We Invented The Bogey Man--We Don't Have To Keep Him Alive

The Bogey Man Within: He Isn't Real, Never Was
(U.S. Army photo by Gladstone Reid, RDECOM ARDEC)

You cannot find the solution to a problem in the human mind, for there is not one, the problem or the mind. Yet that which appears to be threatening, when understood as non-power, will disappear into the nothingness from which it came.

Think of a problem or challenge that you may be experiencing at this time. Where did it originate? Out of a belief in two powers -- a belief that the Spirit of God within has competition in the outer world of form, an adversary as powerful as Omnipotence itself.

Facing Our Challenges & Working Our Way Through Them

We grew up with this belief. As children, we had battles to fight, pains to alleviate, losses to compensate for, and conditions to overcome. And as we matured into adulthood, these beliefs became even stronger. Oh, we prayed that we would be delivered from the "snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence"-- but for the most part, we had to face the challenge and work our way through it to the best of our ability.

Now we hear that not only was there not a problem, but also that there was no human mind to solve it. We created the problem out of our system of false beliefs, and thus it appeared real to us, but there was no substance, energy, or reality behind it. It was nothing but a shadow of beliefs calling for our attention, which we gave it, and made it a part of our reality.

The Bogey Man Never Existed: It Was All In Your Head

The great metaphysician Emmet Fox wrote in Power Through Constructive Thinking:

A bogey that you do not believe in has no power to hurt you or worry you. The Bogey Man who lives under the cellar stairs cannot frighten or deceive you now, because you do not believe in him; but when you were three years old it was very different. Then he had the power to raise your heartbeat to a gallop... Yet today he cannot cause one flicker of an eyelash -- because you do not believe in him. That is the whole difference. Nothing in reality has changed. There is no Bogey Man there, and there never was one at any time; the difference is in you.

Now it is exactly the same with any other kind of evil that may seem to be showing itself in your experience, for all evil is a bogey. It is there only because you believe in it, and it will disappear directly as you cease to believe in it. The only "life" it has is what it receives from you. The only power it has over you is what you give it in belief.

How do we cease believing in bogeys? First, by understanding that in our Divine Consciousness, as exemplified by the Whole Person of the Jesus Model, there never has been or ever will be any sort of difficulty. Second, by becoming consciously aware of the only Self within and letting It change the appearance, which can take place in two ways.

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In one instance, Spirit "pops the bubble" of the false belief -- changes the misqualified energy we are holding -- which then reveals to us that there wasn't really a problem in the first place.

Don't Fret Over a Problem That Doesn't Exist

Bogey Man Within: He Isn't Real, Never Was

For example, when we couldn't get any water out of the faucet, I called the plumber. He checked the water storage tank (we have our own well) and found it empty. He said, "You've got a real problem. Your well has gone dry and you'll have to dig a new one -- it will probably cost you about ten grand."

Not good news, but after a deep sigh, I heard the words from within: "Don't fret over a problem that doesn't exist." We called the well company, and after a brief inspection, they found a minor defect in the pump and fixed it for less than a hundred dollars.

Changing Consciousness Changes the Appearance of the Situation

Spirit also changes the appearance of the situation by providing what is needed through a change in consciousness. I remember the day a letter from the IRS arrived in the mail demanding much more money than we had available at the time -- and they wanted it immediately. Now that Bogey Man was very real to me, and I could see him seizing everything we had to pay off the debt. Fear? You bet. So I focused my mind on the Presence within as the solution to the problem. In a few minutes, I heard the inner voice say, "I am the IRS."

What this meant to me was that there was nothing to fear, that every agent was the Spirit of God (omnipresence), and that the belief in a hostile attack from "out there" was being dissolved. I went back in the house and told Jan that everything was okay. No, the IRS didn't forgive the obligation, but three days later, an all-sufficiency of funds came forth to meet it with ease without having to borrow any money. "...that which appears to be threatening, when understood as non-power, will disappear into the nothingness from which it came."

A Meditation: All Is Well

This problem that seems to be calling for my attention is something that has been expressed through my belief in two powers. But since Spirit, the only Power, is everywhere present, that means that my life and world are filled with harmony, loving relationships, physical wholeness, true place success, and lavish abundance.

So where is the problem? It can't be, for it was only a belief, and this error thought is dissolved by Spirit as It flows through me to reveal the Reality of heaven on earth.

I am aware of the activity of Spirit, the only power at work in my consciousness. I feel the shining love, the radiating power, the flow of wisdom. I am as Jesus, and all is well.

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The Jesus Code
by John Randolph Price.

The Jesus Code by John Randolph Price.In 1998, John Randolph Price experienced a mystical revelation from which came specific steps to higher consciousness - a ladder to climb to a new dimension where the illusions of sickness, scarcity and discord are shattered and a world of wholeness, abundance and right relations is revealed. He was also given a glimpse of the future as we move into the third millennium, and how lasting peace will finally come to Earth. This is the story of that revelation.

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John Randolph PriceJohn Randolph Price (deceased 2014) was a visionary, lecturer, and best-selling author of more than a dozen books published in many languages. He and his wife Jan (deceased 2011) formed The Quartus Foundation, a spiritual research and communications organization based in Texas. They were the originators of "World Healing Day" -- a global yearly mind-link for peace at noon Greenwich time on December 31st. For information, you may contact The Quartus Foundation at PO Box 1768, Boerne, TX 78006-6768 or visit their website: www.quartus.org

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