How To Stand in the Truth of Your Being

Opening Your Throat Chakra: Standing in the Truth of Your Being

Clearing and opening the throat chakra releases issues relating to an inability to find and speak one’s truth; this results in authentic and eloquent self-expression. You naturally stand in your highest Self, and your speech expresses the coherence of your whole being. It has the ring of truth and is naturally attractive and compelling.

When this chakra is not clear, your sense of truth will elude you. You will speak from your head and not from the core of your being. Your speech may be wily, evasive, or weak, or you may tend to dominate others verbally. Defensive arguing is a common symptom of an unclear throat chakra.

The capacity to stand in your truth and speak your truth depends first on a strong, grounded sense of Self. So integration of the root and navel chakras is an important basis for integrating and opening the throat chakra. Likewise, being able to connect with your heart is essential to knowing your truth, and a clear sacral chakra will support you in expressing yourself in easy, graceful, flowing speech, so clearing the heart and sacral chakras are also important.

Seeing & Understanding Your Pattern

All ego strategies for surviving, for gaining love, self-regard, and acceptance are subconscious devices that dislocate you from the truth of your being. To fully open the throat chakra, you must see your pattern, whatever it may be, understand it, and counter the dysfunctional and limiting aspects of it in order to uncover who you really are. Then you will find yourself standing in the truth of your being.

Just as self-absorption or self-centeredness always accompanies a blocked heart chakra, one trait is always present with a blocked throat chakra: defensiveness. Rare is the person who does not become defensive when criticized. That is approximately how rare it is to have an opened throat chakra.

What is defensiveness but a forceful attempt to deny or block information that might actually help you grow? This verbal resistance to life both indicates a block in the throat chakra and reinforces that block, so this is one obvious entry point where you can begin to clear this chakra.

Observe Your Tendency to React Defensively to Criticism

Opening Your Throat Chakra: Standing in the Truth of Your BeingWhen confronted with criticism, fair or unfair, try to observe your tendency to react defensively. Hold back from blurting the first thing that comes to you and instead listen with curiosity to the other person’s perspective. His or her perspective will certainly hold at least a grain of truth and possibly more. It is a precious opportunity for you to learn something about yourself, to perhaps see a blind spot of your own, an unintended consequence of your subconscious pattern of attention.

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Even if the critique of another person is largely unwarranted, you can resist the contraction of ego and so exercise your muscles of ego expansion by responding with openness and curiosity. Criticism is a great gift if you can remain open and nondefensive.

Simply remaining open and curious in the face of criticism will go a long way toward clearing your throat chakra, as well as your root, sacral, navel, and heart chakras. Not only will your speech be more attractive and flowing, but you will also gain a grounded, natural sense of self, reclaim your personal power, and develop a humble and open heart.

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