Absolute Trust in Self vs. Distractions on the Spiritual Journey

Absolute Trust in Self vs. Distractions on the Spiritual Journey

There is a word for absolute trust in self. We call it Ahmyo. It's more than a word; it's a tone — ahhhmmmmyoooo. It kind of rolls off your tongue.

Ahmyo is absolute trust — not in the outside world, not in other people, not in entities or aliens — but in yourself. Ahmyo. I Am That I Am. No matter what is happening in your life, you uncondition­ally know that you have created it for the higher good of yourself.

The moment you embrace Ahmyo, you unlock potentials that were previously unknown to you.

Ahmyo is absolutely pure. It is the realization of the I Am. Ahmyo is where you stop doubting everything that happens, you stop trying to analyze everything, and you understand that every­thing is created by you for a higher good, for your own expansion, or for joy of your life. That level of trust in self is what all of the Ascended Masters experienced in their final lifetimes on Earth. Ahmyo is the final and perhaps the most joyful step.

Imagine Having Absolute Unconditional Trust in Yourself

Imagine for a moment what it's like to have absolute uncondi­tional trust in yourself. Ahmyo. That includes trusting your body. Yes, even if it gets sick or if it has pain, can you trust it? Ahmyo. No matter what happens, you created it for the love of self.

When you truly embrace Ahmyo, you quit worrying about the lit­tle things in life. You stop wasting energy on things that don't really matter so that you can be in full consciousness of life itself. Ahmyo.

You stop worrying about what's going to happen next because you realize what happens next will be absolutely perfect. The moment you're in the state of Ahmyo, it changes the potentials of an illness so those stuck and blocked energies start moving again. It opens up the potential of things like lack of abundance.

Sud­denly, when you say, "I created that," it reveals the true highest potential instead of the limited illusion of poverty. Then you don't bring in these "bad scenarios," because there's no need for them anymore. Your soul now has your attention, and it was just asking you to trust yourself.

Makyo: The Antithesis of Ahmyo

Absolute Trust in Self vs. Distractions on the Spiritual JourneySo what would be the antithesis of Ahmyo? Makyo!

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Makyo means false, delusional, and deceptive, related to distrac­tions on your spiritual journey.

So the opposite of Ahmyo is Makyo. Makyo happens to every­one I've ever known who is on the spiritual path, including Buddha and every Ascended Master I've ever known. They get to a point of Makyo on their journey. It happens near the end of self-realization, and they start polluting themselves with a lot of distractions, spiri­tual rhetoric, rituals, and routines, as well as limited beliefs, dogma, and righteousness.

Oftentimes the Makyo comes in because there is a resistance to ending the game. In other words, you can sense that you're about to become "enlightened" but you're not really ready to get out of the game. You want to keep searching instead of becoming.

100% Trust in Self: Taking That Final Step Away From Self-Deception

Makyo is also there because you don't want to face the real issue that's in front of you right now, and that's Ahmyo. Trust.

I have seen very wise, amazing, radiant spiritual human beings who are very evolved on their spiritual path, ready to take that final step into ascension status — and suddenly they go Makyo. They get into distractions and deceptions. They're literally afraid to take that final step: 100 percent trust in self. They can get to 99.9, but they're afraid to cross the final line.

It's a big trap for spiritual workers and especially spiritual leaders. Suddenly, they think they have to act a certain way — wise, intelligent, oozing white light and blessings and wise statements. Not at all! Actually, the true spiritual teacher and worker gets very human, because they're not afraid of it.

Any Belief System You Have Is Basically False

Any beliefs that you have right now are Makyo. It is an ancient Zen term, and literally translated it means "Satan's cave" or the "spider web of deceit." I like to use a more practical term: "spiritual bullshit" or caca. Any belief system that you have is basically false.

What is your Makyo? What are some of your spiritual distrac­tions? Do you have a spiritual arrogance? What are some of the belief systems that you cling to? What are some of the belief systems and Makyo that you've brought in recently?

The past and the future are Makyo. The only thing that matters is this moment. All of your beliefs — spiritual beliefs, human beliefs, any beliefs — from this moment on should all be put in the category of Makyo. They don't really matter, unless you want them to.

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Article Source

Live Your Divinity: Inspiration for New Consciousness
by Adamus Saint-Germain (transmitted by Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe).

Live Your Divinity: Inspirations for New Consciousness by Adamus Saint-Germain (transmitted by Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe).In Live Your Divinity, the wisdom of Adamus comes through loud and clear in the plain-talking voice of Geoffrey Hoppe. Culled from Adamus's messages given before live audiences around the world, these excerpts relay that, ultimately, personal growth and spiritual development can only be realized through an increased awareness of the very experience the reader is already having on their path of awakening.

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Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe, co-authors of: Live Your Divinity-Inspirations for New Consciousness.Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe are well-known channelers and founders of the Crimson Circle, an international community of spiritually minded people. They conduct workshops, seminars, and conferences around the world, and were included in Tuning In, the popular movie and book about channeling by David Thomas. Visit them at: www.crimsoncircle.com.


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