You Are Not A Sheep; You Are A Shepherd

You Are Not A Sheep; You Are A Shepherd
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When you justify the old— “Well, we have always done it as such, so this must be the way”— you are a follower, you are sheep. And, in fact, the Divine Self as you is not a sheep, but a shepherd.

So the small self wants questions answered. “I still have a job. What do I do with my job?” At each level of agreement, you look at your world and you seek the answers that you believe you will need to know. But, you only know in the mo­ment knowing is given. You know what’s expected of you in the moment you know, and not a moment before, nor a moment after. 

And your own awakening, your own lifting, is the clarion call through your vi­bratory field to summon the world to you in a higher accord. And it is the Divine in manifestation who is claiming her work, her role in society, if she has one, and what it means to be in a life that has been created for the benefit of her learning and for the benefit of serving those before her.

When you claim “I know how I serve,” the am­plification of the vibratory field, in waves, congratulates and con­firms the presence of the Divine in the world before her. The fear you have about not being what you want to be is immediately replaced in recognition of who you truly are. And who you truly are, whether or not you know it in the moment of this reading, is the Divine, has always been, can and will only be the Divine.

The agree­ment to manifest, to participate in the field of the physical realm, has been a wondrous opportunity. And, while you are not releasing that opportunity, you are lifting the manifest world, by nature of being, to learn some new things that cannot be learned as a small self seeking to confirm history.

The small self, you see, who is still present with you, will no longer rely upon the artifacts of history, when what is being presented to him or her makes far more sense in his experience. The justification of rules and laws, habituated acts, cultural mores, will be seen, just as they have al­ways been, as agreements made to conform to a status quo that is an inherited structure that is seeking to be re-known through the lifting and re-creation of the world.

Walking the World Beyond The Agreement to Fear

As you walk the world, beyond fear, beyond the agreement to fear, what you begin to comprehend is the insanity of fear as a practice, as a way of being in agreement to logic. “You should be afraid.” “You should condemn.”

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The false teachings of history that have supported man turning against man are seen for what they have always been— ways to decide how humanity should interact to support the needs of the ones who would make the rules. When you have lived with a rule for generations, you assume it to be true, or meaningful, when, in fact, the creation of the rule, at the time it was commanded, was to support a need of a community that was operating in very different ways than you may be now.

Now, imagine for a moment that there is someone in your life who you know as fearful. And imagine them, for a mo­ment or two, standing before you in their fear. If you wish to ask the fear to take a shape or a name, something emblematic, so that you can claim it independent from the individual— because, in fact, fear is independent from an individual—it will be helpful to you.

So see the person before you with the image of fear, or name of fear, that they utilize, and claim this for them in your own way. “I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth. I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. You are free.”

Now, as this is claimed, watch what begins to happen with the energetic field, or the name the thing has been given. As you claim them in truth, the lie that they have known themselves in will re­lease its hold, because in truth a lie will not be held.

You are not ripping their fear from them. You are claiming who they are with­out it, without the idea of fear in the manifestation that they have agreed to, whether it be fear of death, or spiders, or of being alone. What ever the fear is that they have chosen to learn through may be re-known in a higher octave through the simple act of bringing them to the Upper Room through your accord with them.

(Editor's Note: The Upper Room provides a higher vista -- unfettered by the illusions of the small self and not determined by the cultural dictates, what you should want, or should aspire to, to be who you think you should be.)

Any claim made from this oc­tave has the intent to lift what you are encountering to the Upper Room to be re-established and re-known. The one before you, who wears her fear, is re-integrating an aspect of herself that has per­haps been dormant, or hidden away out of the need to be safe that was justified by fear, but the moment the fear releases its tentacles, the idealized self, the True Self, reclaims the captain of the vessel of her being. In other words, the fear that would rule is released through the re-articulation of the one claimed in love.

The True Self Is Love

You will understand this, the moment that you stop thinking that love is an emotion, because what it is, is truth as love, truth as God. And the reliance upon truth, that which cannot be untrue because it is eternally true, will be the claim of alchemy that is made by you as the True Self who is in love.

Now, to some of you, you think this means you will go around hugging people you don’t like. We don’t like hugging very much, either. We would prefer other ways of contact. Since we have no body to hug in this manifest world, we would rather say hello and be in love with you.

For those of you who want to go hugging every­one, you must ask what your need really is. “Why do I feel com­pelled to wrap my arms around every one I meet?” You may hug as you wish. You may choose not to, as you wish. One thing has noth­ing to do with the other, or what we are teaching.

We are teaching love and the manifestation of love, which releases fear, from the Up­per Room, which is where this can be taught. We are teaching from the Upper Room, where fear does not agree. So, in this place of fear-less-ness, you may come each day until you abide here in your own knowing.

The Lifting Of The World

The lifting of the world is an act of being. And the being as the Divine in manifestation is an encyclopedia in and of itself. Imagine a million voices, all around the globe, lifting in song in this new claim, “I Have Come, I Have Come, I Have Come.”

And the agreement to be in vibration that reiterates its name in language, and tone, and vibration, in the scale of freedom, in the tone of love embodying the manifest plane— that is what comes when each of you says yes, because, by nature of your being, you become the liberator of those imprisoned by their fear. And you awaken those, by nature of your being, who have denied the Divine, the aspect of the Divine, that has come as them and seeks its acclima­tion through the articulation of form.

The division that you experience now in your world can actually be healed by the one who knows herself in union with her Source. It cannot be healed at the level of division. It cannot be understood at the level of division.

At the level of division, which is the level of the small self in separation, the mandate is replication, and replica­tion of the old claims the new as the old, each day you choose it. If you are willing, wherever you are, to be re-known and re-articulated as the one in union, you create the echo, the vibratory resonance, that manifests itself as the world before you. Period. Period. Period.

Being In Service for the Higher Well-Being of All

Now, ask yourselves these questions: “Am I willing to be re-created and re-known and in service for the higher well-being, the higher well-being of all? Am I willing to forgive myself for what I may have chosen to learn through on this plane? Am I willing to make a new agreement that the choices I make from now on will be made in accordance with the truth of my being, from the Upper Room?”

You may answer these as you wish, and, as you answer them, understand that the choice to say yes fulfills itself on the walk of life that you are embarking upon here. You are met by the circum­stances and requirements in service on a daily basis.

But do under­stand that, as you embody and manifest from the Upper Room, the consequence is thus: As you do know who you are and what you are and how you serve, as the claim “I Have Come, I Have Come, I Have Come” becomes you, there is no need to be other than you are. You don’t aspire to goodness. You are not seeking forgiveness for your past sins. You are not asking for a better this or that.

You are encouraging the vibration by being. And, by being in agreement to the Divine, every thing before you is known anew. “I Have Come,” that is the announce­ment of the purview in action as the Divine in an incarnation singular to you, but of the collective manifest Christ that is here on this plane in demonstration now.

We will walk with you for some time on this journey. We walk beside you, we walk before and behind, so that your understanding of your safety in the new landscape is aware and known by you as you go forth in a new life. And, because we support and herald your coming to the world before you, we make the way as we can to the benefit of the individual’s assumption and realization.

Please hear these words: You have never been alone on this jour­ney, nor can you be. And the isolation that you may have experi­enced yourself in was the fear of the reconnection from the small self, who disbelieves she can be worthy of the love of the Divine. But no one is exempt from the love of the Divine, because love is God, and love is every particle of every living thing at a level of vi­bration or assumption.

To behold the world in a new way is only the first step of being the ambassador of truth that you have each come to be.

©2019 by Paul Selig. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with permission from Beyond the Known: Realization.
Publisher: St. Martin's Press.

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Beyond the Known: Realization (The Beyond the Known Trilogy)
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Beyond the Known: Realization (The Beyond the Known Trilogy) by Paul SeligChanneling the voices and wisdom of the otherworldly Guides, Paul Selig offers a way to expand your view of reality and move towards ultimate manifestation. Expanding on and transcending his previous work, Realization, the first volume in the Beyond the Known trilogy, is composed of the pure, unedited words of the Guides as they share their wisdom and knowledge through Selig. It serves as a psychological-spiritual guide to take readers beyond the perceived limitations of accepted reality and open their minds to ultimate manifestation.

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Paul SeligPaul Selig attended New York University and received his master's degree from Yale. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. PAul is one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature working today. He offers channeled workshops internationally and serves on the faculty of the Esalen Institute. He lives in New York City where he maintains a private practice as an intuitive and conducts frequent livestream seminars. Information on public workshops, livestreams and private readings can be found at

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