Desire to Change

Carolyn E. CobeloDearly beloved ones, another wave of force is entering into the Earth's energy field. This intensity will increase the desire to change, to move beyond current restrictions, to bring forth the energy of your heart. You will not return to the status quo or state of being of the past. No, this will never occur again. You will be catapulted into a new wave. If you resist, you will be hurt, for any resistance to change is painful. Remember this. Remember it deeply and dearly within your hearts, for each one of you has fought to remain static in the security of knowing, holding on to what is familiar and fixed.

Now, of course, there is no such thing as a fixed form, for change is ongoing. So, you are finding yourselves energized, mobilized to move beyond the present motion in your lives, beyond the present attachments, beyond the present alienations. You will be reaching out to others, joining others, bonding with one another, bonding in your hearts.

Replacing Restriction with Connection

You are replacing the restrictions of love with connection, bonding, and holding the hearts of one another. The alienation, aloneness, frustrations, resentments, angers, doubts, and fears -- all of this you can leave behind in one swoop of your eyes. One glance and it is gone. This glance is into your own being to find the golden light that is present there and to trust in the Lord. More than anything else, trusting in the Lord and receiving the love of the Lord must be your focus. This will hold you safe beyond all else. It will hold you in reverence of the union of all that is above all else. You will soon see that this is the most valuable treasure that you can hold, forever and ever, past, present, and future.

You can no longer deny the growth that is taking place within you. If you do, you will extinguish this growth, and you may even extinguish yourselves. Instead, you must honor this growth. It is like a growing plant. If you cut the stem, you will kill the plant. If you deny your growth, you will kill the light within your bodies.

These are strong words. These are words that will touch you deep in your hearts if you allow them to. These are words that speak profoundly to the knowledge and wisdom that is within you. For each of you knows this without a doubt, and yet you fight and scream in agony to prevent this growth from taking place. It is as if you wish to be in the darkness, convinced by the illusion that this is where to find safety. No, the safety is in the light. The safety is in the holding of others dearly and belovedly in your hearts, in your arms, in the depth of your souls.

The Light Is All There Is

Remember that God loves you dearly, and the love of God and God's love is your light. You are this light. You are no different from God. God is you; you are God. There is no difference. You are me; I am you; you are one another. There is no difference. The light is all that is. As you come to realize this, you will find a great joy blooming in your hearts. Remember, joy is wherever you are, for joy is the light, love, and union with all that is.

As you venture forth into your lives, into your homes, into your daily work and your daily thoughts, remember the light is always with you. Remember you are always with the light. You may imagine this light as the most beautiful, brilliant, effervescent light of love -- perhaps a sun, for the Sun is the closest you can come in the physical human experience to imagining this light. Its intensity is the closest you can come to imagining the glory of the light of the Lord.

So, when you look upon the Sun and receive its nourishing and healing rays, think about the Lord as being multifold suns, so intense that you cannot imagine it in its reality. Only in the depth of your souls do you know this. The light comes softly to you, gently. The glory of the Lord is a gentle, loving love. It is completely and wholly love. There is nothing but love.

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So, when you look upon the Sun, imagine deep within the Golden Sun beyond all else -- the Golden Sun that holds all that is. In this way, you will be reminding yourself of this Golden Sun, this presence of light.

I am among you. I am with you. I am in many places upon the Earth now, to manifest a belief in the Lord; to activate faith, hope, and charity; to bring forth the love and respect of each being, living and nonliving, upon the Earth. All is with God. God is with all.

Everything Falls Gently Into Place

When you are with this Sun of the Lord, the details of your lives fall gently into place in new forms, as if you threw the pieces up and they landed in a new pattern. In trust and faith you can move forward through a pattern that works more easily in all ways for you. It is more smooth and peaceful, more gentle, more nourishing, more loving, and more in accordance with your own desires, your own truth, your own love.

So, remember this and throw the pieces up. Let go of all you have created until now, and allow the pieces to take a new form, a new configuration. All of what you have planned will be disrupted. All of what you have organized will be disturbed, unable to take place as you have visualized.

I tell you this now with love and respect for your intentions and your desire for order in the chaos, for clarity in the obscurity, and for joy in the darkness. Let go now. All that you have planned, each one of you, let it go. Let it sail high upon the waves of love back to the Lord. Let the Lord feed and nourish it. Release it all. For none of what you have planned, organized, or imagined will take place in keeping with the expectations you have in mind at this time.

Enjoy love. Enjoy spontaneity. Enjoy the beauty of the creation of the Lord. Let it be. Let it be so. Bring blessings to your heart. Bring joy. Bring love and the pleasure of being together. Release all expectation, all attachment to a form of living that is no longer applicable. Release it. Allow it to be in the presence of the Lord. Trust in the love. For all that is around you and with you, far and close, is of the Lord, is of love.

Let Your Soul Express our Deepest Desire

Let your souls express your deepest desires and you will find that the Lord shines forth from your souls. You shall know the course to take. You shall know the way and you shall bring together all that you love. But know also that the pieces will fly up again and again, causing the forms to continually change. Allow it to be and allow for a two-week period each time the pieces are released to bring forth a new design, a new structure. The linear way, the rigidity of the linear form, the structures, the hierarchies, the building upon building upon building will all dissolve. So, allow it to be.

I am always with you. There will be times when all you know is that I am with you. All you can rely on is my being, the being of the Lord, the being of your hearts, and the being of your love. Allow it to be, for it is the glory and the joy of the greatest gift you can receive -- the love and the presence of God.

So, my children, remember I am always with you. You can call upon me in any moment. Call me by name. Ask if I am there. Ask, "Are you there, Mary? Are you there, Mother? Are you there, Divine Goddess?" Call me whatever name you wish. I shall answer and I shall be with you, as I am always. Amen.

This article was excerpted from the book:

The Spring of Hope by Carolyn E. Cobelo.The Spring of Hope: Messages from Mary
by Carolyn E. Cobelo.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Akasha Productions, Sante Fe, New Mexico. ©2000.

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Carolyn E. CobeloAbout The Author

Carolyn E. Cobelo, MSW, is director of Akasha Institute, Alcyon Sacred Arts Alliance, and Hamsa, Inc., in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a psychotherapist, spiritual healer, and channel for Divine Mother Mary, and the author of The Power of Sacred Space: Exploring Ancient Ceremonial Sites , Awakening to Soul Love: Pathways to Intimacy, The Spring of Hope, and Avalon, the Temple of Connection: A Game of Spiritual Transformation. Visit her website at

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