Our Future is Golden: World Peace & Cooperation

Our Future is Golden: World Peace & Cooperation

Every day, the number of people rising to and maintaining a fifth-dimensional frequency is increasing. When enough people do so, we will have world peace and co-operation. We will live in a world without bound­aries, where all are abundant. Our future is golden.

During the transition, you and the entire world will be catching glimps­es of the glorious future, a time when we will all live with open hearts, see the best in others and trust the universe to support us.

Emphasis on: Creativity, Sharing, Caring, Cooperating...

Because the new emphasis will be on creativity, sharing, caring and co­operating for the highest good, you will feel safe and supported by family, friends and neighbors.

With the opening of the cosmic portals, you may experience true fam­ily harmony and love with a sense of personal freedom. You will be able to be yourself and will be encouraged to do what brings your soul satisfac­tion. For the first time since Atlantis, you will have a chance to experience true deep inner happiness and contentment. If that is already your reality, rejoice that you have come so far.

Enabling Others to Bring Forward Their Hidden Gifts

You will take total responsibility for all you have created and use your mastery to manifest an abundant, joy-filled life for yourself, do what makes you feel fulfilled, develop your talents and live in harmony. With an open heart you will want to enable others to bring forward their hidden gifts too.

As you become increasingly more in touch with nature, you will sense the wisdom and love reaching out to you from trees and flowers, and expe­rience the extraordinary cosmic energy of the seas and rivers. As you walk, you will be aware of the elementals and how they support nature and the life force and well-being of Earth. You will feel their lightness and their love for you as well as the love of the planet.

Spiritual Technology: A World of Powerful Possibilities

Spiritual technology will start to be used, and this will expand our consciousness as well as ease our lives. One example of this are the digital cameras built to capture the light of the angelic realms as Orbs. As more light rises during and after 2012, spiritual technology will start to influence travel, power, communication and weather control in ways that are cur­rently beyond our comprehension. Computers will use faster frequencies and carry light information, enabling instant global communication and facilitating understanding between cultures and countries. Technology will be balanced by the closer connection with nature.

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Once again people are recognizing the possibilities held within crystals. As we respect them and start to work with them from the heart, we will be able to unleash their power with wisdom.

Our Future is Golden: World Peace & CooperationAs a world, we will invoke and receive more assistance from the angelic realms. This will hugely light up the possibilities for our lives. How wonderful when everyone walks with angels and Masters! As this happens, more are making their connections with the seventh-dimensional center of our planet known as Hollow Earth, and this is ac­celerating us into higher ascension.

High-Frequency Businesses: Motivated for the Highest Good

Already we are seeing new high-frequency businesses being developed, which are succeeding because their motivation is to do what is for the highest good, helping animals, people and nature. These will increase and grow in service to everyone.

Women everywhere are beginning to stand in their power. They are recognizing their own light. At the same time some religions will soon open up to spirituality, which will soften dogma. This will allow people to come together and to honor and respect each others' cultures.

Consciousness Rising: More Natural & Higher Healing Methods

As the consciousness of the Western world rises, more people are embracing higher healing methods. There is less reliance on allopathic drugs as a cure-all, and those who have cleared much of the karmic component of their illness are seeking more natural methods of balancing themselves. The interest in maintaining health through crystals, herbs, flower essences, Reiki and spiritual healing, sound and many other ways will continue to increase.

The power of sound to bring into harmony and peace and even facilitate deep healing is being recognized. Sound and sacred geometry will increasingly be used to maintain a fifth-dimensional frequency within communities.

The New Kids on the Block: High-Frequency Spiritual Children

Waves of high-frequency, spiritual children are being born. They are prepared to serve during the transition. They carry extraordinary light, knowledge, information and wisdom. Many are wired with important spiritual technology to help us all into the new Golden Age. The more we can raise our frequency to the fifth dimension and hold it there, the more of these souls can come in and truly express their encoded gifts.

Already some are being born who carry the new blueprint for humans and for the planet. If the new children have fifth-dimensional parents, their possibilities are limitless.

Celebrating Your Life & Your Mission

You are asked to remind yourself what an amazing job you have done so far and congratulate yourself for handling change so well. The final message from the angels is 'celebrate yourself'. Celebrate who you are. Cel­ebrate your life and your mission.

You came to experience a unique journey on Earth, so celebrate how far you have come. When you see the numbers 11.11, it is a reminder that you have moved a step higher. You have done exceptionally well, and the angels and unicorns are singing over you to encourage and applaud you. They send their gratitude.

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This article was excerpted with permission from the book:

Transition to the Golden Age in 2032: Worldwide Forecasts for the Economy, Climate, Politics, and Spirituality
by Diana Cooper.

Transition to the Golden Age in 2032Explaining what will happen after the spiritual changes predicted to occur in the year 2012 according to ancient prophecies, this handbook shows how to tap into the energies of the universe to gain understanding of the changes taking place. From what to expect to how to prepare, the teachings in this book serve as guidance for the next 20 years.

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About the Author

Diana Cooper, author of the book: Transition to the Golden Age in 2032 -- Worldwide Forecasts for the Economy, Climate, Politics, and Spirituality Diana Cooper is a therapist, a healer, and the author of several books, including 2012 and Beyond, Angel Inspiration, Discover Atlantis, Keys to the Universe, Light Up Your Life, A Little Light on Ascension, and A Little Light on Spiritual Laws. Her journey started during a time of personal crisis when she received an angel visitation that changed her life. Diana teaches seminars worldwide and is the Principal of The Diana Cooper School, a not for profit organisation which offers certificated spiritual teaching courses throughout the world. Visit Diana's website at http://www.dianacooper.com


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