The Raging War Within: Lower Self vs. Higher Self

The Raging War Within: Lower Self vs. Higher Self

Saints and sages, thinkers and philosophers, priests and scientific inquirers have tried for centuries to understand the enigmatic nature of the human soul. They find man a paradoxical being; one capable of descent into the darkest abysses of evil, and yet equally capable of ascent to the sublimest heights of nobility. They discover two creatures within his breast—one related to the demons and the other related to the angels.”  —  Paul Brunton, The Secret Path

The battle between the Lower Self and the Higher Self is an internal battle, fought every day in the minds and hearts of all men and women. The challenges that these internal battles create in our lives exist regardless of our beliefs, religion, culture, or race. This battle is taking place, to a greater or lesser extent, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The battle between the Lower Self and the Higher Self has been in the consciousness of humanity for millennia. How many scriptures, books, stories, and movies have been written, read, and viewed based on the basic storyline of Good vs. Evil?

Internal Conflict between Lower Self and Higher Self

We see the battle of Light vs. Darkness all around us. We even see it represented in cartoons where a character faced with a decision is depicted with a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. The little angel and little devil argue their different points of view on the situation into the ears of the cartoon character. Ultimately, the character has to make a decision based on this symbolic internal dialogue.

This is not terribly different than situations we might find ourselves dealing with in our own lives. As we become aware that an inner battle is taking place, we can proceed daily, even moment to moment, to embrace the perspective that if we recognize the battles and make conscious choices — led by the Higher Self — we will eventually ensure the victory.

The term “battle” might seem too grand, too substantial at times. The term “internal conflict” might seem to fit some situations more appropriately. It doesn’t matter what we call it, make no mistake, many times throughout a given week, even every day, we are choosing between the Lower Attributes of the Lower Self (ego) and the Higher Attributes of the Higher Self in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Choosing to Change Our Energy, Focus, and Perspective

The Raging War Within: Lower Self vs. Higher SelfIn many cases, we need to consciously transmute our thoughts, words, and actions from a Lower Attribute to a Higher Attribute. This is where self-mastery comes in. When we change the polarity of our thoughts, words, and actions, we are purposefully changing our energy, focus, and perspective.

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We typically experience many mini-victories along the way whenever we transmute a Lower Attribute into a Higher Attribute. As we experience more and more of these mini-victories, we are in a process of replacing old, and no longer useful patterns of thinking, speaking, and acting from the fear-based thought system with new patterns from the love-based thought system that are more in harmony with the Higher Self within.

Experiencing the Challenges of Life & Embracing the Opportunities

These battles must be experienced. You can say we chose the battles for ourselves to experience. We need not try to run from or avoid these battles. They are guiding us along the path to why we are here: to experience the Higher Attributes and ultimately to experience oneness with God.

Even though some of the situations we face in life can be quite painful when we’re in the midst of them, as is the case of an illness, accident, grief at the death of a loved one, divorce, or an abusive situation, to name only a few, these, or similar challenges in life give us opportunities to engage in the seven victories of the Divine Child. [Joy, Freedom, Service, Love, Power and God's Will, Life Eternal, Wisdom and Thought.]

We can choose to embrace the opportunities that our life challenges and other experiences provide to us. Our lives allow us the opportunity to experience the Higher Attributes and become, day by day, ever clearer reflections of who we really are: sons and daughters of God.

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The Seven Victories of the Divine Child by Michael JonesThe Seven Victories of the Divine Child: Claiming Your Divine Inheritance
by Michael Jones.

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