client experienced a lot of emotion. In either case, I may take a few extra minutes to clear my mind. It’s sort of like cleaning up a table in a restaurant after a group has left, in order to get that table ready for the next group. If the former party included rambunctious people who left behind a lot to be cleaned up, it will take a little longer to get the table set for the next party.

No Matter How Busy You Are, Squeeze in Some Time for Meditation

If you have never meditated, or you don’t do so on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you do. No matter who you are or how busy your life is, squeeze in time for it.

There are many ways to meditate. Just find what brings you calm and inner peace, and practice it daily. Some ways I meditate include listening to music, lighting candles, and burning frankincense. You may enjoy yoga, taking a walk, writing in a diary, or doing artwork. Even just leaving the radio off in the car on your way to work and enjoying the quiet can be a form of meditation.

Clear out the energy that is holding you down, and welcome the energy that will lift you up.

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