Why and How To Make Spirituality Your Way of Life

How To Make Spirituality Your Way of Life by Wendy Stokes

‘Illumination’ and ‘enlightenment’ are words used to describe the path of spirituality. Just as the sun provides light and warmth for growth so spiritual light encourages spiritual activity and development. To ‘throw light upon a matter’ is to provide understanding.

We are told by spiritual masters, teachers and gurus that we must seek enlightenment and that we must become ‘conscious’ and ‘awake’. However the proof of personal transformation is that our service and other actions demonstrate that we believe and understand eternal truths and the nature of our eternal spirit. We are here for a purpose: to recognize our individual spirit and to work towards perfecting it.

What is Lightworking or a Lightworker?

Often called ‘the hero’s path’, lightworking involves challenging wrongdoing, not just for the self but for others who cannot challenge for themselves. Generally, a lightworker is any authentic, trustworthy and kind person.

Lightworkers appreciate that we have been given intelligence and education to make the world a better place, where good things can be shared and suffering reduced. We are caretakers of this finite planet and all life forms depend on us for their present and future wellbeing. We appreciate health in body and mind and are grateful to a society that has offered us considerable affluence and we use resources wisely.

Anyone who is responsible and accountable for the consequences of their actions is involved in lightworking activity as are those who are able to put others before self. Lightworking is a way of life, not just a belief, and we need to show how our beliefs result in actions. Politics cannot be separated from spirituality. While others suffer, we must not stand idly by! We must all petition and campaign for transparency and justice in our political systems.

Lightworkers are good role models because they lead structured, functional and ordinary lives and do the work that really matters. They are inspired by Spirit to develop their own specialized activities and guided by Spirit to write or hold talks to inform others of the importance of paving the way for a better, safer, healthier and more peaceful world.

Lightworkers are interested in many questions: Why are we here? How important is truth? What is prosperity? How can we protect and conserve our planet for future generations?

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Performing Good Works with Kindness is Good For Your Health

How To Make Spirituality Your Way of Life by Wendy StokesAs lightworkers, we usually perform good works without recognition or recompense. We usually choose a life that is both ecologically sustainable and spiritually fulfilling. We are discerning and selective in how we prioritize the needs of our own life and our commitment towards the needs of others.

Ben Elliott says, “People are beginning to derive more satisfaction from helping people than making large sums of money”. Take for example, pop star Shakira who supports education projects in developing countries, film star, Pierce Brosnan who saves whales and dolphins from slaughter, the Glastonbury Festival that raises money for Oxfam.

Eugenie Harvey thinks that kindness is the new currency. The Kindness Offensive is an organization that ‘has fun bringing good to the world’ and feeds homeless people in London. Dr David Hamilton is a speaker on the subject of kindness and suggests that voluntary and charity work improves mental, emotional and physical health and many business organizations are reporting that fundraising activities establish good bonding and increase morale.

All these and many more unmentioned are thoughtful and considerate people who know right from wrong. Everyone who can should support good work in this world because this is the reason why we are here!

What is an Anti-Lightworker?

Healing is the highest spiritual service. It is an indictment on our humanity that so many people are inconsiderate and place materialism above caring. The self-serving contribute to the darkness and coldness of our world, and their addictions diminish our planetary future. Bad behavior highlights waste and greed and depletes precious resources that should be put to better use.

Those that use the cover of darkness might be individuals, groups or societies who exploit, corrupt or abuse and by some are known under the name of the ‘Antichrist’. Evil behaviors are contrary to the agenda of the lightworker and should be challenged.

Lightworkers know it is sometimes necessary to uncover dark forces where we see actions that cause chaos and confusion, and where opportunists take advantage of, and cause hardship to those less able to cope than themselves. Part of this work is the spread of kindness and understanding, but also, at times, it involves challenging the mentality and behavior of those involved in wrong-doing that causes harm to others. When evil triumphs it is because good people did not take assertive action.

Spirituality – A Way of Life

Our physical body, emotions and thoughts need to work in harmony for spiritual progress to occur. There are eternal benefits if we listen to our spirit and consequences if we don’t.

An easy method of analysis is whether other people or the world benefits by our actions. If they do, we are acting spiritually, if not, we are acting selfishly. Spirituality is a state of balance between purely self-centered motivations and a commitment towards the needs of others. When we are spiritual, our intentions are pure and wholesome.

Our good intentions connect us to those in the present (and those of the past) who seek to make the world a better place through liberation from suffering. Loving values, ethics, standards, boundaries and morals underlie the basis of spirituality and are the hallmarks of the soul inspired life. Those who tread the path of spirituality are the lightworkers who use this incarnation to heal those in need and to bring wisdom to others.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, O Books.
©2010 by Wendy Stokes. All rights reserved.

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Chapter 2 of the book:

The Lightworkers' Circle Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups
by Wendy Stokes.

This article was written by the author of the book: The Lightworkers' Circle Guide by Wendy Stokes.This handbook is the first comprehensive book that explains how to set up and run a spiritual circle/group to receive revelations from angels and elevated spirit guides. Wendy Stokes, a qualified teacher counsellor and writer, guides you each step towards safe and effective circle work practice. This book will appeal to those interested in direct experience of spirit communication whether they be novices or experienced channellers.

Click here for more info and/or to order this book.

About the Author

Wendy Stokes, author of the article: In Search of Silence

Wendy Stokes is the author of 'The Lightworkers' Circle Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups' published worldwide by O Books and available from Amazon. Wendy has donated her royalties from the sale of this book to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust that helps protect endangered species from extinction. For more info visit: http://www.wendystokes.co.uk


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