The Spirit of America: Every Generation Writes Its Chapter In This Ongoing Story

The Spirit of America: Every Generation Writes Its Chapter In This Ongoing Story

Marianne Williamson speaking on the Spirit of America. A viewer's comment: "This may be the most powerful spiritual and social justice speech delivered since Martin Luther King's. I Have a Dream."

Here are a few segments of Marianne Williamson's talk transcribed for you (full video below):

"Every generation writes its chapter in this ongoing story... And now it's our turn... Every generation decides what chapter will you write."

"We have been not only given the rights of this extraordinary possibility, just the possibility that we could create a society in which all people could soar, all people could spread their wings, all people could unleash their spirits, all people could uncap their dreams. We've never fully lived it or manifested it, obviously. Those principles were written into a document... The Declaration of Independence."

"What do you call economic injustice, what do you call rape of the planet, what do you call mass incarceration, what do you call racial disparity and criminal sentencing, what do you call an endless war machine that is at the expense of genuine trying for peace, what do you call the complete erosion of our democracy turning it into a corporatocracy. What do you call that?"

"One word is NO and one word is YES. And the NO is this: I see it and I'm not OK with it. I see it, I will not look away from it, but you stop right there. You stop right there... And that is the difference between "I don't agree with that", and not OK with it, as in "not on my watch". That was the difference between anti-slavery and abolitionists. What has happened to our generation, ladies and gentlemen? We're not dealing with anything the abolitionists weren't dealing with. We're not dealing with anything that the suffragettes weren't dealing with. We're not dealing with anything that the civil rights workers weren't dealing with, except some lack of courage that they displayed."

"Love will always have the final word. That we can celebrate. We can celebrate the fact that love will always have the final word, however, it is incumbent upon us to be very clear how long that takes is up to us."

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Here is the full video. May it inspire you to take action for change... within yourself and within the world we live in. Namasté (I honor the light within you.)


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