Beginning To See Within: The Ways of the World

Beginning To See Within: The Ways of the World
Image by Sofia Cristina Córdova Valladares

Once upon a time, a young boy named Alexander was awakened in the middle of the night by his dear friend Manuka, a monkey with very little thought to protocol. This monkey had crossed over the line of his imaginings and come into being in the realm of the youngster’s home.

This created a bit of a problem for our dear Alexander as it had been so long since he had seen his little friend. He practically fell all over himself giving out all the love he could muster—and here it was the middle of the night with his brother sleeping in the next bed!

Alexander slipped out of bed, and the two twirled about in such a way that before they knew it they were back on the island where they had originally met. What a surprise that was for the youngster who had come to know it as his home way back when but had since made himself quite comfortable together again with his family in his California home.

There was much to do back on the island. None of Alexander’s old stashes of food remained, and the cave he had called home during his last visit was inhabited by others who had made themselves quite at home. How strange it was to be seeing someone else in the cave that was so familiar to him yet no longer fit his ways of being.

In the days and months that had passed, many changes had taken place in his absence. The trees had grown, and the foliage was much more lush. The birds that had been so plentiful even to the extent of being problematic were swooping through the sky in the loveliest of formations. Not one was scavenging the beaches in search of food to be pilfered from unsuspecting sources.

The two young playmates set off to put things in order for themselves again. If this was where they would be staying for a while again, they wanted to fully embrace it. They loved one another so much and were practically ecstatic at the thought of blending their talents in new ways. It had been such a long time since they had had each other to interact with, though something quite different had taken place on the level of their consciousness that notices such things.

Never before had either experienced the closeness they felt. In the past, their friendship had been close and had frolicked along merrily, but now, they felt more deeply connected in some way. They had a sense that they could even read each other’s thoughts. That turn of events interested them. The boy was in search of connections like no other, and the monkey was open to seeing what might develop as they lived again on this magnificent island where they had developed such a deep and abiding friendship long ago.

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One morning in the new way of seeing things, Alexander awoke to find Manuka sleeping lazily over in the corner of the new cave he called home for the time being. The little guy had fallen asleep in such an endearing manner that our young friend could not bear to awaken him.

Watching him fondly, Alexander realized the similarities between the monkey and everyone he had ever met. The expression on his face matched his mother’s sweet smile, his father’s arched eyebrow, his brother’s dimpled cheek, and so on. He thought about all the people he knew and how they all seemed to appear in one way or another on the face of his beloved Manuka.

Never before had he seen so many similarities to others he knew on the face of another. There had been times when someone had reminded him of his dad or brother, but never all his family members, friends, and acquaintances. The experience was mind-blowing to him.

He had not recognized that this had been the case all along with everyone he had met or known. Each person had a connection to each other through their God force, and Manuka was symbolizing that for him right before his eyes. Why haven’t I seen that before? Now it’s so clear that it’s as if I had always known it.

The question was what to do with this bit of knowing that had taken him by storm in the middle of the night in his bed back home. After much consideration, Alexander decided he would proceed with his life on the shores of his family home in California and forevermore give himself opportunities to expand his learning of this amazing phenomenon so he would become so intertwined with his God self that he would no longer know the difference between his selves in this way.

From here on out, he would strive to be connected to Manuka at all costs. Even the disdainful thoughts of others would not dissuade him from his newfound connection and how important it would be for him to realize always even when he was wondering about the integration of such knowledge.

He would also take every opportunity to see the God self in everyone and everything including the ways the universe handed him lessons at the cost of his feathers getting ruffled at times. Instead of ruffling back, he decided he would step back and allow his center to unfold once again before stepping forward and responding. That would entail his silence at times, which would be a new undertaking for him. In the past, his responses would at times jump out before he could stop himself. Now that he realized with his entire being that he was always connected to his divine or higher self, he would remember to be more deliberate in his responses.

When others would utter changes in plans that would take him by surprise, he would be much better equipped to reply as he had given himself space to find the all-important connection before jumping out with a response. That would be a treasure beyond treasures and bring forth astounding payoffs to his life. And forevermore, he would be finding in himself a new way of looking at life—through the lens of his God self.

The God force within can be so encompassing if we allow this that we can no longer tell the difference between ourselves and the Godhead. When we come to that point in our expansion, we are ready to break out of the mold of needing to control everything that comes before us. When we finally decide to release that control and give it to God to handle, we will find ourselves in a place bordering on heaven.

And in heaven lies the answers to all things and All That Is.

Copyright 2018 by LouAnne Ludwig. All Rights Reserved.
Adapted with permission from the book: A Journey Withing.
Publisher: Balboa Press, a divn. of Hay House.

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A Journey Within
by LouAnne Ludwig

A Journey Within by LouAnne LudwigPresented in the form of a fable, this guide offers methods to help you gain spiritual wisdom and self-knowledge, emerging more enlightened and better equipped to flourish.

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