Send Love Ahead and Make Your Dream Come True

Send Love Ahead and Make Your Dream Come True

Before you start any action toward your Dream—a call, meeting, class, exam, presentation, creative session, difficult situ­ation—use this visualization technique: Send Love Ahead. I learned this most precious method from a study group in A Course in Miracles. Here’s how it works:

1. Visualize the event, to the very room, where you’ll be working, sitting, talking. If you don’t know the details lit­erally, imagine them.

2. Feel the light and peace envelop you and radiate out from you.

3. Gently think about how you want to come out of the situa­tion. When you leave, what do you want to feel? What do you want to have accomplished? What direction do you want to know you’re next going in? If it helps, write down the answers to each of these.

4. If others are involved, see each of them leaving feeling sat­isfied, fulfilled, happy with the outcome, and ready to take the next action.

5. Repeat these words: “I surrender all to God. I feel only Love here.”

It Really Works!

I once had to go to a difficult meeting on behalf of a client. Using these principles, beforehand, I made a list of how I wanted to feel afterwards. My adjectives included “peaceful,” “strong,” “satisfied with the outcome,” “understood,” respected,” “listened to,” “knowing next direction.”

On the way home, I looked at my list. To what shouldn’t have been my amazement, every one of these feelings had been ful­filled. Besides this, the individuals on the other side had assured me of their complete cooperation to resolve the matter speedily.

One Step At A Time

As you continue to take the steps in front of you, you may find hills and valleys. That is, your initial enthusiasm and spurt of energy may level off, and you may be tempted to revert or get pulled into the old negatives—”I only took one course and have 42 to go,” “What’s the use?” “It seems impossible,” etc., etc.

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I like what U.S. space scientist Wernher von Braun observed (he was responsible for inventions that landed our astronauts on the moon): “I have learned to use the word ‘impossible’ with the greatest caution.”16 And he was only speaking about rocket sci­ence!

Take baby steps and reward yourself. Keep your dates with your Inner Self. Believe in the order you placed with the Universe and God’s infallible delivery service. Continue to ask, listen and affirm. Here are some fortifying thoughts:

Bolstering Action Affirmations

  • God is working in and through me.

  • I listen easily and continuously to my inner guidance.

  • I exchange impatience for joyous expectation.

  • I have what it takes.

  • I do what it takes.

  • I am what it takes.

  • I relax in the certainty of God’s promise.

  • I have now fulfilled my life dream.

Finally, a wonderful statement from Louise Hay:

It is a joy and a delight to plant new seeds, for I know these seeds will become my new experiences. I use my affirmative thinking to create exactly what I want. [Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life].

Practical Steps

Go to bed and wake up thinking “Accomplishment! Fulfill­ment! Success!” If you say nothing else positive to yourself today, repeat these words as often as you can. It’s your choice, as it’s been your choice in the past not to act. In this present instant, you can make a new choice.

Let these words from Daily Word resonate through you:

“I choose to be successful and follow divine instruction that leads me to mastery and achievement.” [The Daily Word]

Trust your intuition and inner guidance. Trust your drive and desire. Whatever you haven’t done, wished you’d done, and want more than ever to do toward your Dream, just take another step.

You’re in control. Every moment is a new opportunity for your success. If you falter momentarily, forgive yourself and get back on the bicycle, or onto the email account.

Keep listening and acting. One day you’ll look around, and with a gentle shock and heart overflowing, you’ll see that you have reached your Dream.

©2011 by Noelle Sterne, Ph.D. Reprinted with permission.
Published by Unity Books, Unity Village, MO 64065-0001

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Trust Your Life: Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams
by Noelle Sterne.

Trust Your Life: Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams by Noelle Sterne.In Trust Your Life, you will learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes and begin to see them as the inevitable steps toward the future you want to create. Through spiritual guidance, life-affirming thoughts and powerful examples, Trust Your Life will help you recognize your inherent creative power as a child of God and uncover, pursue and joyfully realize your long-cherished dreams.

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Noelle SterneNoelle Sterne is an author, editor, writing coach, and spiritual counselor. She publishes writing craft articles, spiritual pieces, essays, and fiction in print, online periodicals, and blog sites. Her book Trust Your Life  contains examples from her academic editorial practice, writing, and other aspects of life to help readers release regrets, relabel their past, and reach their lifelong yearnings. Her book for doctoral candidates has a forthright spiritual component and deals with often overlooked or ignored but crucial aspects that can seriously prolong their agony: Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation: Coping With the Emotional, Interpersonal, and Spiritual Struggles (September 2015). Excerpts from this book continue to be published in academic magazines and blogs. Visit Noelle's website:

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